Sewing with a Plan 2015 0.22

My green camisole dress is finished. It epitomises spring – especially when worn with a large bunch of daffodils. And a pineapple!

Vogue 1650 skirt in green with silk camisole
Vogue 1650 (green)

I wore this dress for my birthday, with a piece of yellow vintage silk velvet ribbon around my waist. It felt nice and, with our improving weather, suitable for the season.

It was not an easy make, despite having done the same skirt with camisole before. The main reason – and I often find this – is that with different fabric the sizing changes – this time by around two inches (which would be a couple of dress sizes, or more), mainly in the length. Even now it is a little looser than the navy one, but I decided to leave it with a little fullness at the waist which can be pulled in with a belt.

I ended up taking an inch off the dress above the waist, and three inches off the length (having asked for your opinion and being supported in this course of action – thankyou Jay, Sewniptuck, And others.

Sadly I did this after I had put in the zip and hemmed it.

So I had quite a lot of unpicking, remarking, cutting, sewing, doing the same with the lining, and then stitching it up again. If the truth be told this dress has had a zip put in four times.

  • A lemon one because I didn’t have green (it showed). [I then managed accidentally to order ten green zips on the internet]
  • A green one, but the dress was too long
  • Adjusted the wasit length, but the skirt was too wide
  • Took an inch out of the girth of the skirt. Final insertion

I often find I am altering almost finished garments, which is really irritating, but despite my best efforts on fit, different fabrics behave differently (of course!). And if I have made something before, and it fits, I am off-guard – in that my sense of security means I just sew away, assuming that all will be well. I have learnt this lesson more than once but offer it to you now. TNT does not mean automatic pilot.

Discharge paste silk top
Green skirt and discharge painted camisole

In terms of the SWAP I now have to make a white overblouse, and a hand painted silk dress. I have the rest of the month to achieve this and feel fairly confident.


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  1. Lyn

    Looks fab. I like the look of the blog with the new logo! My blouse is almost finished, just the button holes to do. I’ll be wearing it later I hope.

  2. Liz Cooney

    It is so interesting that you mention how making a pattern more than once doesn’t always mean that the fit will be uniform! I just finished making Vogue 9057, view B, 4 times. It’s a GREAT pattern….an asymmetrical knit tunic. I made a couple of changes: narrowed the sleeve and omitted the side slit. I find the neckline to be perfect….not too low, and not too high. – I put them all on hangers, and you can actually see how they hang differently…one in particular is now longer as the weight of the fabric has pulled it lower. Also, the sleeve is longer on that one…again it has pulled. – This was an important lesson! Always try a garmet on before doing the finishings! ~

  3. Stephanie

    Looks gorgeous and Happy Birthday! I love the green (with the daffodils and pineapple – perfect composition!) I am also a spring baby, but my birthday is a ways off. K, I’m glad you wrote this, as I was feeling rather sad about my sewing after I finished my recent dress and toiled something else. I am going to post something about the mishap that occurred.

  4. mrsmole

    Love the greens and yellows and sunny attitude despite having to rip out a zipper and replace it…but 10 green zippers are no bad thing! Hope your birthday was a great one, mine is tomorrow.

  5. Lesley Scott

    I love this on you Kate. The square design on the silk compliments you, drawing our attention to your lovely square shoulders . I too am guilty of auto piloting a TNT – this sewing lark doesn’t really get any easier in my view. But your new green dress is well worth the effort I reckon.
    Happy Birthday!!!

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