Rainshore – moving in

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I know a few people have been following the building project are keen for an update. I am being a little coy. Mainly because it is not really sorted out yet. The best thing by far about this house is looking out of the window. I have several dozen pictures like this – I can’t yet resist taking pictures of the amazing weather over the lake.

There are some defects and problems with the building that has taken quite a few weeks to sort out, and they are not all completed yet. But we trust and have a good relationship with the builder and we expect it will all come good in the end. Unfortunately some of the fittings eg shower screens, taps etc were not as specified so the correct items are on order and will be replaced in due course.

Secondly we ordered the house without wardrobes and cupboards, giving Nick the opportunity to make most of these items himself. He has reasonable carpentry skills but wanted to learn more and create really nice built-in furniture in the Shaker style. He has just started doing this, so at the moment we have very little storage. We live out of suitcases. But this is deliberate and will come good as he tackles each room in turn. My sewing room, for example, has a table and an ironing board. I have been making the odd thing but I can’t really get started yet. I will be making some of the soft furnishings to go with the new furniture – seat covers, curtains inside cupboards, cushions. I may print or buy the fabric. No clear plans yet. We have managed to get our two paintings up but maybe there will be more on the walls, over time.

And thirdly we are slowly bringing things from our existing home and trying them. Do they fit? Do they look nice? Or not? So that is a bit provisional too.

Finally I need to explain that we are living on a building site. The company that run the estate don’t build until they have sold a plot. So while we are in situ next door is a recently sold plot, and in our “road” there will be around seven or eight homes. Two are actively being built at the moment and we have met some of our “neighbours-to-be”. But when we go to sleep at night we are very alone – just watching the foxes and rabbits running around, ignoring us completely.

The outside of the house

So when people say “is your new home finished?” I usually say “yes! We have moved in. But there is still a lot to do!”. To date we have only had the family to stay, and they love it. We plan to cook a meal for friends (the builders actually!) very soon. And I think by March we will probably have friends to stay.

In the meantime I will share a few photographs.

The living room is large and we can seat eight at the slate kitchen table. There is underfloor heating and a air-sourced heat pump, and it is well insulated. However the wood burner is amazing and beautiful. We lit it frequently at first as the heating didn’t work. But now the house is very cozy. The sofas are genuinely comfortable as this was very important to me. I love the greys and blues with the wood. It looks calm and harmonious without any kind of obvious “interior design” feel – our homes will never look like a magazine feature.

A little snack after a long drive

I think the house is so beautiful and we are already loving being there. The surrounding countryside is exceptional – we have joined the Cirencester Ramblers so are finding out a lot about the local area through investigating on foot. There is a gym and pool, tennis courts and open space in the vicinity so plenty to do. The air is fresh and even though it is winter so long as one dresses appropriately it is delicious to get out into the fresh air for a change. Our London home is well located but the air quality is poor. Being able to breathe is a real advantage!

(I will give a SWAP update next Saturday. I haven’t done much this week! My dear son is proving a little elusive and I need to do a bit of fitting.)

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  1. Annie

    Stunning Kate and well earned. It seems like it was only yesterday that I read of your plans, from where I sit it’s been a quick build. The space and the surroundings are spiritually uplifting and just what you need after the hurly whirl of city living. The hard part will be leaving it to go back.

  2. Nicola Dibb

    Wow looks amazing! Sure you’ll have many happy years there – lots of room for the family! My parents are moving from the Cotswolds next week after 26 years – for sensible reasons to be near to my sister & I as they get older – but we will all miss the beautiful countryside – lots & lots!! Catch up soon

  3. Kerry

    Enough said, your building project/new house, while finished is not yet a home and that will come as you sort things out. A new build takes ages to settle into and those irksome final projects can seem to take ages. Our house was stripped back to bare bones and extended significantly but it took us about ten years to get things ‘right’. Some aspects of our house, such as external paving and painting (!) took me years to finalise because I lacked the vision. Your lovely Rainshore (and its stunning views!) will provide many wonderful years ahead for you and your family. Enjoy it as it evolves. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Mary Funt

    The scene from your window looks so peaceful and beautiful. It’s easy to see that you will enjoy your time there with family and friends. You and Nick will slowly add furnishings and make it a comfortable home. Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us.

