Sewing with a Plan 2016 10 – Announcing my Plan

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Finally (and it has been a long time coming) I have my plan. Eventually I got out all my fabrics, measured them up (I usually buy remnants or no more than 2m if it is cut from the bolt. I am Mrs Stingy-cloth). Many designer patterns are fairly demanding on fabric, but compromises can usually be made.

A summer SWAP of 11 garments that work together, in sweet pea shades.

Sweet peas from Lancashire
Sweet peas from Lancashire

I have changed my initial plans. I dropped the green as it wasn’t true to the original inspiration and also velvet is too wintery (I believe). But I would like a green, velvet suit with a silver blouse at some point. I would like a silver skirt too. I was very keen to reflect my draped skirt experiments but that has gone too. I am due to do draped blouses at evening class this term so it is possible that I will introduce a blouse from that experience. But I can’t use my indigo this year. And there is no lace, and not much translucence, despite my best intentions.

I also dropped the jeans (ahem), which I really didn’t want to. I am very keen to make some light blue embroidered jeans, so as Stephanie said:

“I had a moment of epiphany the other day that I don’t have to make all of the items I’ve chosen for SWAP for SWAP, but can still make all of them through the year to meet my tailoring goals in particular. It’s obvious but hadn’t occurred to me. Best to take the pressure off, I think.”

Thanks for that. Dropped from the SWAP doesn’t mean you will never get made dear jeans, blouse and suit. Your day will come!

I brought in two pieces of pattern into the mix- one a little piece of Iris silk I got in a remnant box ages ago, and a metre of silk I painted in the summer with a deep purple background and pink and mauve “roses” on it. Not sweet peas, but definately floral and summery. Many of the planned items are trimmed with contrasting fabric or braid, affording opportunities to pull the outfits together. I already have the assumption that these items will be worn with silver shoes and jewellry. I am trying to keep silver as a theme. So, with the proviso that plans might change as we go along, here is my “Sewing with a Plan 2016 Plan”

Pack 1: Pink and bling

A 1969 Pucci evening trouser suit, (based on Vogue 2333) and an Yves St Laurent 1968 shocking pink silk evening dress, (Vogue 1897). However, while I am really pleased how the V 1897 has come out it does have a flaw. Also there is enough pink silk for an item with sleeves but I don’t want sleeves for the pant suit. I may change this part of the plan, but we shall see.

Pack 2 Purple

A 1966 Pierre Cardin suit (Vogue 1636) with white (or maybe silver for that true Cardin effect) trim, with matching light purple silk blouse. I showed my husband all my vintage designer patterns for suits or dress and jacket. This is the one he picked out – I was slightly surprised, but pleased, as it is such a dramatic style.  I have made a bias cut Cardin skirt before so I am not planning to toile this outfit.



A1960 Biki of Milan (Spadea NS-249 ) skirt in light blue gabardine and a Fabiani Mauve linen dress (Vogue 1065). The skirt pattern is really nice and just a bit different – although I get the impression it is designed for a tweedy wool, perhaps with a contrasting leather waist band/belt I love the swingy skirt on the dress, and am planning some dramatic buttons to lift it.


A 1960 Biki skirt in Iris silk (Spadea NS 249), a 1950s blouse in blue cotton (Simplicity 1278), and a second Cardin 1966 blouse (Vogue 1636)


To codify:

2 dresses

4 bottoms (three skirts and a pair of trousers)

5 tops (one jacket, one tunic and three blouses).

I am pretty pleased with this plan which I feel will give me a nice, coordinating summer wardrobe with pinks, mauve, purple and blue.


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  1. Carolyn

    I think the hardest part is coming up with the plan. Once you’ve got the plan and start sewing the pieces you’re next challenge is going to be sewing ALL the garments. I found about garment 5 or 6 I got tired of working on the SWAP! But stay the course and you will be happy you did! I will be cheering you along every step of the way!!!

  2. Lyn

    Merry Christmas Kate and family! That looks great. I can’t wait to see how it evolves. I really like the dress with the swishy skirt. Although I’m not joining the SWAP, I may develop my own sewing plan for 2016.

  3. Jay

    Impressively organised! My favourite patterns in the collection are the Pierre Cardin suit and the Fabiani dress. The colours in your plan are lovely.

  4. SJ Kurtz

    As much as I love to just dive in, this is the fun part. It’s less about the clothes and the season than what do I have, what do I want, and what do I want to learn while making. So many possibilities! So many great choices you have here!
    I have that Pucci and am just waiting until SewExpo to get the trim at Treasures of the Gypsy, then I’ll fabric to coordinate (mostly concerned with wow factor vs weight: that’s a lot of trim (don’t have the # at hand, but it’s yards). I know my mother would have loved it, and maybe I’m making to sell, but it just touches a happy nerve in my memories.

  5. Amanda

    Your plans sound amazing, and your fabrics and colours are so lovely! I’m excited to see them!! 😀

    I did the same thing – i had two (quite involved) jackets in my SWAP originally and then I had to give my head a shake and move one of them – at first i was like “aww, I really wanted to make that” but then I realized, well duh, I still can! LOL I’ll still make it but in order to complete that many garments in such a short time, I have to be realistic ^_^

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