• Have you ever wondered what colours suit you best?
  • Would you like to have a wardrobe where everything goes with everything else?

  • Do you feel great in certain outfits or colours and wondered what it was that was working so well for you?

  • Would it help to know which colours make you look younger, healthier and more beautiful?


A trained Colour Consultant can

  • determine you primary, secondary and tertiary colour directions

  • help you understand which shades work with your natural colouring and how to choose them

  • indicate how to co-ordinate your clothes for the best effect

  • help you choose the most authoritative look for work, and how to make yourself look approachable.

This knowledge is empowering and will help you feel good about yourself; give others confidence in you and ensure you make a great impression; and save you time and money.


Isabel writes:

It was lovely to meet you on Wednesday, thank you so much for the guidance and advice you gave me, for your kindness, and also for making it fun!

You have played a vital part in my ‘reinvention’ project, and not least because you took my future work plans seriously, and enabled me to step into the role in my imagination by suggesting the type of clothes I could wear. And, all of a sudden, it seems possible. This is invaluable.

I have experience with men and women, younger and older people and people from different ethnic groups.

I was trained by First Impressions and am authorised by them to carry out colour analysis. Their course is certified by City and Guilds and registered with the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI)

I charge £150 for a two-hour session at my studio in central London. I will help you understand how to use the information over the long term and will support you by email I also provide a personalised virtual “swatch” of your best colours, that you can keep on your phone to refer to when choosing or shopping for clothes.

I have also been trained in Women’s Style and Men’s Style. This involves an analysis of your face and body shape, your scale, proportion and wardrobe personality. It helps you buy or make clothes that flatter your shape and proportion, enabling you to present yourself as you wish.

I can help you with seasonal shopping, clearing out your wardrobe, putting together a capsule that work, or helping you choose patterns and fabrics that work for you.

Man in hand knit poloneck


Please drop me an email on kate (at)