SWAP #12 Appraising my progress and starting the jacket

I am planning to have my SWAP completed by the deadline this year, which is the end of the month. Which is possible, or deliverable as we say at work.

Let’s have a look at progress so far.

I have constructed

  • Grey pencil skirt
  • Grey silk evening skirt
  • Grey silk patterned blouse
  • Navy trousers
  • Navy circle skirt
  • Navy sweater
  • Navy patterned shorts
  • Patterned silk scarf

Two other items

  • Previously made red coat (with patterned silk scarf), [and red unfinished sweater in a bag in the background]
    Burda Coat 08/2012

    I have made this coat before, in brown, for Esme. She loves it and still wears it. Recently I did a major operation on this version of the coat as it was coming apart and was a bit worse for wear. Sometimes mending and altering is the only sewing I do.

    Mending a coat
    Mending Esme’s Burda coat with painted silk lining

    My own version needed an alteration too. I used big press studs, as proposed in the pattern, to fasten it. They are silver and while Burda suggest covering them in lining, I didn’t bother. Then regretted it. I have removed the press studs, secured the coat with a big pin, and intend to paint them with red nail varnish. Hope it works!

  • RTW white shirt

And still to complete (TNT pattern, adapted)

  • Grey linen jacket, which I MUST CUT OUT TODAY!

And still to choose from (one more knitted item only)

  • Yellow sweater
  • Grey striped sweater
  • Blue and grey ski sweater (in progress)
    Zimmermann ski sweater swatch
    EZ ski sweater in greys and blues
  • Red Perry Ellis sweater (in progress), but I don’t think it will work.
    Perry Ellis cable dart cardigan (from Vogue Designer knits 1998)
    Perry Ellis cable dart cardigan (from Vogue Designer knits 1998)

As well as complying with the rules, which I believe any of these combinations would do, we have to be able to put together nice outfits that will get worn day to day. I cannot yet decide on which second knitted item to include. The four listed have been started, or completed during the SWAP period, so they would all comply with the rules, but I don’t know which one is best for making outfits up. I guess this will be finally decided when we come to do the photographs. When I chose the colours I knew they would all work together well, and I believe that nearly everything will work well with everything else in terms of

  • colour
  • pattern
  • silhouette and style
  • good fit and suitable for my personal look
  • work well with existing wardrobe

So let’s see if I can out outfits together. For the purpose of this exercise I am going to use the grey striped sweater. Things would be different if I used any of the other three, but I imagine any would have a place.

  1. Grey pencil skirt, grey silk blouse, grey jacket red shoes
  2. Grey pencil skirt, white shirt, grey sweater, white sandals
  3. Grey pencil skirt, navy sweater, navy tights and navy shoes
  4. Grey silk evening skirt, white blouse, red shoes
  5. Grey silk evening skirt and grey silk blouse, grey jacket, red shoes
  6. Grey evening skirt, grey sweater, navy tights and navy shoes
  7. Navy trousers, white shirt, red coat, navy shoes
  8. Navy trousers, white shirt, grey jacket, white sandals
  9. Navy trousers, grey sweater, white sandals
  10. Navy trousers, navy sweater, navy shoes, silk scarf
  11. Navy circle skirt, grey blouse, scarf, navy tights, navy shoes
  12. Navy circle skirt, white blouse, navy tights and shoes, red coat
  13. Navy shorts, white blouse, navy tights and shoes, red coat
  14. Navy shorts, grey blouse, grey jacket, navy tights and navy shoes
  15. Navy shorts, navy jumper, navy tights and red shoes

The rules on photos have just gone up:

  • Provide 6-12 photos.
  • Include one photo that includes the full group of garments (plus optional accessory if it applies)
  • Include one photo of you wearing an outfit
  • Additional 4-10 photos of various outfit combinations
  • Every garment must be shown in at least two outfits
  • Composite photos are allowed (but not required); however they are limited to a main photo and two smaller insers
  • Photos should be sized to fit the page without scrolling.
  • Photos should be posted by Monday 7 May

I shall have to work this out precisely. If early May is hot some of these items will be uncomfortable to model. But the woolies and coat are suitable for about nine months of the year. The silk and linen items will be perfect for our short summer season.



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  1. Joyce

    Wow, you done did good so far Kate. It all sounds WONDERFUL, and I can’t wait to see the photographs. You’ve got it all! Good luck with your grey jacket. Super exciting, and have fun!
    Joyce from Sudbury. Ps….you are amazing! ?

  2. Ruth

    Supporting from the sidelines….go for it Kate. You have a very busy life but heck, how’s a few more sewing/knitting/book items going to interfere with that?

  3. Melanie

    Please say that you don’t cook or do housework! I can’t imagine how you do all this sewing and knitting on top of work and everything else. Apart from the beautiful items you produce, your organisation and industry is commendable.

    • fabrickated

      Thanks C. I have failed to finish for two years in a row so I am determined this year. Despite having the busiest year of my life I thought by sticking to TNT patterns and simple garments I should be able to complete it on time. I really appreciate your support.

  4. KayK

    I’ve been following your progress on the SWAP and am impressed not only with how beautifully it goes together, but also the personalization – painting your own print? Inspired!

    I love the red coat! I’m a sucker for red, and the shape is so classic and elegant.

    • fabrickated

      Kay – thanks so much for your very kind comment. I love red too, but I am not sure red loves me. I need to avoid the orangey reds and go for the truer and bluer versions. When I find a yarn or cloth that is “my” red I am always tempted. I bought this fabric last year and have failed to finish the coat over many weeks. The same with the knitting. I am wondering if I have a mental block about red!

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