SWAP #11 – Silk Evening Skirt

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For Sewing with a Plan this year I only have two items left to make – the light grey skirt and jacket. As I am putting off the jacket as the most time-consuming item, I had to tackle the skirt. I want to make a dressy evening skirt.

Normally I would go for colour with an evening skirt rather than a neutral, but I like to think this grey is shimmery and reminiscent of silver or mercury and therefore with a very luxurious appearance. This was a good project for using up my  exceptionally beautiful, heavy weight ribbed but soft, slightly bluish, light grey silk.

On Camilla I put my two grey silk pieces. The lighter weight piece became the painted silk blouse; but I couldn’t decide what to do about the skirt. I pondered on the length, the style, the purpose. I considered draping it, or using a pattern. I have been procrastinating for weeks.

Draped grey silk Evening skirt
Fabric for evening skirt draped on Camilla

In the end I decided on a “no waste” approach, which is what I had used with Bella just before Christmas.

This simple approach to creating a unique skirt that fits well takes a length of fabric, makes it into a tube with a zip, folds or gathers it into a waist band and “voila” as they say in France. Or “simples!” as they say on the advert.

Although I am making this skirt for SWAP I have in mind to wear it to a wedding. Oh for summer and wedding invitations! What could be nicer? This August my friend Amo is getting married to Symon in Poland, and Nick and I are going over to celebrate with them. I am really excited about it – meeting their relatives and friends from Cameroon and from Poland. I wonder what the food will be like? I like Polish food but the rest will be an adventure.

Amo is a very dramatic dresser and she will look amazing. I was wondering about wearing my new silk skirt, but if it is too subdued I do have lots of party dresses I have made over the years which get very little wear. Here is Amo wearing a dress she made herself.

Amo in the sewing room

To make my skirt I used a double width to get a very full and luxurious look. I also decided on a fairly long skirt that will be more suitable for evening wear. Also I like below the knee for summer as it means I don’t have to wear tights. For winter, with opaques, I feel very comfortable in short skirts or short. But I don’t like bare knees!

While the skirt is symmetrical I played around with the types and styles of pleats to get fullness in more flattering places. I then created a very deep waist band (7cms), again to add drama to a very simple and plain skirt.

Pleated silk skirt with deep waist band
Deep waist band


I used six or seven tiny hooks and eyes to secure the waist band, which I basted and attached with stitch in the ditch.


And here is the skirt with my painted top. It feels very yummy and swishy.

Painted silk blouse and pleated skirt
Pleated silk skirt and sleeveless blouse



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  1. Lesley El-Banawy

    I love your top and indeed the skirt looks lovely as do you. However I have to mention that the footwear you are wearing in the photograph almost ruins the look.
    I just don’t understand why with such a beautiful outfit you choose that footwear.

    • Fabrickated

      Ha ha ha! Lesley I choose these as in the country I only have wellies, walking boots or trainers! I had to walk through mud to get to the background I wanted. If you look carefully you may be able to see mud splash. For the wedding I should be able to find something more elegant! Thank you for your kind remarks about the outfit.

  2. Joyce

    You look stunning and sophisticated ! I really like the pleats.
    Another great background. The camera was lower this time, how do you like the effect? It would be fun to see you and the young girl in the same frame, ( like the skirts on the sofa) .
    Congrats to your friend! I really like her dress too. You must tell us all about it when you get back…and photograph of the bride and groom please!
    Seems it’s a little muddy where you are, however Snow in April is not much fun 🙁 Our mostly white dog comes in, does a shake…..and I have a ton of sand from the roads to clean up. Oh well, May will soon be here. Have fun in your lovely grey silk, it’s beautiful!
    Joyce from Sudbury

  3. Elle

    You’ve done this luxurious fabric proud! Such a beautiful combo–the length, wide band and soft pleats in the skirt–and the soft, lovely patterns in the top. This simple, elegant combo really demonstrates your skills.

  4. felicia

    Your skirt is lovely, and it looks great with the painted top. I’m wondering if you had to shape the waistband, given how deep it is, and how tiny your waist is.

    • fabrickated

      No I didn’t shape this one, although I like a curved waist band on a tailored skirt. With this I just used a very soft interfacing – it seems to have come out OK!

  5. sewchet

    Oh, this is very nice, perfect choice for a wedding. Seems I’ve got some catching up to do as your blog had dropped out of my feed weeks ago, apparently!

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