Two years of blogging

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Some of my favourite bloggers have been blogging for a decade. Me, it’s just two years. Today.

Later today we will have a little celebration with the family – Nick, Esme, George, Gus, and Kit – who help me with the blog in so many ways.

  • some of them subscribe and read it most days (some of them can’t read yet, although they can use a computer to watch videos about Spiderman, bin trucks and motor bikes)
  • one of them comments, occasionally and briefly, usually witheringly but also accurately.  (She does have her hands full with her job, kids and commitments)
  • my husband often comments, but never in writing. He will make an announcement about the spelling or grammar, or say what I could or should have included in the post. He sometimes says “liked the blog today”.
  • my husband’s real talent is in taking photographs when he really, really doesn’t want to. I love him for that. We live in a small underground flat. There is not much sunshine even in summer, so I prefer to get pictures of my outfits outside. On occasion he comes up to the street, first thing in the morning,  in his dressing gown to take pictures. That is very brave as we have a lot of tourists, street sweepers and parking meter men wandering around at all hours. Nick is the absolute master of a quick pic. I get no more than one minute to “pose”, such as it is, and he mindlessly snaps until he hands the phone back to me and retreats indoors. New technology being what it is the pictures are often of pretty good quality despite the inauspicious conditions.(I think I should offer to take up his trousers a bit, don’t you?)
    My photographer
  • my dear sons will take pictures too if they are around. They have a little more patience than Nick, and often try something a bit arty like bending down and shooting upwards. Nick can’t do this. Don’t know if it is a lack of imagination, training or his knees.
    The boys – we all love light grey
  • the little kids don’t really help much. They dislike being photographed and they don’t like me to do anything that distracts from food, stories or watching videos of Spiderman etc. Luckily their choice in viewing is so tedious that I can think of other things, but usually when I have finished babysitting I am pooped and ready for bed myself.
  • In summary I just want to thank my great family whom I love very much – they support and sustain me with love, resources, jokes (often at my expense), ideas, connections, and encouragement. We invariably eat one meal together, at least, each week and it is so important to me that we can depend on each other. As a family we are facing a tragedy at the moment and we are all working hard at looking after each other. At the end of the day love is the only thing that counts.
  • I need to mention my dear stepson Ben, who builds websites, and more, for a living. He created this Fabrickated website a year ago. If I ever get an issue his troubleshooting is instant. So this is the end of the first year of my self hosted site and it has gone well. If you are thinking of breaking free yourself I would say there are some downsides. I can no longer see where everyone lives on a little interactive map – I used to enjoy that. I more or less knew the two or three people reading in Brazil (Hi Mauricio, Hi Sandra), Romania (Hi Katerina) and Latvia (Hello Galina), but now readers, unless they comment, are more anonymous
    Ben with his lovely daughter
    Ben with his lovely daughter

So on to you, my dear, dear, readers. When I started this I had no idea how close I would become to you. I do worry a bit that many are just “being nice” when they routinely say kind and generous things about my sewing efforts. I doubt my own abilities. While I am a fairly confident person, with dressmaking I  often feel that I am ‘faking it” – making it up as I go along. I doubt myself and am very self critical. So I don’t really believe the nice stuff. But I do appreciate it. I know it is the done thing to say nice things and the round of applause one gets is sometimes for effort and trying rather than for achieving. I have experienced the amazing generosity of others that astounds me again, and again. Stephanie you stand out as being kind, engaged and interesting. I love your blog and I so look forward to meeting you one day. The help I have received is so much better than book advice. It is coming from people – like Jay, Mrs Mole, Linde, Annie, Bunny and Pia, who actually do the same sort of thing as me. Pia loves the internet as it helps you find the small sub-set of people you really want to know. I agree.

The blog has also allowed me to meet, in real life, all sorts of amazing women. Marianna from Sew2Pro, Nat from Made-in-Home, Megan from Pigeon Wishes and recently Pia from The Overflowing Stash; Mary Funt from New York; Gail, Anne and Lesley from Australia, and a fair few from the London and Sussex blog scene who I hope to get to know better over time. This rich seam of happy, beautiful people has enhanced my social life and made the world feel safer and smaller.

Sometimes I have had negative and critical comments. I decided not to censor them. I do actually believe rather strongly in free speech and allowing people to have their say.

