Colour Analysis for Men – Designing Gus’s wardrobe

I have written several posts about Colour Analysis. Search the tag Colour Analysis if you want to know more (or hire me to do your colours!).

I think colour is really important – alongside getting the styles right for your body. 

I managed to get Gus to come down for a “quick” colour analysis last weekend. My conclusion is that Gus’s primary colour direction is Cool – he suits colours that have a bluish undertone. That said some of the warmer and muted browns did look very nice on him. This is probably because his secondary direction was muted, and the muted shades were almost as good on him as the cools. He generally doesn’t look his best in black, the very bright reds, yellows and blues. I also looked at deeper and lighter colours on him. My findings were inconclusive. In some colours the lighter shades were better, and in others the darker. I would say Gus can choose the darker or lighter colours as he pleases – so long as the colour is right, the depth of colour is less important.

In summary this means we are looking for colours with a cool undertone and a soft, dusky quality. Gus was happy with this instruction.

His best neutrals are medium grey and soft navy, confirming the colours Gus tends to choose for his working wardrobe.

The consultation (as well as being done fast), was interesting in that Gus looked really nice in some of the deeper, muted reds. Another excellent choice was lemon, and actually the beige. And Gus has suggested he might like to wear more green. So plenty to go on there, especially for his casual wardrobe.

We had an initial discussion on the kind of garments that Gus would like in his wardrobe.

  1. Shirt
  2. Long sleeved T shirt
  3. High waisted jeans
  4. Corduroys
  5. Smart shorts
  6. Casual trousers
  7. Tailored jacket
  8. Bomber jacket
  9. Alpaca “Lore” jumper
  10. Polo neck jumper
  11. Coat

Clearly we didn’t have time to fill in the details. Gus had to rush off.  Apart from the male version of the light grey Lorelle sweater (my translation) we don’t have any ideas yet on the exact style, pattern or colour schemes. The shirt may be a short sleeved linen shirt. The T shirt may be a sweat shirt. For me the Bomber jacket is a chance to do something really creative (eg hand painted silk).

I was keen on having some grey-brown taupe in this wardrobe – perhaps for the corduroys and the casual coat. This would give us the chance to have some deep muted reds too as these reds looks great with browns. But this rather subtle colour scheme is talking to me- it is a summery palette but it is a harmonious cool-muted palette that I feel would suit Gus.

So, having done the colour analysis I have had another go at the list. The inspiration pictures below are more for the silhouette rather than the exact colours or design.

  1. Shirt – white or beige
  2. Long sleeved T shirt – blue and white stripes
  3. High waisted jeans – dark blue
  4. Casual trousers – soft green
  5. Corduroys – taupe
  6. Smart shorts – soft blue
  7. Tailored jacket – soft blue
  8. Bomber jacket – hand painted silk including beige, soft greens and blues
  9. Alpaca “Lore” jumper – light grey
  10. Polo neck jumper – Airforce (deep grey blue)
  11. Coat in grey – no pictures!

I haven’t got Gus’s reaction yet, but I hope he likes the direction this is going. If not I will have a rethink.

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  1. Stephanie

    I would wear Gus’s imaginary wardrobe so my vote is yes. Great colours and palette. Sort of an aside, but the most beautiful suit I have seen recently on a man (surprisingly it was here and not in Italy) was in a beautiful muted deep green (maybe veering slightly more to olive), with a fine, widely-spaced pin stripe, and worn with a muted off white shirt and a beautiful tie with some warmer tones in it. Absolutely stunning. I’d like to wear more green, too. In Italy I also saw a lot of burgundy and deep green as seasonal colours.

    • fabrickated

      If you would wear Gus’s wardrobe that is praise indeed. Let’s see how I get on. You have already committed to more colour this year so that will be interesting too. Red! Fancy!

  2. Annieloveslinen

    I admire your ability to analyse body shapes and colourings. I understand when you point it out but I don’t share your skill. It’s a very ambitious plan that contains some exacting sewing techniques, it’s not for thef

  3. Joyce Latham

    He’s a lucky lad!
    I’m still appreciating your advice to me on my colours…your son and I are the same I think. Muted cool colours. I’ll be watching this very closely and see what other wonderful pointers I can pick up….it will be fun to see the procedure from beginning to end.
    Your inspiring as always…good luck….and keep those pots coming!

  4. Sue

    I love all the trouble you go to. I just find a piece of fabric, match it to a pattern and away I go. Mind you, one of my sons is really particular and just tells me to make black or grey with no contrast whatsoever – so boring! Looking forward to following your adventures with Gus!

  5. Kim Hood

    I’m afraid I just buy novelty prints I know The Management will tolerate and run with them. Gus is very lucky to be given so much consideration – but you are so thorough I really wouldn’t expect anything else. The plan looks good so far.

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