SWAP 2018 The photographs

I am a day late with my blog this week, as I wanted to include the photographs of my Sewing with a Plan 2018 collection. We spent part of the bank holiday weekend with my Mum in Lancashire so I didn’t get started on the pictures until Saturday evening.

Furthermore the photographs did not go to plan.

I had wanted to do them myself with the timer, which would have been feasible if we had a studio. But we have a house, with a limited number of big white walls. So my chosen spot was squeezed between a thermostat switch and some shelving. Every decent picture included one or the other. So in the end I had to involve my glamorous assistant, Nick. Thanks to him the pictures have come out OK.

The first picture is the pencil skirt and the Chanel linen jacket, based on Vogue 1977.

SWAP18 Grey pencil skirt and Chanel jacket
Grey pencil skirt and Chanel jacket

And here is the jacket with the high fronted wider legged trousers I drafted from Aldridge. In the pocket is a silk handkerchief I painted, and round my neck is my accessory, which is a larger piece of painted silk.

SWAP18 Chanel jacket and self drafted trousers
Self drafted trousers and Chanel jacket

The third picture is of my pleated silk skirt with a deep waist band. I added some dark red gros grain ribbon to match my shoes.

SWAP 2018 No waste skirt
Silk skirt with white blouse

And here is the silk blouse with the skirt.

SWAP 18 No waste silk skirt with hand painted silk blouse (vintage vogue pattern)
No waste silk skirt with hand painted silk blouse (vintage Vogue pattern)

My fifth outfit includes the painted top, with the scarf, and my navy circle skirt.

SWAP 18 Circle skirt with hand painted blouse and scarf
Navy circle skirt with hand painted blouse and scarf

And here I am wearing the skirt, but this time with the Elizabeth Zimmermann yoke sweater

SWAP 18 Navy circle skirt and EZ yoke sweater
Navy circle skirt and EZ yoke sweater

The next picture includes Bella and her little sister who we met up with over the weekend. I am wearing the same jumper, but this time with the colourful shorts.

Elizabeth Zimmermann yoke sweater
EZ sweater with the colourful patterned shorts

In the next photo I am wearing the pencil skirt drafted from Aldridge with exposed seams and hem, with my grey striped seamless Raglan sweater. Oops I can see a shelf in the corner. This may be one of my selfies!

SWAP 18 EZ seamless raglan and self drafted pencil skirt
Pencil skirt with EZ seamless Raglan

In the next picture, including the darned shelves again, I wrapped the scarf around my head war-time style. I thought it might go with the trouser shape and hand knit.

SWAP 18 Sailors trousers and Zimmermann sweater, with scarf
Sailors pants with EZ yoke sweater with silk scarf turban

The finale is the red coat. It is actually sweltering in the UK at the moment! But I shall enjoy this coat. It is so soft and I love this shade of red on me. Obviously worn with the navy trousers and the white shirt.

SWAP 18 Burda coat and navy trousers
Burda coat and navy trousers

There we go. I hope you like the collection. At first I thought neutrals might be a bit dull, but I enjoyed making these outfit, for which I relied on TNT, or simple self drafted, patterns. I moved away from complicated or challenging patterns this year, but I did produce wearable clothes. The colourful shoes, “belt” and scarf give the plainness a bit of a lift.

I have loaded these on the Artisans’ Square site. If you are not a member you can still look at the pictures. If you are you can choose which collections you want to vote for later next week, I think. Good luck to all the participants. Producing eleven coordinating garments, or a capsule collection, is pretty hard work even if you use TNTs etc. Everyone has done very well to finish in the time frame. Well done all and Long Live SWAP!

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  1. Lyn

    Wow Kate, these are amazing! I really like the collection with the added pops of colour! That coat, I love it (as you might expect!)


    • fabrickated

      You wear a lot of red Lyn but being a bit deeper than me I think it always does you a favour. Personally I find red a bit hard to wear, as so many reds are really quite orangey. But this particular shade which is a true red without being harsh is lovely. I took the chance!

