Me Made May – week two

Another week; another set of pictures taken by random helpers; another week of variable, unpredictable British weather. It really isn’t very nice at the moment. There are a few sunny days, interspersed with rain and chills. Like many Brits, as so many of my Australasian friends have noticed, I am relentlessly optimistic and you will see I have left my tights off four days out of seven.

I vacillated between the bare legged look and cozy cardigans, standing on a damp pavement and then towards the end of the week (day 12)  being photographed outside at work in bright sunshine.

So time for a few reflections after doing this for two weeks.

  • I have plenty of clothes which are made by me. No surprise, but I had plenty of choice. Once or twice I would have prefered RTW but I never mind a bit of restriction or creativity.
  • I wear a lot of skirts. This is mainly because I get a more comfortable fit with a waist line, plus it allows me to get more than one or two colours into an outfit.
  • The jeans (this week and last) are the only trousers I really wear. I think I may need to make more trousers for my working wardrobe.
  • I have some lovely summer season clothes that I wear rarely. I love the day 13 green skirt but it is thin cotton and doesn’t lend itself to wearing over tights, so it gets hardly any wear. Whereas the three wool skirts I wore this week are regular work staples.
  • i invariably wear a belt, whether I need one or not. This is because I like my waist – and probably explains how I often put my hand there when I am posing for photographs
  • I wear flat shoes almost all the time – except for parties and dressy occasions. There is a debate going on in the UK at present about whether or not companies can insist on heels for reception staff. I tweeted Rochelle’s and my footwear choices on #FawcettflatsFriday
  • Rachel noted, on Instagram, that some of the fun of #MMMay16 is getting various people to take your picture. Exactly! You can tell from the background who is responsible for mine. My office = my PA Sarah. Outside the house = kindly husband. Brompton bike factory = my Finance Director (I should have tidied myself up but didn’t want him to think me vain!), and one of my colleagues who was eating her lunch took the picture of me in red and pink in our office garden.
  • I am hoping we have some warm weather in the UK as I have a few SWAP 2016 outfits I am keen to show off.
  • From 27 to 30 May we will be in Romania on a brief bank holiday break. I will be walking, cycling and horseriding so that will be an interesting change.
  • I really like Instagram and am enjoying seeing what everyone else is wearing.


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  1. Joyce Latham

    A great collection! There is one or two that stand out as my favorite, but they are all very “you”. Colourful. Smart. Interesting. Comfortable. You have a fabulous visual statement presented to the people you cross paths in your day to day life. Bravo! Keep them coming!

  2. Ro

    I love the 4th outfit with all the blues and pops of pink. How about duplicating the jeans in a non-denim but still comfortable fabric, like a ponte or stretch cord? I’m thinking of doing a ponte version of the Jalie jeans pattern that’s at the TNT point for me next fall.

  3. sew2pro

    I recognise many elements of Week 2 but not the check VW-inspired skirt: interesting palette of colours when combined with the cardi and I love the soft linen top.

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