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As one of my favourite podcasters says “Where are we now?”

Here are the Sewing with a Plan rules:

  • Choose two neutral colors
  • Add one accent color and two prints OR two accent colors and one print
  • Make at least three garments from each neutral color
  • Make at least one garment from each accent color
  • Make at least one garment from each print
  • Remaining two garments may be made from any one or combination of your neutrals, accent(s) and/or print(s)

My own rules for my “Low Key SWAP” are

  • No purchases necessary (no fabrics or patterns can be purchased)
  • TNT or freestyle patterns
  • Low stress

The two neutrals (three garments from each)

  • Light grey linen jacket (have pattern and fabric but haven’t started yet)
    Light grey linen jacketing
    Light grey linen for jacket
  • Grey skirt (complete)
  • Grey evening skirt. I have some amazing grey silk – a lovely weight and texture. I think it is silk Marocain. Here is some that is similar, but obviously a completely different price. Nick and I are going to a wedding in Poland in August and I thought a long silk skirt might be a nice.  I thought of a draped skirt with an evening vibe, but also I am wondering about a second circle skirt. Or even a full, pleated, calf length skirt. So all relatively easy to execute, but which will have the most versatility? The upper piece of grey silk is what I am planning to use for the silk blouse, now painted.
    Draped grey silk Evening skirt
    Fabric for evening skirt draped on Camilla
  • Navy jumper (done)
  • Navy circular skirt (done)
  • Navy trousers (done)

Colour and pattern

  • Yellow sweater (done) (one accent colour), (but may substitute my grey sweater in above picture with the trousers)
  • Patterned top – I have made some fabric for this but I am not yet sure what pattern to use. Probably the sleeveless blouse from one of my old favourites
    Handpainted silk fabric
    Painted fabric

    Vogue 7379, a pattern I used for my first SWAP. 

  • Paper bag shorts (done)
  • Westwood skirt (still thinking about the right fabric)
  • previously made or RTW garment – maybe a white shirt?


I think I am compliant with the rules. What about timing?

I had better get my skates on: the work must be complete by the end of April. When I first committed to this project I deliberately chose the easiest, simplest TNT patterns, as suggested by Artisans Square. Despite that, and perhaps feeling it was a little unchallenging, I have let my time slip by.

We have 6 more weekends left.  It should take one week each  for the evening and westwood skirts, one week to make the top, leaving me with two weeks for the jacket. And this is if I use one RTW (or previously made). If desperate I can use both my jokers….

  • In other news we are due to complete our Notting Hill Genesis merger, shortly after Easter. Then the real work starts, but it will be a huge relief to have reached legal close.
  • I said I would have my book, Making Life more Beautiful, finished by Easter, but actually, while I have finished the text I have not started taking the photographs, although I am getting close to it!

I need five still life pictures, 16 portraits, 18 shots of my models, 10 shots of the models in clothes I have made, and a few oddments. Nearly 50 photographs in all, and I am still getting to grips with the camera.

My life is full, but very sweet. Here is granddaughter Maia who has just lost a tooth. And Ted, one year older who has lost four but gained three.




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  1. The Demented Fairy

    I’ve been looking at my SWAP progress too- I started well, and have also idles for some time, blocked by trouser failures. Poop. I’ve been getting lots of wear out of the items that are completed though, so it’s fine.
    Your collection is looking very nice, very you- which is the point after all! The painted silk is looking lovely, and that marocaine looks LUSCIOUS. The sarong-like look of it as tied to the stand looks very promising to me.

    • fabrickated

      Thanks so much DF. Your SWAP is very harmonious and clever. It is nice to see you in “smart casual”, business woman wear. I think the red works brilliantly and I was influenced by you in choosing red for one of my colours although I do find it a bit strong for me.

  2. ceci

    Why is it so attractive when little kids lose a tooth, and so much LESS attractive when adults do?

    Love the painted silk – will the blouse fit under the sweater I wonder? or maybe there will be enough for both a scarf and a blouse?


    • fabrickated

      I agree they look so cute!

      Yes the blouse will easily fit under the sweater. I am wondering if I need a second one rather than yet another skirt. It is just I have so many tops already I prefer to refresh the wardrobe with bottoms. I have started the grey silk skirt, so I thinking twice about the Westwood skirt.

  3. Coni

    Hello Kate. You are such an inspiration. Always so busy and you still accomplish so much! I enjoy your posts, love seeing the pictures of you and your family!
    Happy Easter!! Coni

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