  2. Jenny

    Absolutely love these outfits and very interesting to see them together and coordinated with each other. Inevitably seeing the outfits over a period of time you lose the sense of a collection but boy is this a collection. It really is a case of the whole being even greater than the parts. If I have a favourite? Well it’s very hard but I do love the cream jacket.

  3. Ruth

    This collection of clothes is really beautiful, classic, elegant but with added detail, love the exposed seams, the coat and the way you have put the jumpers with sewn clothes. It’s inspired me to start thinking about collections, so maybe next year!

  4. Annie

    Didn’t you do well? This is a lovely collection and you’ve styled it really well. I have a bit of a problem with AS, it doesn’t remember me anymore and voting means re registering, but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do.

  5. Karen

    Stunning. This is so inspiring. I love it all but especially the hand knit, head scarf and trousers, and the silk skirt and top, the coat. Every garment really. Wow,wow,wow! A huge lesson on how to do neutrals. X

  6. The Demented Fairy

    Very cool! I really, really liked the planning around this year’s rules. For me, rules based on colour are easier and more interesting, which is, I think, why I didn’t complete last year’s SWAP. I like the last 2 outfits best, because, well, colour!
    As for the bit of shelf- crop or photoshop missus, the friend of those of us who aren’t trying to be top ‘togs.

  7. Lesley El-banawy

    Good Morning on this beautiful day,
    I simply love the photographs you have posted, I particularly like the one with the jacket and trousers very vintage.
    They are all beautiful you photograph well, it is lovely to see you in nice footwear too ?it compliments your outfits.
    I also like the cushions in the photograph with you and the children. Some lovely prints there.

  8. Mary Funt

    Wonderful outfits. You certainly have been prolific, not only sewing, but with knitwear and fabric painting. I have the same issues with finding a solid backdrop for photos. There is always Photoshop to eliminate the unwanted shelves.

  9. Kerry

    You look very glamorous! I am very impressed with your industry and creativity. It’s a wonderful wardrobe.

    • fabrickated

      Thanks so much Karen. I am embarrassed about my slip shod construction skills when compared to you or Mary Funt. This was a collection squeezed into spare moments and it is not as beautifully made as I would have liked. Nevertheless I believe these items will prove to be versatile and useful in my wardrobe.

  10. ceci

    Ahhhh, very satisfying to see everything together, so cohesive and everything is flattering. I too like the cushions in the background of the sofa picture!


    • fabrickated

      I love the cushions too Ceci. I got the fabrics as remnants on the market and they all seem to blend together very nicely. I do like the girls next door. They are so kind and well behaved.

  11. Rathmore

    Bravo!!! The outfits are so classic, elegant and well tailored. I love all of them. You are an inspiration.

  12. Joyce

    Mind blowing fabulous! Fun fun fun. Each outfit is so awesome. I love how this collection is so smooth…it all flows in and out and back again with no bumps in the road. Well done Kate. Lovely elegant, and fun shapes. Beautiful!! I would not call those “selfies”, they are self portraits. You must show us more combinations when you get time.
    Good luck in the contest. You’ve been a winner in my book for a very long time. Enjoy your success. Have a great day. It’s a wonderful collection!
    Joyce from Sudbury.

  13. Lynn Mally

    Well, at the risk of repeating myself, I am in awe of your productivity and creativity. The professional photos add to the collection. My favorite is your painted shirt, and then of course the marvelous Chanel jacket.

  14. Dagmar

    WOW! Your collection is exciting and elegant and I am shaking my head with disbelief as your progress posts frequently referenced the possibly boring aspect of the SWAP. This worry has turned out to be so far from reality in your case. I particularly love the pencil skirt, the Chanel jacket (the lapels required bravery to go so large, but what a success they are at that scale), the striped jumper, the coat and the your hand painted items. The other pieces are no less lovely and all contribute to a collection of clothing that can take you through any activity and in any part of the world. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it all. You are truly an inspiration.

