Orange is not only fruit!

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Arabic woman in black dress with orange headscarf and bag
At the bus stop in orange and black

I met this stunning young woman at the bus stop. I like to see how Arabic women interpret their strict dress code and still make an outfit their own. This lady wears three shades of orange with a traditional black dress – her headscarf, her bag and her super orange shoes. Doesn’t she look lovely?

The only thing I have made in orange is two cushion covers in some Roland Mouret tangerine wool. Very beautiful but hardly accomplished. Unfortunately orange is the one colour I really can’t wear. It is has conotations of youth, dynamism, energy and fun. It is not surprising that when we designed our logo at work we went for orange. Or is it? Why not serious, trustworthy navy blue? Or inoffensive green? Orange can be associated with immaturity and frivolity – but that was a risk we were prepared to take.

Orange Lotus leaf design logo of Notitng Hill Housing
Notting Hill Housing Logo

And here is Danielle wearing a lovely shade of orange, which really suits her cool-deep colouring.

Danielle Lennon, Aylesbury team, in our corporate colour
Danielle Lennon, Aylesbury team, in our corporate colour

Here are the types of orange that will work best with your complexion. Orange is basically red plus yellow – one of the secondary colours made up of two primaries. It is the only secondary that has no blue in it, and for that reason it is not a first choice colour for cooler complexions, unless they are fairly deep.  You can add blue to orange but then it becomes brown (brown is made by mixing the primary with its opposite complementary colour). For everyone else there is a great orange out there for you.

Deep and Light orange palette
Deep or Light Orange?
Cool and Warm orange palette
Cool or Warm Orange?
Bright and Muted orange colour palette
Bright or Muted Orange?


  1. Arlene Conn

    Orange is my favorite color–it is such a happy color. I love that your Notting Hill logo is orange and noted that as interesting when I first visited in 2008. I think it says dynamism and creativity lie here! I think when it’s worn in clothing it says I am not afraid to be bold, I am not afraid of life! I LOVE orange and always will.

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