So “Ta Ra” (Good-bye – Northern English) Cilla!

I was sorry to hear that Cilla Black, 1960s singer and entertainer, had died at the comparatively young age of 72. I still love her early hits Alfie, Anyone who had a heart and Something tells me. I even prefer her 1965 You’ve lost that lovin feelin” to the Righteous Brothers’ version.

She hung out with the Beatles, and had the same manager, worked in the cloak room, then danced and sang at the Cavern night club, and helped make regional accents acceptable in UK. She wasn’t the only British female star of the sixties, but it felt like it.

Cilla Black
Cilla plus Beatles and others

She wore cool clothes and her amazingly long, slim legs were the perfect prop for the mini-skirt or hot pants.

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  1. Lesley

    She was such an influence – I still mimic her “whats yer name and where dya come from?”, I recall she hosted something like Perfect Match perhaps? We happened upon Cilla the TV series last year and it was well worth watching. Aye, ta ra then Cilla.

  2. Jenny

    Her death really shook me yesterday. I am from the same part of the world, worked in Liverpool and went to all the clubs at the time of the Beatles and enjoyed the swinging 60’s. I felt (like many) that she was part of my life so it really hit me that she died, especially so suddenly. Apparently she said she wanted to die before she was 75 and bits started to ‘drop off’ so she got her wish. Hope it was peaceful. RIP Our Cilla.

  3. twotoast

    Very sad indeed – we are sitting watching the 3 part biopic Cilla that was on ITV (now on YouTube). Interesting to see where she came from and what she became. ‘Swinging Cilla’ will be sadly missed . . . .

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