Beg, borrow, steal, trade or purchase – here is a list of patterns I would like to use. I would be happy to trace them off and return within a few days if you have one to lend.

For me patterns are a means to an end. They are held in wooden Ikea folders until I use them. I don’t take very special care of them in acid free or vacuum packed bags. When I own the pattern I rarely trace off. Unless it is priceless I will cut, extend and trim the pattern to make it work for me. I am happy to use crumbling, yellowed patterns marked with dots and dashes, patterns without envelopes; modern replicas of vintage, any brand (even Women’s Realm or the People), any condition and any size; and I can usually cope with a piece or two that is missing, and although it can be quite hard to make an item without the instructions I will accept instruction-free offers as well.  I will pay a fair price.  So here are a few patterns (and I will add to this page as we progress) that particularly appeal to me, that I would like to meet in real life (IRL, as they say on the internet).

Vogue 7079 two 1970s colour blocked dresses
Vogue 7079


Centre for Pattern design skirt
Centre for Pattern design skirt


Vogue 1557
Vogue 1557
Vogue 1557a
Vogue 1567
Vogue 1228



Vogue 1560
Vogue 1560
vogue 6534
Vogue 6534
Tamotsu Vogue 2608
Vogue 2608

Please comment below if you have these patterns. My ideal size is 32/34 bust. Thank you.

Also I would like some vintage buttons. Do you have an inherited selection that an old aunt cut off garments before throwing them out? Or something you bought at a sale but never use? I would love to receive old buttons  – anything interesting really – but mainly 1/2″ to  1″ across in the following colours:

  • silver
  • dark brown (including leather)
  • navy
  • any shade of blue or purple
  • dark green, jade, blue greens
  • blue-reds, strong bluish pinks
  • white
  • grey