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We had such a thrilling class last week, where we started to learn how to use lighting.

It was so exciting.

We used hot shoes on our cameras that allowed us to use the flash attatchment. We used white polystyrene boards that reflected light, and backdrops, and lighting effects to produce soft and more harsh effects. It was just so creative and wonderful. We all got to model, and all to shoot. And while we only scratched the surface I realised there was so much to this game that I want to know and learn.


Here are some of the shots I was able to take.


I am over the moon with the amazing quality of the photographs and the very dramatic effects we were able to produce – they look like “professional” photographs to me. I was particularly taken with the backlighting of Annie’s hair. I am not sure I exactly understood how or why we produced these kind of effects, but compared to the usual hit and miss I get with natural light (and I have come to hate bright sunlight) once the light meter was employed, focus and focal length were determined, the ISO and the white balance, the actual shot was simple. So much control.

Over the weekend I took some photos of our visitors, outside, with natural light. And I still love taking pictures this way, but I really want to know how to use studio lighting and how to get even more interesting portraits.

And just for the people who come here for sewing, I did finish the grey jacket on Sunday.

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  1. Catherine Daze

    I came here for the sewing originally, but I enjoy reading about your other adventures. I agree the portraits look very professional. Amazing what effects you can get when you know how.

    • fabrickated

      Thank you Catherine. I still love dressmaking, but I also love learning new things and photography has proved to be both challenging and satisfying. You always have great images on your blog so clearly someone knows how to wield a camera!

    • fabrickated

      No pressure then! I am getting to grips with using a tripod, timer and white wall. Not very amazing, but functional! Looking forward to see what you choose to include in the end…

  2. Wendy

    Ahh you’ve finished SWAP! Looking forward to your collection photos!

    The photography looks good, amazing how the lighting changes things.

  3. Annie

    The play of light on your first photo is amazing, it just shows that understanding light and shadow and camera settings makes a huge difference to the photo.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your Swap altogether.

  4. Sue

    Your first portrait is my favourite, I love the light and shade you achieved, although the hair in the second shot is also amazing. Glad you are getting so much from your classes.

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