  5. ceci

    Lovely, serene and spacious! Thank you for the pictures. My husband has over the years made wonderful wooden cabinets and fittings for our house and I love each one….he is starting to look critically at his first efforts before he became quite so skilled, but I can’t see the defects he does. Rather like being critical of one’s own sewing perhaps.


    • fabrickated

      Thank you for sharing your interesting feedback about Nick’s new cabinet making adventure. I am sure it will be exactly the same as dressmaking – that when you look back you can be a little dissatisfied but actually most viewers will be amazed at one’s achievements.

  6. Elaine

    Really fab house – and so peaceful. Amazing photos of the changing skies and water. Wishing you many happy times there with your beloved family.

  7. Karen Kayes

    Congratulations on your journey to finishing the house. They’re never quite “done” are they – but yours must be starting to feel like home already. I love the use of natural materials and the great big dining table. This Summer will be wonderful there – enjoy!

  8. Brenda

    The exterior is particularly striking with different building materials! It’s clear you are developing huggey on the inside. I’m so glad you are happy!

  9. Carolyn

    I love that you’re making the home yours with the handiwork that you both like. But honestly as lovely as your kitchen is, I wanna see the sewing room. So I will patiently wait for you to get it assembled to share with us!

    • fabrickated

      Sweet Carolyn – thanks so much! I too can’t wait to see the sewing room, but at the moment – with no serious sewing or internet connection – I can knit and read to my heart’s content.

  10. Christine

    Looks so lovely. I know exactly what you mean re the photographs. I have two rivers to photograph and am endlessly fascinated by the play of light on the water. The house is coming together beautifully.

    • fabrickated

      It’s funny, isn’t it? I didn’t really anticipate how much I would enjoy the changes in weather and climate – the subtle colour changes and the beauty of the water and the sun light, even when it is misty, raining and cold. Being so snug indoors, with huge windows, is a really life enhancing experience.

  11. Elaine

    All the best! What a great home, honest and straight forward but also beautiful and it represents you and your family. It is just wonderful. Those views are very special and will inspire all who visit. Thanks for sharing with us Kate, we love it.

  12. Dagmar

    What a lovely home! I really think that views whether they are of a lovely lake or park or always changing cityscape are key to how we feel about a home. In your case the you are graced with transcedent images of atmospheric change. How lucky.
    Having just built a new home myself, I know just how exciting and yet frustrating the two steps forward and one step backwards dance that finalizing a fresh build can be. Take heart, as each day will bring you closer to an environment that really defines who you are at this point in your life.

  13. karen

    Looks like the family gathering place! Don’t forget to tell your family that you are not the maid. Insist that you get help, otherwise the family holidays will become a burden. You are not getting younger and you are entitled to enjoy the weekends, visits too. Sometimes between preparation for, and cleanup after, family visits take a long time to recover.

  14. Gill

    Congratulations Kate and all best wishes for life in your new home – moving somewhere new and beautiful makes you feel like you’re on holiday (or at least it does for me!)
    Hope you will be very happy there, Gill x

    • fabrickated

      Thank you Gill. I hope you are doing well in your new environment too. One hesitates to say one is tired of London – I still love everything it has to offer. But the country life is equally wonderful, don’t you think?

  15. Sue

    The house is looking splendid! You are going to love having all that space and the beautiful aspect, and it will be fabulous for your grandchildren. I hope you are going to keep us updated as the new furniture appears… BTW, that slate top is awesome!

  16. Jenny (the lilac cat)

    Such a beautiful retreat for you both. It’s been fun to vicariously live through the build from plot to stunning house. I know it’s a wip but aren’t all homes really. But for me as beautiful as the house is it’s the setting that makes it so special.

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