Sewing with a Plan 2016 0.15 Making the Pucci Pant suit

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Pink silk and Vogue 2333
Vogue 2333

Finally I bought some very appropriate material from the Tutu lady in Scotland. Very reasonably priced, with super, personal service Suzanne sent me three metres of lovely deep pink “faux” dupion, with lycra.

Pink Dupion
Faux Dupion in shocking pink

I won’t be able to use my vintage turquoise trim, but no worries. The world will provide suitable trim, or I shall make some. I have, at the suggestion of Demented Fairy, had a look at Indian Sari border trims. Also I like silvery, blingy sixties type trims, and am cosidering applique of wedding trimmings and lace excerpts, so I am assembling some useful ideas.

The only problem with this fabric is that the stretch goes down the fabric, rather than across, which isn’t really the point with pants. We need the stretch to go across the body so I will cut the trousers out with the grain going across the pattern pieces. It also looks better this way as the slubs go across the fabric too.

I have to decide on the trim fairly soon. And I have quite a few options.

  • Go for silver trim. SIlver and strong pink is a great look. But I already have an example of this in my collection
  • Try to introduce the softer pinks and mauves to pull the deep pink back into the sweet pea territory. I bought a piece of vintage sari border trim that might work.
  • Use a more brightly coloured piece of lace. I think this is a bit big and dominant
  • Create a border using silk sweet peas. I love this idea, again in order to bring the softer colours into the outfit.

This week has been hard – two family members in hospital and another off work long term. We have been visiting, supporting and driving around the country. It has been quite stressful and tiring and I haven’t yet cut out the trousers. But later this weekend I hope to cut into the pink dupion. Exciting.

In the meantime this is a nice pattern that I would love to own, Vogue 1394. In my draping class I may try to create the caped top. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Pucci Pattern for Vogue
Pucci Pattern for Vogue

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  1. thedementedfairy

    Silk sweet peas! What a lovely idea, you clever thing. That sari border is very nice too. Actually, I like all your trims there. The cape is dramatic and glamorous, definitely worth some experimentation in class. You’re reminding me that I need to crack on with my SWAP now, I’m behind schedule because of that parasol…

  2. Linde

    I too hope your family members are back to good health very soon. Also I like the sari trim best . Look after yourself please and take some time off for you.

  3. Joanne

    I think I like the drama of the silver trim best – very Elizabeth Taylor. Hope you can relax a little this weekend and that the family members health improves soon.

    • fabrickated

      I had planned just the neckline and hems – and making the top sleeveless Mary. The sari trim is only 1 yard so it may not be enough. I will make up the trouser suit first and then try the trims against it.

  4. Martina

    My mother had an evening dress in 1968 that was that color pink with silver trim. I thought she was the most elegant mother in the world! So I vote for the pink trim…but it looks like it will be gorgeous any way you trim it.

  5. Anne

    I like the fabric. I had a look on the website to see if there was a particular colour but couldn’t find it at all. Oh well. My Indian friend who brought the dupion silk for me says that the slubs should run across the way. She cited inappropriate stretch as the issue I seem to remember. My trim preference FWIW is the vintage saree trim. I think it brings in the sweetpea shades.

    • fabrickated

      Thanks Anne. I think Suzanne got the pink in especially for me. I originally tried to buy the silver but there wasn’t enough for my project. Interesting about the slubs! With the trims I shall wait for them to arrive and then see how they look, but the sari trim is the nicest idea. On the other hand I can’t wait to see the sweet peas!

  6. Abbey

    The color of the fabric for your pantsuit is stunning! (And it looks very, very much like the illustration on Vogue 1394–what a wonderful coincidence!) The sari trim looks like a fabulous complement, and I am looking forward to seeing which direction you decide to go in the end.

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