My Me Made May – week four

I will remember this particularly sad May for a long time. Thank you all of you have left a sweet comments about John.

So I wore Me Made everyday in May, as pledged. It wasn’t a difficult challenge as I have plenty of homemade clothes to choose from. I normally mix RTW with home made as I prefer the look. So I can’t see me promising to exclusively dress in “me-made” clothes, although I of course totally admire those who do so, right down to their tights and underwear – Sue and Carolyn – for example. Maybe when I retire I will get into knitting. And lingerie. But for now I can’t be bothered.That navy striped top has appeared three times this month.

We had three days in Romania at the end of the month. You can see me in cycling, walking and sunbathing gear – all of it handmade. And back to work on the 31st.


So, now it’s over, what did I learn?

  • I do like my clothes. On the whole they make me feel good, or better, about myself. That is the point I think
  • Generally I wear what I consider to be a business casual style. Much more dressy than many #MMMay16 participants, but then I am not retired, a young mum, a graphic designer or whatever. But not too casual as I am a senior manager and need to be taken seriously by banks, developers, councils, MPs etc. If I do a road show (money raising) trip to the city I would probably wear one of my darker suits with a blouse. And sometimes I wear jeans and Converse for work – on 31st as I had a site visit, following a meeting with some branding agencies. I usually consider my diary commitments when selecting outfits.
  • Someone mentioned I don’t do jersey. Well I do! Not so much as others who have maybe a more relaxed lifestyle, but that pink dress (23) is jersey, and on day 1 I wore wool jersey. I don’t have an aversion to the stuff although I prefer a slightly harder edge. The compromise for me is to wear T shirts and knitted tops and more structured bottoms (sometimes wovens with stretch). I think this topic deserves a post of its own so I will have a further think about it.
  • My choices of clothes are rather conservative in some respects – mainly in the shapes I tend to wear. Fitted top, waisted skirt, flared, A line or straight skirt, knee length or thereabouts. And a belt. Long sleeves, lighter colours at the top/near the face, deeper colours on the lower half. Tried and tested colour palette with a predominance of blue, blue greens, pink, with white, navy and grey as neutrals. A bit of yellow. Stripes. Floral. Often three colours rather than the more predictable two.
  • I put the pictures on Instagram daily. Each got a number of likes, and most came in between around 100 and 150. A few went above. The one that got the most votes was this one, with 257 likes. Not surprising really as it was my most dressy outfit (worn to the Mayor’s ball). Funnily enough dress 25/27 is in the same fabric (navy background rather than white), in a slightly different style. But I think on me white is more flattering than navy. What do you think?
    Karen Millen knock off
    8. KM dress and VW jacket
  • The better photographs in terms of lighting got more likes. The pictures where I looked taller and slimmer got more likes. I don’t take photographs too seriously. During MMMay16 I asked a total of 15 different people to help me with pictures and I didn’t dare pose too obviously. This project has certainly made me think about pictures – some bloggers do work hard at great pictures and it is pleasing to see people look their best. Learning more about photography is going on the list of things to do when I retire (with knitting, weaving, lingerie and patchwork).

Anyway thank you for your feedback over the four weeks, and your encouragement.

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  1. felicia

    I’ve enjoyed looking at your May outfits, as well as those of others who did weekly posts on what they wore. I like seeing what people wear everyday, even though I wonder if that makes me some kind of voyeur ;p. So thank you for going through the trouble.

  2. jay

    I too like the outfits you put together. Photographing for blog posts has made me realise what an effort being in the public eye must be ( film and tv actors and actresses for example).

  3. Stephanie

    So many pretty ensembles, Kate. I do think you look especially nice in the lighter colours and that white floral dress is a standout.

  4. Joyce Latham

    Your such an interesting person, and your clothing reflects this. I especially enjoy when you write about what you have learnt from these challenges.
    I feel very fortunate to connect with you through your blog and Instagram. Looking forward to more of your adventures and learning experiences. Keep em coming!

    Again, I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope the mending of such a tender event is as swift as humanly possible with help from your friends and family.

  5. Michele Swanson

    I have only been ‘following’ your blog for a short while, but I am so thrilled to find someone out there that ‘gets’ what it’s like to be a 60+ professional working female! I’ve always been grateful that I can sew, but now more than ever because the shops (at least the ones here in Canada) only have clothing suitable for 20 somethings or for those that work at the beach! Keep up the good work!

  6. Annieloveslinen

    You wear and make what suits your lifestyle, that’s my goal too, you look pretty good in your photos as well. I like both versions of the floral dress and the tee over the navy looks great.

  7. Michele

    Hi K, thanks for the reply re pods, sorry I haven’t thanked you earlier. Yes, these days I try to wear lighter colours nearer to my face too and consider what my working day is going to be before I dress for the day as that be formal or a more casual day. I’ve also taken a look at the pattern drafting book that you have shown. I have Winnifred A’s book but I see the other book is much more comprehensive, so considering that; its a hefty price of over £80.

  8. Abbey

    The floral dresses are knockouts for sure! I like the mix-and-match of the navy striped top over the navy floral dress particularly: it’s a striking combination.

    I really admire the consistent presence of dimension in your outfits, whether it comes from the pattern or color of the fabric(s), the texture of the weave, and/or the cut/drape of the garment itself; in my opinion (for whatever it’s worth!), that shines through even in the more conservative outfits and gives them some interest and “edge” that is still appropriate for a professional working person. =)

  9. Sue

    I’ve loved all your outfits and really admire your style. May is a sad month for me too as I lost my Dad two years ago in May; however he was 99 so he had a long and happy life. He lived with us and really enjoyed watching me sew.

  10. Denise

    Just found your blog, I really like it! I also like conservative clothes, I think you look lovely! Likes are surprising – sometimes we get more “here”, more “there”, sometimes they are surprising 🙂 I loved your blazer, what for a beautiful lapel!

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