This year I went down from daily blogs to four a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. And this is enough – maybe too much for readers. My life is busy so I may reduce again, but I will keep writing for myself. I am so grateful that so many read what I write and especially for those who leave a comment.

Fabrickated Kate Davies
“Creating Blog Content”

Thank you.


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  1. Stephanie

    Kate I was reading this lovely tribute to your family and then I came to my name…you didn’t need to mention me. I often feel like the obnoxious one in the room who doesn’t know anything at all. You are too generous and are way too hard on yourself. You make exciting, creative things and you keep us all thinking and learning. Thank YOU! I have learned so many new things from your posts about style, fashion, sewing, colour, printing, etc. and the list goes on. Most of all I want to say that I wish your family strength in this very difficult period.

  2. Annie B

    Can’t say it better than Stephanie. Sending love to you all. But I am more appreciative as a non member of the subset finding a lovely world hosted by my friend and most amazing woman. I’m more like Nick I guess…pedant but adoring. For me? The 4 days I wake at 5am thinking ‘yay, what’s Kate up to?’ start off the best xxx

  3. Michele

    Well, I don’t really know what to say apart from, I really enjoy your blog and the variety of things that you blog about, I too through your blog have gone onto find other interesting people such as Pia. Lovely people, energy and vavavoom, plus a bit of culture. Thank you. And sad to hear your news.

  4. Ruth Wilson

    Love your blog, your writing style, variety of topics, honesty and how you challenge yourself to make beautiful clothes. Your comments about your wonderful family are a reminder to appreciate those close to us. Congratulations on two years of blogging!

  5. AB

    I LOVE your blog! It’s the reason I have started sewing. Congratulations on two years of blogging and of two years of inspiring others.

  6. Beth

    I don’t know how you have time to blog four times a week in your busy life! You must not sleep! Congratulations on 2 years of blogging. I also hit 2 years this week! Although recently it’s been rather on and off. 🙂 And you’re certainly not the only one to make it up as you go along as far as sewing is concerned! 😉

  7. Sheryll

    Congratulations Kate! I almost always read your posts, even if I don’t always comment (oh why aren’t there more hours in the day…!) and enjoy your refreshingly honest and documentative posts. Here’s to many more years!

  8. thedementedfairy

    Happy blogiversary! I passed my first year a short while ago, and meant to post about it, then didn’t bother. At least I don’t think I did…my woolly brain says no anyway! I love your work, you’ve got me doing understitching by hand on special garments, and you got me into the SWAP. Oh mighty one, keep it coming. I personally never make nice comments on blogs for the sake of it, it’s honesty all the way or we deteriorate into the squealing self-congratulatory world of certain Bloggers-Who-Will_not-Be-Named-Here. After all, we put ourselves out here, we should be able to take the knocks as well as the compliments x

  9. Sew2pro

    You’ve certainly packed a decade-worth of content into your two years and have taught me so much, plus provided me with a first resource if I need to research before starting new projects. You don’t need to sew a garment a week (no one does); your talent is proving that any topic related to fashion, style, colour, politicians (!) is relevant and worthy of examination and analysis. Happy anniversary and best wishes to your family. With a special thumbs-up to your photographers… It is hard to look natural in front of a camera for us non-professionals so when a there’s a person on the other side of the lens who can make us happy and relaxed, the result is so much better (and quicker).

  10. Gill

    What a lovely post Kate! I don’t know why you doubt your abilities – you amaze me with the apparent difficulty of the projects you take on, and the skill with which you execute them! Pattern cutting, draping, tailoring – blimey, that’s impressive.
    I could do with my own “Ben” today – I signed up to MMM last night, but for some reason, although I can read my blog and sign in to blogger, it won’t let me get into ‘New Post’ for some reason. Darn!
    I HAD abandoned it for a couple of months, so maybe its sulking.) And if anyone says “Have you tried powering off and switching it back on again?”, I will not be responsible for my actions.
    Congratulations on 2 years – and thanks for the inspiration, Gill x

  11. Jane

    Congratulations Kate. You are an inspiration and it is lovely to read about your family/support network. Really glad we’ve had the chance to meet a couple of times this year. So sorry you are facing a difficult time, will be thinking about you.

