Me Made May 2017 Week one

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I did MMM16 and found it quite interesting.  This challenge, set by Zoe of So Zoe blog, is to actually wear what you make. It’s a nice idea, and with it being May it is particularly suited to UK people who love to make a summer dress.

I decided this year, MMMay17, my twist was to wear something sewn and something knitted. It was a bit challenging. For two main reasons – although jumpers are worn often in the UK May is (generally) one of our warmer months; and my seven or eight hand knitted sweaters are just a little bit casual. I overcame this by tucking them in to my skirt, and often adding a belt. “Luckily”, in relation to this challenge, it has been pretty cool in the first week, although I was barelegged on Monday (bank holiday), and in the Cotswolds it got really hot on Sunday and I changed into my silk painted dress. My friend Amo and I had spent the weekend making a nice simple dress for her – so we were both suitably dressed when the sun came out.

Amo in the sewing room
Sunday afternoon with Amo

But, back to the sweater challenge…

Some of my hand knitted tops

Of course May is not always pleasant as can be witnessed from my pictures below. The thick tights say it all. I was happy to wear a sweater every day, albeit a sleeveless one on Monday. On Sunday (you can see the sun in the photograph) I was wrapped up warm as per usual, but when I stepped out for the photo I realised how hot it was (scorching) and changed into a dress.

The green jumper featured twice, and I have three woolies I have yet to wear – the brown jacket, the petrol blue Heavenly and the rugged ski sweater (a bit warm and a bit rugged really – suitable for a wet weekend if we have one).

I am mainly wearing skirts – I need separates to get the woolies worn and most of my work trousers are RTW. But I normally wear skirts for work. I am wearing me made jackets, on Tuesday and Thursday, as I attended more formal work meetings those days. I meant to take my Me Mad jeans with me at the weekend but forgot them so the jeans on Saturday are RTW, but I would have worn my Birkin flares if I had them with me. I may try a dress and hand knit next week.

Most of the outfits are a bit old – the Thursday suit is from SWAP 2015. The Saturday skirt is my “curvy pencil” skirt. Most of the skirts are 1960s skirts made with vintage Vogue patterns. I like 1960s skirts as they are often detailed, with the pockets on the front princess line rather than the side seam, which I much prefer. The grey skirt is Tamotsu from the 1980s. The red skirt is new, and it is  my second attempt at a pleated skirt from Sew magazine which I will blog shortly.

Other style points – I am relying more and more on trainers even at work. Although I am sporting brogue type shoes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I wore trainers on for the office on Tuesday. I find the cushioning so comfortable and they allow me to walk fast. I have got used to them and leather shoes now feel hard and unyielding. I am very informal at work so I think it is OK but even a year or two ago I wouldn’t have done this. In fact I associated trainers with workwear with the New York power-suit, power-walk look from the 1980s, where the trainers were taken off at the desk and the high heels were slipped on.I found the look rather strange. But these days men and women can wear trainers with suits and work outfits. I think the look is fine, but not for more formal events. Obviously the girl in the second picture would look better (for work) with a shirt on. What do you think?

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  1. Elaine Sabin-Simpson

    You look great in your woolies and work clothes. For me, I couldn’t pair trainers with formal or even semi-formal clothes. To me, they’re OK with jeans, maybe a casual mini skirt, but not for ‘grown up lady’ wear! I like my heels though, so maybe that’s the main difference. I also don’t do bare legs, my pale blue legs need the gloss of a pair of nice sheer tights when I’m not in opaques!

  2. su

    There are athletic trainers truly meant for sports and then there are fashion trainers like your black Adidas trainers. I have sneakers that I wear for more casual wear/skirts and sometime wear them to work with pants, but would only wear them with my more casual looking skirts. I only wear flat shoes or low heeled pumps to work. It’s not easy finding low heeled pumps (2 inches or less).

  3. caroline

    Personally I love mixing styles, so the trainer/workwear look is great in my opinion. Lots of different colours and styles of trainer out there nowadays – so it’s easy to find something a bit quirky.
    And MMM sounds quite a challenge. I’m impressed!

  4. helen

    You have done a lot of knitting in the last 6-7 months! All your wollies look so wearable.
    The only fashion trainer style I wear is Converse but I’m not sure they are in the same stable as the other lifestyle trainers that are out there. The office I work in has a young workforce and trainers are what nearly everybody wears.

    • fabrickated

      I have a pair of Converse but don’t find them very comfortable. A girl in Topshop told me she puts sheepskin liners in hers which would make them warmer and more cushioned. It is the bounce factor with the trainers that I like so much, as well as it increasing my ability to move more quickly and to break into a comfortable jog in extremis!

  5. ceci

    You and Amo both look terrific! And what a great illustration of different coloring of people suiting different coloring of clothes, altho I suspect she would also look great is pastels……

    Shoes wise, I don’t like the way I look in lace up sneakers/trainers with a skirt, prefer with pants. HOWEVER I have some slip on sneakers on the way that I think I am going to like just fine with skirts – remains to be seen.


  6. Wendy

    I got a little chuckle out of your ’80’s power suit reference. I remember those days well! I was actually living in NYC at the time. All you need to do is add some shoulder pads and you’re all set! 😉

  7. Kim

    I wear flat shoes almost exclusively now, and even they aren’t always comfortable in the circumstances you describe. Trainers do have magnificent bounce, don’t often rub, and have lots of toe space so are great for days where you know there will be lots of (possibly fast-paced) walking. I’m in favour of the trainers/casual work wear if thought out rather than just ‘hurled together’.

  8. Annie

    I agree with Kim, smart trainers with skirts is a contemporary look that will work, especially the City, (raised eyebrows here when a colleague wore a suit sans sock, we can be very provincial). I would stick to a plain casual top and a more formal lower half, skirt, kewlots (as our American friends call them), or tailored trousers.

    Wear it and own it, confidence is the key, if you’re trotting around town you need to be comfortable but you can be stylish too.

  9. Bele

    For me it is not only about the feeling of the comfortable trainer, but also the walking rhythm. I just prefer my walk in trainers, as it is more upright and “elastic”. Therefore, I try to wear smart trainers as much as possible. Which means, nearly always in my case 😉

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