    • fabrickated

      Isn’t it funny, Dagmar, how we (well I) don’t really enjoy making neutrals, but we love wearing them? This may explain why there are so many kitten prints out there (not for me I am afraid). The lapels are a bit on the big side but I think the jacket will be fun to wear with any bottoms – more versatile than my pink one.

  15. Sydney Brown

    WOW!!! What fabulous outfits! And great photos too! My favorites are that pale silk skirt that falls so gracefully, and that knockout red coat! I am VERY impressed.

  16. Sylvia

    I absolutely love the picture of you in your painted blouse ,and the painted blouse with the scarf! How happy the colors and creating it must make you. They, and the rest of your collection are lovely! You’re inspiring me to try my hand at silk painting.
    Bravo on a cohesive and charming collection! Best wishes to you on the contest.

    • fabrickated

      Thank you so much Sylvia. I do think more people might give printing or painting their own fabrics a try. It is very straightforward and the materials are no more than buying printed fabrics with so many opportunities for customisation and self expression.

  17. Anne

    Each of your garments is lovely; in an outfit gorgeous – and as a collection fabulous. You’ll gather I quite like your collection!

  18. Vancouver Barbara

    Stunning. The whole shebang! My favourite photo of you is the one in the yellow/grey/taupe striped sweater. Those colours are stellar on you. Adore the red coat too. Which pattern did you use for the coat. Brava on the Chanel jacket.
    The girls are lovely. Love the striped stockings on the little one.
    You are an inspiration. Always.

    • fabrickated

      Hi Barbara – thanks for your very kind comments. I like that sweater too, as the colours are so light but also colourful and nice. It seems to go with so many things. The Burda coat is 08/2012 #101B on BurdaStyle. I made it before in brown wool for my daughter Esme and she loves wearing it.

  19. Marielle

    Wow, stunning! Every piece is beautiful. My favorite outfit on you: the pencil skirt with striped raglan sleeved sweater. This makes me miss my mom, is she sewed and tailored beautifully. As a young girl and teenager I wanted so much to be able to dress like a “regular American” — blue jeans — but instead my European mother (how I miss her!) had me wear outfits she’d stitched for me. Jeans were forbidden, along with chips and Coke … Thanks for the memories and your inspiring creations.

  20. Elle

    What a wonderful collection! It really demonstrates your knowledge of what colors and shapes suit you best, as you look terrific in all of the combos. Such beautiful and useful clothes–I hope you feel comfy in all of them. Well done!

  21. Aida

    You’ve made quite a collection Kate, the silk top and the skirts are my favorite but you look great in all of your makes. I’m considering in planning my outfits as at the moment my wardrobe is a bit of everything but not much go with each other, it’s not easy to make a plan and follow it though, at least not for me but I’m determined to make the effort and try it.

  22. Lisa

    Well done Kate. It is a beautiful collection. My favourite outfit is the Chanel jacket and pencil skirt which looks very chic. I love everything though.

  23. Anita Steiner

    Stunning, I like all of them. But I admit that red coat is something I would like to borrow from you. Anita

  24. Nina

    What an amazing collection Kate – so impressive. I love the way they work together without being obvious matches or links. There’s so much careful thought and skill evident.

  25. Jenny

    Wonderful and inspiring Kate, well done. Particularly like all of the skirts and the pale jumper. The silk top is to dye for. Am inspired, Thankyou.

  26. Peggy

    Very nicely done, Kate. All of your garments are really beautiful and work so well together. I am a neutrals girl, so this really speaks to me. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Kim

    A great collection of garments that will work really well together. I particularly like the EZ jumpers – the striped raglan is just gorgeous!

  28. Sue

    Congratulations. Fabulous clothes, lovely photos, and all styled so beautifully. It’s amazing how non-neutral the overall effect is. And I love those shoes!

  29. Melanie

    Wow. Love the red coat with trousers, the silk skirt with white blouse, red ribbon and matching shoes is drop dead elegance. The Chanel jacket is so sophisticated and your hairstyle matches everything perfectly. I’m going to steal your floral shorts idea . They are about my skill level!

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