Me Made May 2016 – Week Three

I am getting a little bit tired of this project. May is a long month! You are probably getting fed up of pictures of my daily grins. I am slightly running out of outfits. And I am absolutely running out of willing photographers. But I am getting more insights as a result.

So let’s have a look at the pictures.

On Friday I took the day off work and went to inspect the building works on our holiday home project and then went on to my Mother’s’ for the night. Sunday was back home for some pattern cutting and looking after the babies.

Reflections to date:

  • Not much in the way of neutrals. Many other MMMay16 people seem to wear a lot of black and charcoal.
  • Very few pairs of trousers, and not many dresses either – I am a skirts person
  • Probably more bottoms than tops. Again many others are makers of tops. I generally prefer to wear a RTW stretchy T shirt
  • My colour palette is fairly restricted (cool – bright – light) but this means that the wardrobe overall has a harmonious look. With it being a separates wardrobe most things will go with other things.
  • I have more summer outfits than I will have a chance to wear, especially high summer wear such as lightweight, sleeveless dresses. I keep these items on a top shelf and take them on holiday with me, but they will only be worn once or twice year.
  • I wasn’t tempted to wear anything twice, although IRL I would probably repeat an item once or twice a month
  • I got out a few things which had been set aside, specifically the grey draped skirt. I have another nicer grey skirt but I thought I had already worn it (but I remembered wrong)
  • I found a few items that needed mending, altering or fixing. I am embarrassed about this. For example I was going to wear this nice pink dress which I love, but it itches (silk underlining) so I took it off. If I line it I will enjoy wearing it. So I have put the clothes that need more work/mending in a big bag and I aim to tackle them. However I prefer making new things on the whole so I don’t know how I will get on.
  • In winter I wear a jacket (and coat) most days. In summer a cardigan or light jacket is enough. I don’t have Me Made cardigans or light weight top layers
  • I wear lots of tight, stretchy T shirts as a base layer. I have never made a T shirt.

Already I am aware of what sort of things I should be making in future

  1. Trousers suitable for work, possibly with matching jacket. However I don’t really have the best figure for trousers, especially the tailored type. I don’t like unlined wool on my legs, and I have yet to perfect the fit.
  2. Long sleeved, round necked T shirts. However I find the RTW ones are very cheap, come in great colours and fit superbly because of the lycra/cotton fabric. I would need a more interesting pattern or fabric to make it worth my while
  3. Are there any other sort of useful base layer tops other than shirts? Maybe I need a few shirts. I have made one or two but I prefer RTW actually.
  4. Some more neutrals would be useful – a light grey suit, and maybe a beige one perhaps. A very dark brown or a light navy?
  5. Are there any other colours I should try? I like yellow – lemon and primary yellow, not mustard. I like the blue-greens, blues and bluish pinks. Purple. I don’t wear much red, funnily enough, as it is a good colour for me. I always worry it is a bit too orangey a colour I dislike on me. There are also some nice, cool (bluish) browns out there that could add some depth to the wardrobe.
  6. Finally something I could wear instead of a colourful cashmere cardigan. Actually I fancy a few more in beautiful colours but they are very expensive. So what might be a good substitute for an outer layer for summer use?



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  1. Joanne

    It does look as if it’s been a colourful week. I have been ‘thinking’ about making suits and even bought the fabric (of course I have) but I do enjoy a quick sew. Try Uniqlo for cashmere – not as lovely as Brora but far more reasonably priced.

  2. fabrickated

    Thanks Joanne. I enjoy tailoring very much so I would be keen to make a trouser suit. I have one or two Uniqlo cashmere jumpers but I find cardigans far more useful for throwing on and off as the temperature changes. And they don’t hide your top or dress in the same way. I will have to look out for their cardis!

  3. jay

    I like the fact that you have steered clear of the black and grey solution to mix and match. Have you tried the lightweight tropical wool for trousers? It can have a smooth finish. I made a daughter several pairs in this stuff for work once, and it went in the wash without a problem. I bought it from a shop in Berwick St which mainly sold wools, with an emphasis on men’s suitings.

  4. Lizzie

    I love the floral button front skirt 🙂 I need to make more plain items. I would struggle to put together a whole handmade outfit as i am always attracted to florals and prints!

    • fabrickated

      Thank you Lizzie. It was such a lot of work I really hated it when it was finished. But I do like it.

      I love floral prints above all others and for summer dresses, blouses and skirts there is nothing nicer – silk, soft cottons and drapey fabrics. In winter I prefer plain wools.

