So farewell Sam Cam!

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Last week we lost our Prime Minister David Cameron. This is not a party political blog, so I will not comment. This is style and stitching blog so I will comment on his wife Samantha, who is both very pretty and a good dresser. She promotes British fashion, generally dresses beautifully and appropriately and a dear friend (Annie B) asked me to write up her wardrobe.

Let’s start with a quick analysis of her figure and colouring. Helpfully there are lots of pictures of Samantha in a bikini. As she has model girl looks (despite having had four children) she is unself conscious in the nearly altogether. Sam has relatively large shoulders (compared to her slim hips), small bosom, hardly any waist, and nicely shaped legs. Her body type is straight (like Princess Diana). She is also slim and athletic, with her legs slightly longer than her torso, and she has good muscle tone from exercising.

Samantha Cameron style analysis
Samantha Cameron in a bikini

In terms of her colouring Sam has bright blue-grey eyes and her hair is naturally dark. She suits cool colours, brighter shades and deep rather than light tones. Photos of her with bleached hair show that you shouldn’t depart too much from your natural colouring. These pictures also show how many women improve with age (now at 45), gaining confidence, working out what suits them and accepting their “imperfections”.

Let’s look at some of the outfits. In general I would say that Sam rarely gets it wrong. She usually wears a high heel – genearlly in a neutral shade and natural tights for a nude leg look,  and shows off her shapely ankles. She wears a combination of high street and designer, always putting her clothes together well. The first two “occasion” dresses use pleating and folds to create more shape around the bust and hips, creating a waist line. The third more casual outfit emphasises Sam’s rather straight figure in a pleasing way. Although Samantha is a Tory wife and very much a posh woman, she still retains a sense of fun, a little twist and a soupson of daring. Especially when compared to her husband who rarely departs from a navy suit and a dark tie.

Samantha really does look great in a dress so long as it is a pencil skirt or softly draped. A crisp A line is less successful (the blue skirt, L). The black and orange skirts are flared from a slim yoke and do look much better. But again the best skirt look is the pencil – I really like the colour of the final outfit – a rose pink blouse with a grey skirt and important white or light grey belt. In fact Mrs Cameron has a really good, professional understanding of colour and mixes colours together really nicely.

Turning to trousers we would expect a slim hipped girl without much of a waist to look fab in trousers and she does. I think this is her best look. With smart heels and narrow cut trousers she always looks fresh, skinny and fashionable. Even with the school bags and Converse – in jeans and a grey jacket she looks relaxed and comfortable.

Finally let’s have a look at the most formal looks Sam is required to turn up in. I absolutely loved the vintage looking grey suit and flying saucer hat. I also liked the blue striped dress with a black hat that she wore for the Queen’s birthday. I like it because it has a sense of fun and daring. The white dress with a green belt is not as nice – mainly because the cap sleeves emphasise her largish shoulders, the waist looks a little thick and again a stiff A line is just not her best look.

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  1. Annie B

    Oh marvellous post, thank you Kate! And bravo Sam. In spite of the Tory/posh bit I like to think she is fun and indifferent to losing this particular role. I have liked her election win dresses and the valedictory dress reminded me of some of your adventures in design. Finally I think hubby (like Obama) gets an easier time in high vis moments …. looking forward to your forthcoming profiles of May Sturgeon et al.

  2. Anna

    Thank you Kate for a totally interesting and useful post & link. It’s taken me ages to understand what really suits my tall, angular frame and having some examples to follow is great. Thank you also for the pallet wrap block pattern, it’s definitely something I will try. I really enjoy your blog. Best wishes Anna

  3. Sue

    What a fabulous post. We are not as familiar with photos of Samantha Cameron here so I wS very interested to see her outfits. You have done an excellent critique, thank you.

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