Happy Christmas Everyone!

Speaking of Christmas Jumpers, can I thank the Demented Fairy for sending me this ace knitting pattern?

And here are some knitting jokes

  • The jumper I got for Xmas kept picking up static electricity so I took it back to the shop & exchanged it for another one. Free of charge.
  • I ordered a jumper from Australia and they sent me a kangaroo.
  • I’m not very good at knitting yet. I was knitting whilst driving on Sunday when a policeman pulled up alongside me and yelled, “Pull over”. I was rather embarrassed. It was the first of a pair of socks.
  •  I went to a Jumble sale and was going to buy a jumper, but I changed my mind. I didn’t want someone else’s cast-off.
  • My grandma is knitting me a willy warmer. It won’t be long.

Actually I am knitting a Christmas jumper. It is Rocquaine by Christina Danaee. I have wanted to do a gansey for a while, and although this is a modern version I think I should be able to do it, by New Years Eve. We are on our way later to my Mother’s for Christmas. Also I really wanted to do a yellow jersey – although it looks like orange in the photo it is a similar shade to the pattern.

I promised, via Instagram, a post on Nick’s bread making. We took some photos today and a full explanation is coming very soon.

Sour dough bread
Nick’s beautiful bread


Finally, before I sign off, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows, reads and comments on the blog. It means a great deal to me. I know I have been rambling on different topics this year! I hope you have a nice break, an enjoyable time with your family and friends, and a chance to relax and recharge. Happy Christmas everyone.

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  1. Elle

    Love the VIZ jumper directions! Merry Christmas Kate. Thank you for your wonderfully entertaining and useful posts. Your warm ways make you seem like a far-off friend.

  2. Marianne

    The next person asking me to knit them a jumper will get the Viz pattern! Happy Christmas to you and your family. I’ve enjoyed all types of rambling, thank you for all your interesting posts.

  3. Janeyb

    Happy Christmas to you and yours Kate. You’ve had an incredibly busy year and I’ve enjoyed reading all about it! Your book project is particularly exciting – can’t wait to see that.

  4. Annieloveslinen

    Loving the look of that new Gansey that’s a great colour. Niick’s bread looks amazing there’s nothing finer than buttered bread and a cup of tea, a feast for a king.

    Have a lovely Christmas Kate, warm regards to you and yours.

    • fabrickated

      Yes! I have to agree about bread, butter and tea. It is always very welcome, especially after the indulgences of Christmas. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm Annie – I always enjoy your insights and feedback. You are a very interesting person.

  5. Anne Frances

    Happy Christmas. I am sure the jumper will be amazing. Good luck with the drive north – at least you should have plenty of in-car knitting time. And a happy and successful New year. I hope the merger flourishes. Anne

  6. AnnieB

    Happy Christmas dear Kate..have a lovely trip up North…I think we literally live in parallel some times just different motorways ?

  7. ceci

    I bet things smell great when the bread is baking…..maybe I will start some to be baking when the kids arrive later in the week!

    Merry Christmas, happy trails, and thank you for all the fun and inspiration throughout the year.


  8. Karen

    Thank you for the wonderful posts this past year. I always pause and read your blog each time it appears in my inbox. Always fascinating and inspiring. I wish you a happy holiday time with your family and friends. Looking forward to reading about your creative endeavors in 2018. Karen

  9. Nina

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and support, both via your blog and in person as a knitting mentor this year. It is greatly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to your book – which will be fascinating, I’m sure. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • fabrickated

      Hi Nina – I was going to get in touch to see how you are getting on with your bamboo jumper. Happy to meet up again if you have stalled. Even if you haven’t! With love and best wishes, Kate

  10. Summerflies

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for a wonderfully thought provoking and interesting read all year. Oh and thanks for the jokes… even a non knitter like me got them!

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