Plans for 1 June – 31 October 2015

  • A summer jacket in light grey
  • A summer maxi dress
  • Something in yellow
  • Something in white
  • A bias experiment – possibly a blouse/skirt dress
  • Painted silk blouse (s)

In addition I said I would finish some existing projects:

  • Finish the knives print and make something with it
  • Make something with the dripping damask
  • Finish the turquoise SWAP blouse

Navy blue Burda jacket with thread markings

  1. Almost completed jacket for Gus


 Non clothes

  1.  Kindle cover
  2. iPhone cover
  3. iPad cover
  4. Cover books and diaries
  5. Cushions to match the painting
  6. belts
  7. learn Illustrator and make a pattern