Rainshore 0.8 – update

Joyce asked for news from the Lake front.

Work is progressing well. The cedar cladding is being created and attached to the walls of the second floor  “sky deck” – flat roof garden. The cedar is cut by the carpenter in a range of sizes which allow them to fill the space perfectly, giving the illusion of each piece being an identical width. It smells lovely and we have asked for the off-cuts (not sure what I will do with them). We went right up to the top and I took the second picture looking down. Everything is so green at the moment – we have had plenty of rain recently (green plastic newt fence still doing its job. The wooden bridge across the Thames will be upgraded eventually.

The roof area is coming together well. You may remember this is one of the features of the house. It is basically a flat roof that spans the whole area of the house and will be accessed via the stair case. Instead of a ground floor garden we will be able to sit out on our own roof in the summer and enjoy views of the lake, eating out, growing plants (in pots), and (when it is really sunny) sunbathing. The opening in the first photograph will be topped with a glass structure, allowing light into the house and also connecting inside to outside. The view of the lake will be almost unimpeded from the sky deck with a glass screen provided for safety reasons. At the moment this has not been installed.

Every couple of years Notting Hill Housing Trust (where I work) organises a public exhibition of our tenant’s art work. It is a fantastic and very professional show as many are skilled and experienced artists. This year we bought two paintings from Vincent Black. They intriguing and beautiful and will have pride of place at Rainshore.The paintings are of Wiltshire, the adjoining county, rather than Gloucestershire (where Rainshore is located). So it seemed appropriate, and they seem very compatible with the place, don’t you think?

You may remember I asked for advice on really, really comfortable sofas. And I did get some suggestions – thank you! We traipsed around quite a few show rooms and sat on various options. I looked at Mumsnet, and googled “comfortable sofa”, and I asked friends and relatives. What did we decide?

We are buying a Sofa called Otto that is the “most comfortable” produced by Sofa.com, a product made in Poland, with very good customer service. We chose a blue-grey tweed, and a blue washed linen called Rockpool for the two footstools (which were provided free of charge as an Ocado user offer). Nick made little scale cutouts of these pieces and they fit into the space.

These images, from the website, don’t show how nicely the two fabrics work together. Here is a close up on the samples. However none of these images is particularly “true” – the cream is less yellow and the blue is lighter and greyer than my monitor implies.

Tweed and Linen

The paintings and the sofas have been rather expensive purchases. However we don’t plan on buying much more furniture. I have my eye on some Ikea “bar stool” chairs. These are currently on offer at £35 each. I was thinking of painting them green.

All the other furniture for the house is going to be either built in by Nick, using his top of the range Festool tools, or taken from our existing home which has too much furniture in a very small space. We have three chairs, a small sofa and a wall cabinet. That bright Scandinavian cushion won’t be coming with us. I will make some new cushions. I got a nice piece of blue floral furnishing fabric that will be sufficient for several cushions both for £3.50 p/m from Sharon on Clitheroe Market. I think it will blend in well with the sofa.

We have been promised the house for early December, which means we should be able to celebrate Christmas there. With a bit of luck Nick will be able to make our bed and at least one set of cupboards once the plastering and floors are in (September). I’ll give you another update soon.


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  1. thedementedfairy

    How exciting! It must be a wonderful feeling to be crafting the perfect home together. Love the colours, and those paintings are beautifully atmospheric. All this, and you’ll be able to swan about in your SixNapoleon dress!

  2. felicia

    I like the paintings a lot. You can use the cedar off-cuts to make a little clothes chest, if they’re big enough. Or just place them among your clothes in your drawers and closets. Theoretically that will keep the moths away from all your fine woolen clothing. This house is going to be an amazing change from your little underground flat, isn’t it? How will you cope?

  3. Annnieloveslinen

    Everything looks lovely, I like the colours you’ve chosen they’re very subtle. Fingers crossed for it finishing on schedule. The landscape is green and lush now but you can look ahead to winter, it will be magical when it snows.

  4. Mary Funt

    Thanks for the preview. How exciting to watch it come together. Your colors look lovely and the sofa does look like it is comfortable. Nick must be a very talented woodworker to tackle this project. What a wonderful house you are creating.

  5. Stephanie

    What a retreat that is going to be! The paintings are terrific, too- atmospheric, to steal someone else’s words.

  6. Sew2pro

    Mm, the smell of cut wood, any wood, makes me crazy, more than coffee or fresh bread. I keep threatening to get a job in B&Q!

    I love the idea of a glass-fronted roof garden (and no lawnmower required).

  7. viliene

    Such a lovely view (and probably birdwatchers paradise). And the colours go well with the calm atmosphere of the place. I keep my fingers crossed that December it is. Our house was more than three months late.

  8. Joyce Latham

    Late to the party as it was a granny nanny day for me….but oh what a nice treat to see this when I got home. Thank-you for sharing Kate!
    It’s my…..wait, no…it’s your dream come true! – and it’s sooo wonderful!
    Even though I would just love to have built a house , it is my wildest dream but ..deep down I dont t think I could truely handle it. There are soooo many decisions to make..surely you have over whelmed times? You sure make it look easy.
    Wow…I love all of your choices. This home is going to have real style— and taste! Plus…sentimental threads running throughout, from the first Rainshore ( family story) to the hand made bed, and lord knows what else. Those paintings are fabulous…full of emotion..excellent choice, in my humble opinion. ( I’d love to know the de envisions, or shall I wait to see them on a wall)
    Remember your post about being “cool”…. Well this is the coolest!

    Im so excited to hear about your plans for the Rainshore Collection ( I do hope I read that right…you are going forward with this concept?). Just how will you approach it?
    Will you choice items, like the paintings, chair and texture from nature.., and make something? .or…will you choose a particular room, designing your future dream outfit for that particular space? Or…will you choose an occasion ..such as Christmas morning at Rainshore?
    Ouuuuiieeee….fun fun fun
    Thanks for the update, I don’t know how you sleep at night, you must be so excited.! (See, I’d never handle this…far too wound up). I’ll cling to your shirt tails if you don’t mind…what a wonderful adventure! Please…don’t wait too long for the next update.
    Joyce in Sudbury.

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