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Just a little post today to say that my blogging life has been rather stressful. Firstly, last week, my trusty old Apple Mac blew up. I didn’t use any backup and although my dear son George has tried to retrieve what he can, much has been lost.

Pig with heart
I love my readers!

I rely on this computer to upload photos I have taken with my iPhone, via the charger, via Dropbox, that I then upload again on to my blog. So for the time being the only way I can upload new pictures is to send them to my husband, open his email, save the picture to his computer, then upload it to the blog. Time consuming and irritatating. So for a few days I will not be able to use new photographs (except the one of Kit, below).

I have ordered a new Mac which will arrive in a few days. In the meantime I am trying to blog via my dear husband’s computer, but it is not the same.

Then, supported by my wonderful step-son Ben, I have been trying to change the name of my blog and put the logo up there. This has gone quite well but there are inevitably teething problems (I am with you there Kit!)

Smiling, teething baby
Teething baby

I have “cached” the old Fit and Flare which means it is no longer available. We are now on full time. There are still a few things Ben and I need to do, so if things go a bit squiffy, that is the reason.

Make Do and Mend
Make Do and Mend

One thing that has happened is that a few drafts have been published without me meaning to publish them. This is annoying and I have now trashed them. But I will be bringing them back when they are finished, one day at a time.

The other annoying thing that happened, now fixed, thank God, was that the world was seeing my new look website and I couldn’t access it myself. Except on my phone. But not on the phone in my house, due to server/router problems. So I had to go out to use it. Worked fine on the bus, and on the stairs outside Esme’s flat. But not the most condusive places to write blogs. I find it impossible to write or edit on a small phone. So I was out of control for around 48 hours, which nearly drove me insane.

Screen printed silhouette of woman's head
Screen printed silhouette

Finally, today, Saturday, the router is sorted. I still don’t have my own computer, but I will have next week. I apologise for the inturpution of service, especially to Elena who has been on and off the blog twice now, and I have still to edit her guest blog and get it signed off. Thank you for your patience. The regular daily blogs will be resumed shortly.

Thank you Ben. Thank you Nick. Thank you George. Thank you everyone who reads this blog, and I really appreciate your comments and feedback.

Love Kate. Fabrickated.

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  1. Anne

    Much as I read you everyday at 5 a.m. and this is a joy to me, a little enforced interlude maybe a hug from the universe for you (and darling Kit). Happy Easter K x

  2. Ann

    Gash Kate, it sounds like you’re in the wars, open the wine.

    I noticed that you hadn’t posted and thought that that was unusual, and I’ve just lost my prev comment, so there is a change there too but nothing drastic.

    I love your new header and I really enjoyed Elena’s story.

    Technology can be frustrating sometimes, I fade in and out of the Internet constantly, like a pale ghost, I have router probs too.

    No need to apologise either you seem to have set yourself a pretty tough schedule writing daily, cut yourself some slack, fewer posts could have the same impact and would be easier to manage and just as welcome.

    I’m sending warm thoughts your way, I’ll be here till you get back.

  3. Jenny

    Poor you. I had noticed some weird things happening. There was a post – one of your drafts I guess, which I could see on my list but couldn’t access. We are certainly dependant on technology now. Up to about 4 years ago I mostly used the computer for Word, Excel and Power Point. Then I got my first Mac and first Ipad and now I would be lost without them – well the IPad anyway. It will all come together eventually and I hope your nails and nerves survive until then.

  4. Stephanie

    Sorry you are having such a hassle, K. Hoping it all smooths out to your satisfaction soon. I missed the new posts so look forward to seeing them when they are ready. PS Kit is sooo cute!

  5. Lyn

    Any idea how we get them straight to our inbox? I used to like reading your blog first thing while I get ready for the day! I can’t see an email sign up on this new blog.

    Good luck with the tech!
    Lyn x

    • fabrickated

      I think this happened because I have a new name and web address. Would you try following again and see what happens? I need to get “Tech Support” i.e. Ben or George on the case. It’s really annoying.

  6. elena rowland

    Can’t wait for your editing. Apart some my objections, you did it v.well.
    Did you lose all my photos of my dresses? I still have them on my desktop. You said it should go online 13 April 2015, so hurry up.
    Looking forwards to see the blog alive!!

    • fabrickated

      I have all your pictures but I can’t do the edit until Tuesday or Wednesday, so I will publish it as planned. It’s a good one Helena.

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