Post-SWAP: Making new plans

No sooner had she crashed out of SWAP than she was already making new plans. Like the jilted lover she deal with her grief by shouting “NEXT!”

I mentioned on Saturday that I hope to create a few items for Gus this year. A bomber jacket, a pair of shorts and some trousers, and a proper pair of jeans. I have loads of time now!

I also have some plans for myself.


  • Heavenly jumper in petrol blue cashmere. I have started this and aim to have it finished by Monday 13 March so I can take it to France. Progress so far:

    The colour of the sample is much truer than my photo shows – it is  a proper petrol blue. It is a top down jersey with a yoke, similar to the Lorelle. I will show it to you next week, assuming I finish in time. It takes 8 balls of wool so I am planning to knit one a day. That should be do-able.

  • The Fara Raglan colourwork jumper

    I got a bit stuck with this as I was behind on the jacket for Gus. But once I finish the Heavenly I will get back to it. You can see that my colour bands are a bit tight, although improving. Dear knitting-readers have advised steaming once knitted so I will try that.

  • A second Ankestrick jumper also in cashmere – this time brown and green. I ordered the yarn from Love Knitting (they had a good 25% discount). They have to bring them in from America so I will have to wait a little while. Hey no problem…!
  • use the remaining green cashmere yarn from Gus’s jumper to make something for myself.


  • I have caught the red bug from Stephanie. I think I need a red coat. I found some beautiful red fabric from Paul Smith (wool and mohair) in Simply Fabrics. I have to be careful with my reds. While I need a true red, or one with a little blue in I don’t look good in the most strident shades. I chose this red as it seems to have just a little bit of softness to the colour (slightly pinky). I plan to make the Burda coat 08/1012. I have made this for my daughter Esme (in brown) and she has worn it to destruction. It is a nice coat with an asymmetric fastening. It’s (to my mind) much prettier than the Paul Smith pea coat which doesn’t look very classy with it’s too obvious buttons and bulky shaping.
  • I want to make some cord trousers from the left overs from Gus’s pants. If I wear them with the green jumper we will look like twins. Ha ha. I don’t have a beard (well just the odd, stray hair!)
  • I would like a comfortable dress. This Burda dress is very pretty with its pleated asymmetry. Maybe made from the blue/brown fabric I showed you recently or something a bit lighter. Spring is coming.
  • I want to make a trouser suit, as trailed earlier. I bought the McQueen pattern. And some blue-grey mohair, again ex-Paul Smith. This is a major project, even more exacting than the jacket I made for Gus. I would ideally like to make this in a tailoring class where I can get some help with the fitting and construction (although this jacket uses that same stretch jersey interfacing!).

    Does it all work together? Yes, sort of. There is a blue/brown/red/green theme. Luckily because all my colours work well together (cool palette) I am not too worried. But the plan goes from super casual (the pull up pants) to the formal McQueen designer trouser suit. It’s definitely not a SWAP, but – with no particular time frame – that’s my plan and I hope to stick to it.

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  1. Hila

    I am also knitting the Ankestrick jumper in red and white. Plus I have a red trench coat cut out waiting for……time. I need more time. Love the pleated dress as well – I traced it out months ago but yet to get round to it. Where did you buy the Vogue 2467?

  2. Annieloveslinen

    Back on the horse! You made the right decision you’re buzzing now. I, on the other hand, dither about the Purl Soho pattern because by chance I discovered an errata to the instructions and now wonder if I’d even recognise an error or get into a mess. Maybe I should take a leaf from your book and just jump in.

  3. Bunny

    That red coat brings back many memories. I owned an authentic Mackintosh Pea Coat in red for years, many years. It withstood the New England winters beautifully. I wore it until the sleeve hems wore thin, found similar wool and bound those edges and wore it for some more years. This is such a classic look, even in the red, that I know you will wear yours to destruction just like Esme. Promise.

  4. Alli

    I’m SO impressed that you can knit an entire skein of yarn a day! I shouldn’t be surprised, though, considering how quickly you’ve been finishing your impressive knit makes.

    I think it would be fantastic if you could be cord twins with Gus! I hooooope my kids let me do that with them when they’re all grown up. :D:D:D

  5. Sue

    Your new plans look really good! I am currently knitting the Ankestrick Holsten and loving it, but RSI has struck so resting my arms. I adore the look of the red coat and the tailored jacket, and am going to follow this new plan with interest.

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