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Our house is a year old now, and there are one or two small snags still to be sorted! But we are very nearly there.

Nick has done virtually all the interior woodwork now, creating the most impressive cupboards in every room, and some of the hall ways too. When I think about the work he has done, from the careful design to the choice of colour, glass and knobs, to the back breaking work of construction, to getting the cupboards into the house and fitting them against walls that are not exactly straight,  I am in awe of his skills.

The original concept for the sewing room was this. I made a little scale diagram, and many of you made great suggestions on how I could improve it.

Rainshore sewing room plan
Scale drawing of my sewing room

In reality It’s a bit different. I have two easy chairs rather than the sofa, and the ironing board is somewhere else. And the bin has not yet been constructed (but it is promised). The thing that has worked brilliantly is the pull down bed which has been used by Ben and Mel (and Maia came too!), Gus, and Sara and Henrick from Denmark. It only takes a minute to put the sewing machines away in the cupboard and it is a great room for guests. The small bathroom next door – with a shower, basin and WC – is very convenient for guests, but if I get up very early and don’t want to disturb Nick I can shower here too.

From the window to my left (as I type this) I can see Nick’s shed, the car and the comings and goings of the estate. I took this when it snowed in December.

Mans shed in the snow
Snow Shed

If the door is open to my right I can see through to the lake. In the winter I have the doors shut to keep the heat in, and it is always a pleasant surprise to see the lake when I make a cup of tea (assuming the chai walla is otherwise engaged). If I am lucky I see it at sunrise or sunset. But whatever the weather, season or time of day the pure joy of looking at the lake is magical.

Carpenter with tea
The carpenter and his tea

So let’s have a look at the sewing room now it is completed and in daily use. This picture is taken from the left hand easy chair. You can see the typing desk, with a handmade inspiration board above the desk. The supplies cupboard next to it has boxes with paints and dyes in them on top. The three sewing machines are out on the table associated with the drop down bed. There is a light and a large roll of pattern paper.

Sewing room design
Rainshore sewing room

The second photograph is taken from the writing desk. You can see the second inspiration board, above the ironing board. The wool cupboard is where the sewing machines are stored, and also my books, leather and ongoing projects. Camilla is draped in some Japanese cloth and a painting of me from my early 20s (by Paul Smith) brings some cheerful colour into the room. The ballet barre is to the right. I use this, and the floor, to exercise when I don’t fancy going to the gym. But mainly I use the barre to store my projects in a variety of bags. Nick and I sit in the easy chairs to talk or sometimes I knit or listen to the podcasts (normally both at once).

designing a sewing space
Sewing room details

I imagine the room will evolve over time, but for now it is a wonderful place to work. I feel a sense of complete peace when I am in it.



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  1. Mem

    I am envious. I have a sewing room too which needs some rejigging but what I love about yours us the space . It’s just so open . Mine gets into a mess very easily and tends to have become the dumping ground for all the family bills etc .
    I would live to see more if your portrait . What us the story behind that being painted ?

    • Fabrickated

      The portrait was done by a young friend when I was in my 20s. He started with a pencil sketch, followed up with using thick colourful crayons, then created the final version. I had all three but have lost the other two over the years. Paul was a student in Manchester. I have searched for him since, via the internet, but I don’t think he is still a professional artist. Nick doesn’t really like the portrait but he thought the room needed colour, which I am inclined to agree.

  2. The Demented Fairy

    That is so beautiful! My entire sewing room could fit into that about three times *sigh*
    Your cupboards are gorgeous, and you are VERY tidy. If I had all that space I know I would just expand to fill it, and there would be things hanging all over the place, and my ususal carrier bags full of current scraps and offcuts all over the floor! Some people are made for zen lol

    • Fabrickated

      Thanks DF! You know just having the space for the bed, and a bit of yoga, creates that sense of calm. Plus the light streaming in through big windows. It motivates me to be tidy, because I am not naturally very organised.

  3. Marianne

    It’s been wonderful to follow the journey and see the scale drawing come to life! Your inhouse carpenter did a splendid job. Wishing you many peaceful hours in this lovely space.

  4. Nicola Dibb

    Looks amazing Kate – great to have a sanctuary in this mad busy world….I want one – even though I don’t sew! I’m an avid reader and would love my own private library to sit in and overlook a calming view … maybe one day! X

  5. Bunny

    It is lovely, Kate. You have given me great inspiration as I plan my future space. Lacking an “in-house” carpenter (lucky you) it will utilize what I can find retail. I love the idea of the inspo boards above your work areas. I also love the glass door fronts. I have to see my goodies to be inspired. So many wonderful ideas here and the two of you really pulled it off. I hope by next year mine will be just as lovely and functional. Wonderful!

    What are your floors? They are gorgeous.

    • Fabrickated

      Thank you Bunny. The glass fronts are really nice, especially with the oak shelves. You must be so excited now as you get about your renovations. Then floor is is an engineered ply wood 19mm floor with a 5mm oak top. I hope this helps!

  6. Kim

    It’s beautiful Kate, and I know you will use it well. I would be tempted to put bars across the doors to ensure solitude. Enjoy your space ?.

  7. Carolyn

    I want to use an adjective to describe how amazing and beautiful your room is but I’m struck by how calming it must be to go in and sit and sew or sit and knit. We should all have such traquil rooms in our homes! Enjoy your sewing room and thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Ruth

    You do know how lucky and blessed you are?
    I know you will make the very best of this wonderful and special room (and then share the results with us all).

  9. ceci

    What a serene and inspiring space! My husband is also a woodworker and I frequently think how much more forgiving fabric is than wood!


  10. Splithoof

    Nobody noticed a head in your cabinent staring at your husband? Nobody?

    Did you want to get ahead of the competition in best sewing spaces?

    I guess you take your coffee decapinated.

    Let’s face it, you have the best sewing room.


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