My one year Blog Anniversary!

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That came along quickly! It feels It It seems like only yesterday when I wrote my 7 month retrospective.

Woman, child and cake
Chocolate cake and candle

I have posted every single day since August, but pretty regularly before that.  I have written 335 posts on:

  • clothes I have made
  • style advice for men and women
  • colour
  • the history of fashion
  • textiles and fabric printing
  • inpiration, mainly reviews of exhibitions
  • pattern cutting and design
  • individuals – guest blogs or style analysis

I write because I love writing – I am surprised but grateful that anyone reads it. The fact so many lovely friends take the time to comment – invariably leaving a generous, kind, supportive message – thrills me to bits. Thank you.

Blog Birthday card
Creative graffitti

I have made around 40 garments this year – it’s a bit hard to count – some were made before the blog started. So three to four garments every month. Last year, after the SWAP, I took a break from sewing and I will do that again. I am determined to completely “Kondo” my home before I get cracking again. I have decided to mend/repair/alter a few garments first.

When I got home last night Esme asked me round to her flat. My dear children gave me a card, a cake and a poem.

Happy young family
My wonderful family


Here is the masterpiece:


There I sat, so frustrated

Thread chewed up and masticated

The skirt’s waistband elasticated

Perhaps someone miscalculated

It’s all a bit too complicated

But soon I will be vindicated

A vintage item replicated

The next best thing, from Fabrickated.

32 Responses

  1. Lisha

    Congratulations! Keep going, reading your blogs everyday have given me a new vision to fashion and made me self conscious of how I dress. You have taught me things I didn’t know and broaden my knowledge. Thank you. Whoop whoop!

  2. Galina

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary Kate! Thank you for sharing your sewing skills, creativity, drive, and so many other things with us. It’s been wonderful reading this blog first thing in the morning for a year. You are an inspiration and a role model for me, and I’m sure, many of your readers. I will raise a glass to Fabrickated today. Cheers!

  3. Jenny

    Happy blogging birthday Kate. I really enjoy your posts – seeing your lovely creations and reading about the people and subjects that interest you. Looking forward to your SWAP photos now. ?

  4. Lyn

    Happy anniversary Kate! You have inspired me this year to blog more and you have re-kindled my love of dressmaking! I am so pleased to have met you and your lovely family. Keep up the good work and here’s to many more years of happy blogging and sewing. Lx

  5. Vivienne

    Congratulations Kate! I hope you don’t run out of steam any time soon because yours is the blog I look forward to reading most. I have learned such a lot from you about colour and style but also a fair bit from your readers. (I never heard of Toppik for thin hair before. Marvellous stuff!) I admire your self discipline and your approach to problem solving and love all the things you make and the little insights into your family life. Hurrah for Kate!!!

  6. Kristy

    you are amazingly productive – all that posting and all that sewing! Plus you are a natural at blogging, I’m surprised your blog is only a year old because you have such a comfortable and natural ‘voice’

  7. mrsmole

    Always a treat for the eyes and brain to visit your blog!!! I marvel at you being able to write something every day…once a week is pushing it for me. You must be a real delight to be around and work with too! Wishing you many more years of entertaining us with your creative adventures and ideas on fashion and color.

  8. Stephanie

    Yes, you are amazing! I love the portrait of your family (who are also adept poets). Congratulations, K., and many happy returns! PS I have started Kondo-ing my place as well, after you gave the reminder, although when I get back from my vacation I will do the full thing with a bigger cull and organize. I had already “done” my books but now I have rolled the clothes in drawers, too, just as a test, and I’m liking it.

  9. Joyce Latham

    Congrats and happy blog-birthday. I look forward to your posts everyday, my morning treat with my first coffee. I just love to hear what you have to say, and love to see your wonderful artful approach to fashion sewing. You are so inspiring!!! Keep ’em coming!
    Joyce ??

  10. Liz Cooney

    I am in Canada…and enjoy waking up to your blog when I have my first cup of tea.- Isn’t technology wonderful….that now we can connect with like-minded folks from all over the world? – Thank you for taking the time and sharing your thoughts with us Kate. – Lovely looking family. Great poem! ~

  11. Hélène

    Happy anniversary to your excellent blog! The poem is exquisite and I love the way they creatively transformed by hand a regular birthday card into a bloganniversay card. What a lovely gang!

  12. Amanda

    Happy birthday! What an awesome poem!! I love that your family celebrated your blogiversary, that’s so so cool!! ^__^ Cheers, and here’s to many more! 🙂

  13. Paula Curd

    Happy anniversary K. You are amazing. What a lovely photo your 3 Children and 2 Grandchildren, I love it. Good luck with your next challenge. I don’t know where you get your energy from but please bottle some for me. Xx

  14. Kbenco

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You make beautiful clothes, which was my initial attraction to your blog after seeing your amazing 2014 SWAP. What really sets your blog apart though, is that you have a depth of knowledge and interest about so many areas related to clothing, and write about them so well that they are all fascinating.
    How lovely that your family celebrated your blog anniversary. They are terrific photos.

  15. ceci

    Congrats – a very impressive year! Your days seem to have more hours than most? Or perhaps you have given up the sleeping thing – there’s a time suck! However you do it, thanks for sharing.


  16. AnnIe

    How did that happen, it seems like it was only yesterday when I read your first post. Your voice comes across really well and I can relate to much of what you say, always interesting, never boring.

    Aren’t families wonderful? It’s evident that your blog is an entity in its own right, and rightly so, it’s a significant expression of your creativity and it’s great that they and we, can participate too. It’s all good.

  17. Cathe

    Wow, that’s great, a dedicated year is so impressive and I happily read it! Keep up the good work, it is appreciated and enjoyed by so many. Love your family images and charming poem!

  18. Alli

    Happy blogiversary! I’m super impressed by both your blog and sewing productivity! That poem at the end is delightful, too. 😀

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