  5. Stephanie

    I just bought some light gray wool on holiday to make a suit! I like the list of questions although I wonder how much we can change what comes intuitively to us. For example I have skirts, but they mostly sit in my closet as I choose trousers instead at least ninety percent of the time. Same goes for blouses, tops and tees, as I hands-down feel more me in tailored shirts. I also usually push the cardigans aside in favour of pullovers. I am more of a neutrals person with spots of colour versus your lovely colour range (so pretty much your polar opposite, Kate!) It is wonderful to see that great embroidered blouse again, by the way. Lesley made a waterfall cardigan a while back that was interesting and I have thought of trying sometime ( in a solid neutral of course!) though I am not sure when I will get to it.

  6. Su

    Shame you’re tired of it as it has been interesting for us. Lovely colour choices on you.

    Surprised to learn silk can itch, would you help a sensitive-skinned beginner please? Is it only certain types that itch?

    • fabrickated

      It is silk organza but not a very good quality one. Many of the older couture and designer patterns require underlining of the fabric, and are not lined. So the underlining is next to the skin. I found it unbearable and scratchy. It has a crisp handle. I am not keen on wool next to the skin either, so I may be a bit sensitive. I love most silk against the skin which I find far superior to cotton on the whole – the nicest being satin. But even humble habotai is nice for undies and linings.

  7. jennifer miller

    Love all the colors in your wardrobe! Isn’t it funny all the little “quirks” everyone has? You happily mix RTW into your wardrobe, use color freely, favor skirts over trousers or dresses. And I too am a huge fan of the cardigan! I’ve yet to sew a tee shirt (or much of anything it seems, curses), but from what I hear and read, most people get somewhat hooked on them. I’d love to see if happens to you. 😉

    • fabrickated

      I know what you mean about some people just loving knits and making dozens of soft, drapey things on their overlockers/coverstitch machines. I can’t see me going that way.

  8. Joyce Latham

    i really enjoy seeing your outfits in different settings from your real life. It puts things in perspective for me. From an outsiders point of view, it’s fascinating to see your week, or weeks, of outfits side by side, and your reflection list will surely help in future projects. Such an interesting collection.

  9. Lynn Mally

    I’ve been admiring your colorful wardrobe all month, although it is a relief to hear that perhaps you were dressing up a little for the project. You have a lot of clothes. You look fabulous in your skirts–don’t fix what doesn’t need fixing. Bright colors look wonderful on you, and it seems to me that you already have a basic neutral–navy blue. Or maybe you could choose silver leather? That skirt is amazing.

  10. Teresa

    I’m actually loving your use of colour in these outfits and how well-put together you always look. I’m seriously loving the Seamworks Wembley and Oslo cardigans currently, both can look either casual or jacket-like depending on what you style them with, might be worth some consideration and both also sew up easily and quickly.

  11. Lynn

    Kate–like all the others, I love seeing your bright colors, especially in such an urban setting. I also have the gray and beige tropical wool (flat finish) to make up into pantsuits, and am seeking patterns with a good vintage look. More later on that. I’m a big fan of cashmere cardigans, especially for travel, as they are lightweight yet cozy. Good ones last for years, so I think of them as “investment” pieces.

  12. Mags

    Love the first outfit particularly, but in terms of colour I think the fusia pink jacket is fantastic on you, definitely your colour.

  13. Thesewingmiserablist

    Your wardrobe is very stylish, you choose beautiful colours that suit you and have lots of versatile separates. I can’t see much to improve! I’m the same as you about cardigans for cooler days and am thinking I might make more unlined, less structured jackets for these occasions. Basically an excuse to make more jackets! I notice you avoid knits too. Is that why you don’t do t shirts etc? Colour wise you have it spot on, maybe a few more neutrals. Also I line the upper legs of my wool trousers, it’s dead simple, but don’t go there if you don’t need to.

    • fabrickated

      I think I need to do a whole post on knits. I don’t mind sewing jersey at all, and I have a few knits (last week’s DVF dress and week 1’s wool jersey jacket for example). I wouldn’t wear anything clingy on the lower half but am happy in tight T shirts on top. I will have to think about this. And thanks for the tip about half lining trousers. I have a lot to learn.

  14. viliene

    All your clothes are fabulous but I especially like the silver skirt with the striped T shirt. And I forgot to mention how dynamic the new haircut is. The blog Yashimy- the- flying- squirrel has a kind of cardigan in one piece without arms (jersey is folded over) which drapes nicely and could look good in a shorter version and is quite modern compared to the image of the classic cardigan.

  15. Annieloveslinen

    You look really good in all your outfits, the VW jacket perfectly suits your figure. There is a balance to be struck when choosing whether buy rtw or make something up and that’s a personal decision based on circumstance, it isn’t logical to hold ourselves hostage to rules we have imposed but many sewers do just that.

    Buy your t-shirts and enjoy spending your time making tailored garments that you wouldn’t find in the shops.

    I’ve made a few Tessuti Silva Jackets and they’re extremely versatile, it looks shapeless but it has a nice built in flare going on.

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