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I have made a plan for the photographs to show off my collection. I have now seen the rules which are:

You’ll probably need at least nine photographs, and you’re allowed to upload a total of 15 per SWAP.  Composite photos are allowed, but only if they show details of the SAME garment or outfit.

Because of the particular combinations I have chosen it will be difficult to demonstrate many of the possible combinations. Last year, when I included a coat, and only one dress, it was easier to show off more outfits.

Following your advice I have decided to include both the silk dresses (I dropped the RTW item). Photographing the collection is quite a task and my son Gus has agreed to take the pictures this year. Here is the list of looks I intend to put together – the first six are the outfits as constructed, leaving just two illustrations of the sets working with each other. In fact I do not intend to wear the three suits as matching costumes (all navy and all pink is not such a great look for me) so it is a shame I don’t have more chances to show them mixing happily with each other. Two additional pictures isn’t really enough!

Proposed photoshoot

  1. Pink skirt, White overblouse, Pink jacket
  2. Navy skirt, Green overblouse, Navy jacket
  3. Green skirt, White overblouse, Navy jacket
  4. Squiggle skirt and Squiggle waistcoat
  5. Light Silk dress
  6. Dark Silk dress
  7. Green skirt, Green overblouse
  8. Pink skirt, White overblouse, Navy jacket
  9. Pink skirt, Squiggle waistcoat
  10. Pink skirt, Green overblouse
  11. Pink skirt, White overblouse
  12. Navy skirt, Green overblouse
  13. If allowed I will have a composite of the 12 pictures

 Other possibilities

There are many other possible combinations (most of which I have already worn) before I add any existing wardrobe items. For example

  • Silk dress, white overblouse
  • silk dress, green overblouse
  • navy skirt, white overblouse, pink jacket
  • navy skirt, white overblouse, navy jacket, etc.

There is a book by Wendy Mak that explains how you can get 1000 outfit from a wardrobe of 30 items. I haven’t read it – I just watched the video –  but I am intrigued by the idea.


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  1. Joyce Latham

    Wow. Applause appause! Terrfic Kate. Fabulous ! Such wonderful additions to your wardrobe! Excellent as always!!

  2. Maggie

    I’m trying to think about my photos too, but I am also still sewing! I am making an attempt at a pair of trousers today, but I will substitute a previously sewn skirt when it turns out to be a pipe dream. Too bad we are limited on number of photos, because it would be fun if you could include some of the shots you have of yourself out and about in your SWAP items.

    • fabrickated

      Oh I really hope you can Lesely. It would be such fun if you did. I have found it a very good discipline and it has pushed me right out of my comfort zone.

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