Men’s Style – who will win the next election?

Politically this is an almost impossible question to answer. The polls are jumping about, the dynamics between the main parties and the smaller ones are changing all the time, and the electorate is fickle. But what I can tell you is that Ed Milliband is a good dresser. In fact all three of these leading Labour shadow cabinet looks very pleasing. Ed Balls, who has cool light colouring looks very nice in his mid-navy suit, a light blue shirt and a purple tie. Rachel Reeves has chosen a flattering outfit that shows off her figure but also looks serious and competent. Did she and Ed co-ordinate on purpose. You bet they did! And I can’t fault Ed’s choice either. A very deep blue, almost black, suit, which is fairly close fitting, a navy tie and a bright white shirt. His deep colouring – dark brown eyes and nearly black hair – means that this outfit is ideal. The cuffs are evident and the whole impression here is of authority, clarity and polish.

Ed Balls, Milliband and Rachel Reeves walking togetjher
Ed Balls, Milliband and Rachel Reeves

Let’s have a look at who he is up against. Here we have David Cameron with a couple of world leaders – always a good accessory for Prime Ministers.The Norwegian looks nice with his grey hair and pink tie. Mrs Merkel I have written about before. But looking at David what do you immediately notice? His suit, shirt and tie are obeying the same rules as Milliband. Dark, well-fitting suit, white shirt with a good classic collar and a dark plain tie. Cameron’s colouring is not as deep as Milliband – his hair is fairly dark brown and he has quite bright blue eyes. A brighter, lighter tie – ideally bright blue, would be more flattering, and the suit could be one shade lighter too. But Cameron doesn’t want to look lovely. He is aiming for maximum Prime Ministerial authority, and that is what we have with this outfit.

Cameron with German and Norwegian PMs
Cameron with German and Norwegian PMs

OK, one more. One more dark blue suit, one more classic white shirt, deep purple tie. But Nick Clegg has warm red hair and light blue-green eyes. I think he actually looks much better in a lighter grey suit, often worn with his politically correct yellow tie, but again he is communicating his seriousness, strength and seniority with this outfit. And his wife looks beautiful too.

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister with his wife
Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister with his wife

And finally…Farrage is not a serious politician to my mind, and his clothes are often deliberately old school (striped ties, Barbour jackets, mustard tweed) but I thought he looked quite reasonable in this outfit. The nice blue suit, worn with a light pink tie actually makes him looks heaps better than his normal look. He looks clean and healthy despite his 40 fags a day habit.

Nigel Farrage with Sikh representatives
Nigel Farrage with Sikh representatives

Based on their clothes, whoever you vote for, the man in the dark blue suit will win the election.


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  1. Dustin

    I agree with stephinottowa. I think the cut of the Norwegian PM’s suit looks the most contemporary, and he has the frame to complement it.

  2. Dawn

    I once saw Ed Miliband on a train, much more imposing than the media make him appear, but he rarely seems to get his shoes right; they often look a bit big for him with this trousers the wrong length, flopping untidily around his ankles! But I fear Kate is right, it will be a man in a suit who wins next time round.

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