Rainshore Project Update 4

I mentioned that we are planning on calling our new home Rainshore. And, the power of the internet, I got an email from Esme, who lives there now. Her parents bought the house from my brother, James, who inherited it.

She sent some pictures of Rainshore, modernised. Her family have done a stunning job.

I was so interested to see these photographs and relieved that the renovation had preserved so many of the original features. Esme, who shares her name with my daughter, also told me that she was studying embroidery at college.

As for the New Rainshore we are making progress.

We got planning permission in October.

Nick has chosen all the fittings from the flooring, to the staircase, the woodburner, floor and wall tiles, paint colours, lamp shades, door knobs, baths and showers, where all the light fittings and plug sockets are going. He kept asking me to run into his workroom to look at pictures of taps etc. Then he would not be able to find the website. I introduced him to Pinterest. This has made life much easier. I think he has made some great choices. We now need to get all the costings to ensure we are within budget. If not we may have to make some cuts or compromises.

In the meantime the foundations are going in. Next time, with photographs.

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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  1. Susie

    What a beautiful home, and how nice of the other Esme to share the pictures with you!

    We like Houzz, which allows you to view pictures of different rooms, articles about homes, etc. and save to ideabooks, which others can follow. Believe it or not, I haven’t gotten into Pinterest yet, but I can see it would be a great tool also.

    Merry Christmas!

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