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Governor of the Bank of England, and well-known Canadian, Mark Carney has a reputation for dressing well. Also, if I tell the truth, I find him rather attractive. He has been doing his best to suggest that we should stay in the European union, a view I strongly support. We are in dismay that so many of our apparently normal fellow Britons disagree. It is 50:50 at the moment so that is pretty scary.

Let’s have a look at the working wardrobe of this highly competent Governor. He chooses a classic Savile Row suit, a white or light blue shirt, and a traditional or cut away collar. Although he is athletic and runs marathons I don’t think he is very tall. Therefore he looks a bit stocky. By choosing a very dark navy (or sometimes charcoal) two piece suit, he creates the longest possible, slimline look. The fit and shaping of his suit is a little on the voluminous side rather than modern or stylish. But it is a reassuringly middle-of-the-road look, like his black leather brogues, which are also super conservative. His hair, which is thinning and greying, is nicely cut and he is happy to smile and connect with the photographer. The sports bag in the first picture, and the loose papers in the second, implies this guy is also relaxed about his image. If he were traditional through and through he would probably have a leather brief case and document wallet.

Obviously being in charge of the Bank, our money, this man has to look like he has lots of authority. His dark grey or navy suit achieves this authority. But look what he often does – he avoids a dark tie and instead chooses a pastel colour. This is trying to say “I am approachable. I am not too strict. I have a softer side and I am in touch with more feminine aspects”. He has a strong, independent (English) wife and four daughters, for goodness sake.


He even does casual quite nicely. A casual shirt worn with well-fitting jeans will always look nice. Carney has folded up his sleeves and wears leather shoes and belt. For the second picture he wears a nice mauve polo shirt, a great colour on him. In fact the mauve colours in his skin are really complemented by this top. I also like the light green tie, above, as it brings out the lighter colours in his eyes. With his beige suede shoes his legs look longer and so he looks good in shorts. Certainly some nice ideas here for those middle-aged men I know who struggle with their off duty look. I think the mauve is his colour, don’t you?


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  1. Sew2pro

    Thanks for a very timely post (I wouldn’t have bet on you belonging to the Brexit camp!). To me Mark Carney is just a (welcome) voice on the Today programme so it was about time I found out what he looks like. I have been warned by Stephanie that Canadians tend to be unadventurous dressers (it’s the one thing I expect might disappoint when I go there for holiday for the first time). But even if he were more willing to explore his sartorially-curious side, how much more restricted a BoE governor would feel being both an outsider and in charge of such traditional establishment!
    I’m afraid all those outifts just signal ‘dull dad’ to me but maybe in his running gear….

  2. Joyce Latham

    Wonderful post as always Kate. I really like the beigh shoes..perfect. The suits look really nice as well in my humble opinion. Keep these pots coming…always fun to see and read.

  3. helen

    I also find him attractive and enjoy listening to him in conversation with Eddie Mayer on PM – I love his voice too.
    Last Friday I took myself off to the People’s History Museum in Manchester. They had a small exhibition about the EU referendum and a chalk board to mark up if you were in or out, it was overwhelmingly ‘in’ but I think they are ‘preaching to the converted’. It’s a great place with so much information about the history of workers and women’s rights.

  4. Stephanie

    Loved sew2pro’s comment, although how one defines “adventurous” is important here. Honestly I think MC got about as adventurous as a governor (now former) of the Bank of Canada could do with a polka dot tie or two a few years back (before you nabbed him from us :)). I have to be honest that I don’t like the pastel ones at all and I have an aversion to lilac on a man (I know I know…G has had his influence).

  5. Annieloveslinen

    He perfectly illustrates your piece about identifying country of origin, he has a Canadian look about him and put me in mind of Bernard Braydon. I’ve heard him on PM too he seems very approachable.

    As for the referendum, I’m an ‘inner’ too I can’t even contemplate the alternative.

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