Making Log Cabin Mittens (Karen Templer pattern)

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One of my favourite blogs, as I mentioned on Saturday, is Fringe Association, and I liked the look of these mittens.

Karen Templer Log Cabin Mitts

They are based on a log cabin patchwork design. I discovered this method when I did my quilting class. Nick and I loved this pattern. Ideally the centre square is red (the fire), and the logs around the edge.

Log cabin quilting method
Log cabin quilting

I have not yet conquered knitted gloves.  When I was training I made leather hand sewn gloves – in orange! There is an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern that I really want to have a go at.

Elizabeth Zimmermann glove
Elizabeth Zimmermann glove


Anyway here is Karen’s Log Cabin Mitts  pattern. It’s free to download from Ravelry.

I decided to use up some of my small pieces of cashmere yarn. I have quite a few colours, but decided on deeper neutrals for this, my first pair (there will be more).

Although Karen has provided very specific and excellent instruction I made a few changes. The most important of which was that I used four colours rather than three. This was because I didn’t want any colour to join itself. Four is the minimum number to achieve this effect. Some of Karen’s versions use only one colour, as in the toffee coloured ones at the top of the post. I think these are nice, with the interest coming from the changed directions.

The other thing I did was gather up the top of the thumb piece just a little to make them more shapely. I really like the way the bands actually work on the hands, with the brown bands across the wrist and base of the fingers.

Log cabin mitts
Log cabin: Finished glove

They are nice to knit – in double knit with 4mm needles I think (I bought cheap Chinese circulars which are not exactly a specific size). You make the left and right differently so they mirror and match.  I photographed the yarns against a nice William Morris print. I intend to have a pair of the go over the next few weeks, despite the fact that the weather is brightening up.

I thought they might be good to use for photography projects as I have free fingers.

Having finished my first mittens,  I have started on a second set.

Second set of mittens

As we develop our photography skills I am thinking about “styling”. I have used two pretty backgrounds here – designs by CFA Voysey (1857-1941). I have a calendar so there are ten more to share at some point! Not as well known as William Morris, he is from the same Arts and Crafts stable.


  1. Annie

    Hey, get you! Those are fab and perfect for when you’re working a camera and you’ll likely use them most of the year, early mornings can be cold even in our warmer months.

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