What did I say I would do?

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I have a page called Ideas for projects. I set it up a year ago hoping that if I listed what I wanted to do it might focus my attention. Furthermore I planned to use the cute strikethrough feature provided by WordPress once I completed a project.

Some were pattern cutting challenges. Some were items I needed to finish or alter. A few were clothes I promised to make for my son, daughter, mother or step daughter. Many ideas were generated as I sewed and pondered. The ideas kept coming and the list kept growing. I soon realised I would never achieve everything. I completed around a third of what I listed. Then I started ignoring the list. It wasn’t a “plan” – just a set of “fancies”.

Fancy cakes

The essential difference between a notion, a fancy, a desire on the one hand, and a “plan” on the other, is that the plan takes the idea and turns it into something that is meant to happen. My project ideas were underdeveloped, just impulsive, ethereal thoughts, passing through my imagination, not yet worked through. I think the strength of the Sewing with a Plan approach is that by giving two months for planning and four for sewing it puts a lot of emphasis on planning. It tries to counteract the seamstress’s version of the impulse buy.

My 2015 SWAP plan addressed my need for suits for work; my older suits are well-worn and tired. The SWAP has been helpful (both years) in forcing me to create work outfits that I actually wear on a regular basis.

Since Kondoing my wardrobe I have concluded with that I don’t need many more outfits. However there are a few things I am missing, as I develop my plan for the next six months.

Fabrickated wardrobe
My skirts and jackets

I am thinking of applying the SWAP philiosphy to rest of my sewing time.

I want to set myself some criteria and allow myself six months to deliver it. I enjoy the thinking and planning process as much as I enjoy the making up. I am a “slow sewing” rather than “fast food” type person so I don’t mind if it takes a little longer. I want to make clothes that I will love wearing for a long time and I want to make items that stretch my skills and abilities.

But, before I finalise my plans, let’s Kondo a list! Here is what I currently have on my project page.  I have italicised the few items I want to save.

  1. VW jacket  in blue/silver wool
  2. Stretch cotton VW jacket
  3. Yellow tailored summer jacket
  4. develop the curvy pencil skirt – grown on waist, shorter and longer, and with floppy pockets
  5. Develop the 30 minute T dress and make a similar one in painted silk
  6. sporty shorties; make up again with pockets, include key pocket and develop into a cycling skirt
  7. finish the Preen hand-painted silk top
  8. Develop the sports T – include a bust dart, and make up in other colours
  9. Develop the bias top
  10. try a spiral dress
  11. A VW inspired waistcoat
  12. A VW inspired coat
  13. A VW inspired dress
  14. Trousers to go with blue air hostess jacket
  15. Add pockets to air hostess jacket
  16. Curvy pencil to match air hostess jacket
  17. Curvy pencil and VW jacket in grey wool and silk
  18. Make a top in Iris printed silk chiffon
  19. Develop YSL Mondrian dress pattern
  20. Do a Mondrian top and skirt
  21. Remake Mondrian dress in other colour-ways and fabrics
  22. Help Charlotte complete textile project
  23. Finish Gus’s jacket
  24. Linen shirt for Gus in Navy and White
  25. Develop a pattern for a four way skirt
  26. Make two orange cushions for Esme
  27. Make an outfit for Esme to wear for Gemma’s wedding
  28. Make an outfit for the staff summer party (international emphasis
  29. Make a shirt for Ted
  30. Experimenting with smocking – making a 1940s blouse
  31. a sleeveless 70s dress in light yellow
  32. Pair of “harem trousers” for Mother
  33. Print fabric for Amandine
  34. Navy suit
  35. Grey suit
  36. waistcoat
  37. Dark Brown suit
  38. Consider a dark green trouser suit (made dark green trousers)
  39. Jump suit
  40. Knickers
  41. Slip
  42. jersey DVF wrap round
  43. skirt to go with Chanel style jacket
  44. christening gown
  45. perfect tailored trousers
  46. handpainted full length silk dress
  47. make an outfit from the dripping damask in turquoise
  48. dinosaur blouse
  49. alter the jungle jumpsuit to make a modern version
  50. make an outfit from the knives print
  51. summer skirt
  52. holiday wardrobe

Now I have considered the 6 PAC, the 30 piece wardrobe, and my varied desires and duties I will pare it all back. Next week I am going to “discard” this long list and publish one that I actually plan to deliver.



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  1. rosemary

    I wrote about lists making today as well. It is a pretty impressive list and I look forward to the revised list. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

  2. Vivienne

    A good, clear plan of action. I like your attitude and approach to this. I get so bogged down in the detail sometimes and need to have a strategy like yours.

    It bothers me though that you have your bottoms in the top cupboard and the tops in the bottom!

    • fabrickated

      It’s funny – having my tops and bottoms upside down! I think I want greater visibility and ease of reach for the tops as there are more of them.

  3. Susan

    When I saw the title I started laughing…NOT at you but at me! Oh the things I do when I am supposed to be sleeping! Then I looked at all your highlighted ones and got some MORE ideas……..thanks, I think….

    • fabrickated

      I think you are right. I have only been working intermittently on Esme’s summer coat since the start and May and it is June already.

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