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I have spent all weekend watching the royal wedding, followed by the football! Weren’t the dresses/hats/goals impressive?


Actually I have been sitting in the sun with my daughter Charlotte. Wearing linen dresses. Mine by YSL. Charlotte’s by me (with help from Winnie). Books on Chanel and Schiaparelli.

Making life more beautiful
Sunloungers on the roof at Rainshore



We were taking photographs for the book, and Char has been hard at work on the final layout. She is amazing and has been, as my Australian PA Sarah used to say, “head down, bum up”. As she flicks between Indesign and Photoshop I have been running around taking photos of whatever she needs. “I need shoes”. “What sort?” “Flat”. “OK, coming up”.

I have ironed, folded or put on just about everything in my wardrobe. And then tidied, and put away. And made tea. Gallons of it. And then done corrections, and decided on captions, and discussed the openers and the spreads (yes I thought these were kitchen words, but it is all learning). I think you will be pleased with the outcome. It really is starting to look professional thanks to Charlotte.

Mainly we have been eating amazing food, but that is what happens when you put Nick and guests together. All of the meals have been outside on the balcony, which has been so very enjoyable.

Bircher museli
Bircher muesli for Breakfast

Better get back to the book now as I have a deadline to meet. We go to print on 30 May. On this blog you can pre-order the book, and if you are in the UK I will pay the postage and packing. Sending the book to Australia and US/Canada is really expensive so I am sure that will put most of you off. You are welcome to collect in person! Or get it sent free to a friend in the UK and maybe they can bring it over when they come. Anyway I am sorry about that. I would appreciate pre-orders just to get a sense of how many I should order from the printer. That is one of the topics of the day!

Also party plans are coming along. Just to remind you that you are most welcome to the book launch in London on 14 June. Please do come if you can – I still have plenty of space.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, whatever you are doing. I am sure the wedding and football were lots of fun.

Charlotte and Ruby


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  1. Jenny L

    The wedding was lovely but I can’t speak for the football. Please put my name down for a book. I can send money via PayPal if you would like it in advance. You DO like a tight deadline don’t you? 🙂

  2. Elaine Inglis

    Wedding amazing! Football not so much. I would like a copy of your book. When will we be able to order and pay?

  3. Anne Bennett

    Deffo want a book and you to sign it on party night…and so glad you are working hard on it! BUT I am sad not to have your analysis of the glories on show at Windsor yesterday…there was so much to admire and a few ‘to discuss’. Stay cool lovely lady

  4. vicki

    Watched the wedding and it was great Saturday night viewing with a glass (or two) of wine here in Australia. The dresses and hats were amazing. Good luck with the book.

  5. Elaine Sabin-Simpson

    There were half a dozen fab outfits at the ruddy wedding, ]I took hat inspiration for my daughter’s wedding next year]the dress was classically lovely, but without the veil would have been dull dull dull.
    Your deadlines are hairy missus, blimey! So wish I could come, but in marking season AND midweek, it’s a no-no. Such a shame.

    • fabrickated

      I was disappointed with the dress actually. It was lovely but too plain for the occasion. I haven’t had a good look at guest wear yet. And I am truly in awe of those that teach, and mark, especially when its maths. And the institution is so toxic. Thank goodness you have a wonderful family wedding to look forward to DF.

  6. Joyce Latham

    I’ll place my order today! I must say Kate, your photography has really improved … making your life style look even more beautiful then ever before. Glossy page perfect! I look forward to owning your book, holding it in my hands, and turning the pages. You are such an inspiration of what we can all accomplish, if we just give it our 150%, have faith in ourselves, and just dream big. You have made a book, Wow! I’m so happy for you. Well done!
    Joyce from Sudbury ontario.

  7. Dagmar

    Just chiming in to say that the pre-order link is not working for me either – curious as, like Joyce, I am also from Canada.

    Regarding the wedding dress, I have to think that she was trying to differentiate herself from Kate’s beautiful gown. Trying to create something that meets the requirements of formality and modesty with any degree of handwork would have looked like copying and would probably never have reached the standard of Kate’s lovely gown. By going in a different direction she stood out. Over here, the media reports are calling it a success and saying that she embodied American style – pared down, modern chic that focused us on her beauty and not the dress. It has also been commented that it fits in with her overall fashion aesthetic.

    • fabrickated

      I think I agree with that analysis of the dress. I loved the very slim, simple wedding dress worn by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy on her wedding day. It was just when Meghan stepped out I felt a bit of a sense of let down.
      Thank you for trying to buy the book. I don’t know what has happened. It seems to working fine for British pounds and maybe struggles with other currencies. I will ask my step son to take a look.

  8. Kerry

    We are all so impressed by your industry! And I love that it is a family affair. Good luck with the deadline!

  9. Annieloveslinen

    Hi Kate, I will order too. Re the dress, I think the emphasis was the back, the train and veil were breathtaking, literally, when I saw that shot of her on the steps I gasped, I thought it was magnificent.

  10. Michelle

    Fingers crossed for the deadline, sounds like you have a great production team working with you. I’m still in awe of how much you manage to fit in your days.
    Could I order 2 copies of your book please, as I know my daughter would love a copy too. Hopefully I can collect them at the launch (trains permitting).
    I thought Meghan’s dress was beautiful in its simplicity.

    PS I’m on my third EZyoke sweater – it’s a bit addictive!

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