New, Improved, Crowd-sourced Vogue 7133 dress

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I often make up garments twice, or more often. If a garment suits you and fits well, why not make it again? I think this is especially the case when you have done a whole set of alterations to make sure a dress or jacket fits well. This is the TNT (tried “n” true, or tried and tested) approach to sewing. So I was pretty keen to have another try with this dress (the first version, underlined in organza, was unbearably scratchy). Making a second version allowed me to make a few amendments, proposed by my readers.

So I did as you suggested, making the dress both slightly more fitted, and slightly shorter. I did this by incorporating one front dart and two in the back. I got the lengths from Winifred Aldrich – the dart width was either 2 or 3cms at the waist.


Technical details

This one is not underlined, and immediately the wrinkliness of the linen shows. I had only been wearing this dress for about 20 minutes before I persuaded my husband to take a photograph. To me this is how linen looks. I am not bothered.

It is lined in silk (two tone, don’t you know?). As you can see I often go out with tailors’ tacks in my clothes. It gives me something to do when I wash and press them.

Two tone linings
Turquoise and blue lining

The light weight of the dress, and the luxurious lining, plus the loose-fit made it supremely comfortable, yet smart enough for a day at the office.

The darts I introduced were not extreme – as you can see there is still a fold at the waist and the belt is not done up tight.

I made the skirt just another inch shorter, which I feel is enough. I do wear shorter skirts, but only in winter, with tights. In summer I prefer to let the air circulate.

It is still nice and baggy/comfortable, and I think it still looks like a 1960s dress. It probably needed more appropriate footwear to look authentic.

Any further feedback? Do I have to make a third one?

Thank you!

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  1. Ruth

    One of the qualities of a dedicated sewer – tenacity!
    Let the linen wrinkle that’s it’s best quality. Make a third for your own enjoyment no further alterations needed.

  2. Jay

    Perfect fit with the slight darting at the waist! I would avoid underlining in a linen dress too – its a fabric worn for lightness.

  3. Kim Hood

    That looks spot on. A third is only needed in order to make it up in double quick time knowing it is going to look fabulous. I love the linen, and the creases only show what great taste you have in summer fabrics.

  4. Lyn

    I love the colour combo Kate. The back view is a perfect fit. My preference would be for another dart in the front, but that would make it less 1960’s. I guess you might be happy with it showing less of your figure for work, but you can certainly take it with your slim shaped figure!! Lovely dress and I wonder which colour combo you might choose next time? Lx

  5. Stephanie

    I think it looks great but I also loved the pink one and didn’t see the lack of darts as a problem. I like the colour of belt you’ve chosen to wear with this one. Linen is lovely wrinkled. I underlined my orange linen dress with bemberg, but only because I didn’t know enough at the time to think about the different options at the time. 🙂

    • fabrickated

      Thanks so much Stephanie. I put that belt on – Nick suggested I try a bright blue one. I was dubious, and we both agreed when I tried it – far too much like a uniform. The neutral grey looks much better I think. I love bright colours but I think they need toning down a little bit – otherwise it is the airhostess/star trek look.

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