Metallics – selling the silver?

Metallics were big last year, and metallic clothes, shoes and bags still continue to appear in the shops. I really like metallics, partly because I love the original 1960s versions so much. The Paco Rabanne dress is made from different sized pieces of aluminium, stitched together with wire, really challenging ideas of what clothes can be made from. The Cardin couple are dressed in clothes made from silver vinyl. And best of all is Twiggy in her John Bates shift, wearing beautiful silver lurex tights and square toed silver shoes. Even her make up shimmers.

They were known as “Space age” outfits, taking inspiration from the clothes of the moon explorers. This photograph from 1960 shows the first American astronauts  who took on the Russians, in the space race. Their outfits are not so different to those worn by Pierre Cardin’s (admittedly flat capped) male model.

Mercury Seven Astronauts
Mercury Seven Astronauts

I am thinking hard about how to introduce some silvery beauty into my Sewing with a Plan (SWAP 2016) collection. So far I have a silver waistband on a light blue skirt, silver sequins on my shocking pink YSL dress and an idea about putting silver trim onto my purple suit. I also bought a pair of silver shoes. I admit I have become a bit obsessed with it. I am not sure if people with warm colouring feel the same about gold as I do about silver, but I wear it everyday, even if it is only my earings, necklace and belt buckle. But I think it goes so well with my cool-bright palette – somewho enhancing the brightness and coolness of my wardrobe.

This long T shirt evening dress by YSL is amazing isn’t it? So modern, simple and balanced. And the boots which are rather masculine and robust, but made of silver. The other two outfits – head to toe silver sequins or silver leather – are accessorised with silvery tights and silver footwear.

Are you a silver or gold lover? Or do you prefer to avoid these show off fabrics?

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  1. indigotiger

    I am definitely someone who loves silver rather than gold, but I confine it primarily to my jewelry. Given my shape (round) and my size (short) if I wore metallic clothing I would look even more like a little teapot short and stout than I already do!

    • fabrickated

      Thank you for this sweet comment Indigotiger. As you say silver jewellery – shiny or matt – often complements any outfit and brings a sparkle to the face – always the most important part of looking good.

  2. SewRuthie

    I generally avoid shiny fabrics of any colour, they don’t look right on me at all.
    I quite like matte leather metallics in accessories especially shoes and bags in bronze and old gold type tones. I wear both gold and silver jewellery as long as it is not shiny.
    I knew this before you identified me as muted which I think is interesting.

  3. DementedFairy

    I’ve no idea about all this colour personality stuff, but I love silver for jewellery, and avoid gold and yellow tones like the plague. Of course, I have a silver and lilac ensemble in my SWAP too…but radically different to yours! By the way, I just passed a shop window display of bridal/prom/evening dresses, and the featured item is a pink shift [full length] with a pearlescent sequinned bodice. The only difference to yours is that the skirt has a sheer overlay, which tones the pink into the sequinned section. Although I’m not a fan of pink, it looks very pretty…

  4. Kim Hood

    I can’t say I have ever considered an all metallic garment but after Mrs Mole s comment (and link – which I checked. I am still chuckling) I will avoid it. Not a good look with my body.

  5. Stephanie

    Hmm.. enjoyed DementedFairy’s comment about the overskirt on your pink dress. I didn’t offer any suggestions yesterday, but I would definitely leave it for a while until you have a good feeling about what you want to do to make the dress more successful in your eyes. You got a lot of very good suggestions. It’s maybe difficult to face additional work after you just finished the original. I think it has a lot of potential though.

    I had a pair of silver flats when I was in high school that I wore everywhere. Seven or eight years ago I bought a pair of silver ballet flats in springtime, too. The only thing I don’t like about silver in shoes is that there’s no polish for them and when the silver rubs off they start to look pretty icky. I don’t think I’m bold enough to wear a whole outfit (shocking, I know!) although I like touches of silver jewellery here and there.

  6. Bunny

    I love the spark of metallics in my wardrobe. I think they are always in style, just the color changes. I am see right now a lot of Rose Gold leathers, bags, and shoes which look really current. Metallics are just fun.

  7. Sox

    Some silver (or gold) is cool; I think it depends on how it is incorporated. I really like the silver scooter outfit. I just wish the background wasn’t so silver. It’s hard to pick out the details.

    BTW -a belated thank you for the flat-pattern draping post. I tried it -with mixed success- but I am going to give it another go.

  8. birdmommy

    I’m another silver lover. I’ve been stalking some silver Doc Martens Leytons on eBay (more like a high top sneaker than traditional Docs). And I saw a pair of silver Mephisto walking shoes that would actually be super practical for my commute to work…

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