  12. Mary Funt

    Has it really been two years? I looked again at your early posts and realized I’ve been following you since the start. I feel very fortunate that we were able to meet in person. You are surrounded by a loving family and that makes life’s difficult times easier. I would keep the photographer; anyone willing to go outside half dressed deserves praise.

  13. Chris

    Congrats Kate. I follow your blog because of the engaging posts and your enthusiasm for trying new things and pushing your skills. I, for one, only say nice things if I mean them:) I like reading posts from people who are open to opinions, as long as it’s respectful, then its much more interesting than saccharine blogs where everything is wonderful!
    My blog hasn’t fully gotten off the ground, and my focus has been on College this year, and family needs come first. I wish you and your family all the best with your situation, a close family makes all the difference in sad circumstances 🙂

  14. mrsmole

    Thank you for mentioning me, Kate…it is a joy to follow you and see all the crazy things you get yourself into! Funny thing is, now knowing that you have very little time for posing in the street, you always look so relaxed and composed and determined…must be that special photographer husband! He’s a “keeper”…keep squeezing in your posts when you can!

  15. Gail B

    I rarely comment but always enjoy seeing your newest blog post in my email. Thoroughly enjoy the varied topics and learning more about sewing, art, and other bloggers. Keep up the great work!

  16. seamsoddlouise

    Ha ha, what a fabulous family you have. I love the image of your husband in his dressing gown as tourists look on bewildered!! It’s great that they support you so much. And agreed we have all met so many wonderful sharing stitchers in internet-land! Long may it continue.

  17. Jenny

    Your blog is one of my favourites and like Annie B I wake on your blog days and immediately open up Bloglovin to find your interesting and informative posts. I love it when you do profiles and when you talk about styles and interview your colleagues. I love to read about your family and Rainshore and I don’t feel like a stalker, just curious and interested in you. I know you will all be ‘there’ for each other in your sad time and I wish you well.

    Here’s to the next two years! Cheers!

  18. Mary

    Congratulations and a very hearty thank you for sharing. I know so few sewers so rely on my cyber friends for inspiration and a good laugh. Your style and voice just sing to me so thank you for putting it out there for us all to enjoy. xo!

  19. Martina

    I only recently found your blog, and I think you should take the positive comments as gospel! I love seeing a blog from someone who sews well, and has a great sense of style. Thank you!

  20. Lynn

    Kate–thanks so much for this post. I first found you through SWAP, and later your blog. Reading about your sewing adventures has led me to other like-minded bloggers, like Steph, and now I am beginning to feel that I belong to a small community of sewists scattered around the English-speaking world! Hopefully you will be sewing and blogging for a number of years to come, and that we all get through our sad times together. –Lynn

  21. Barbarags

    I am sorry to hear of your sadness. I have only just come to your blog, through Pia (The Awesome), and am avidly working my way back through your previous posts and thus realised what I have been missing. Long may you continue to blog and inspire us at whatever intervals suit you. I have nothing but genuine admiration for all the bloggers out there who keep us informed, entertained and amazed at their exploits. I don’t have my own blog but occasionally contribute a small amount to a co-operative one, no easy matter for an old techno-phob like myself, so I appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining a well thought-out regular blog like yours. And, as you say, the back-up from family deserves appreciation too, at least we have a garden where my dressing-gown clad partner gets dragged to take photos, so applause for you all.

  22. Pia

    What a witty & charming aniversary post! Thank you family for helping Kate keep exploring sewing, & blogging!

    Sorry to hear you & the family are going through a rough time. Hang in there.

    And don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy the process! I vaguely recall an anecdote about Karl Largerfield changing his mind & abandon a design after countess hours the artisans spent realising the design. If such talent can have oops moments surely rest of us are allowed ours? Reading about what didn’t work is just as enlightening as what worked. So thank you for sharing your experiments & experiences with us!

    Regarding site stats breakdown by countries…I notice your blog seem to use WordPress software. I also use that on my friend’s server. It is possible to get those stats by adding the Jetpack plug-in. You might have to sign up for an account on to make it work, & it will only show stats starting from the date you set this up. Perhaps Ben can help you set this up?

    And may I also suggest adding a Like / WordPress Like button to your posts? Some days I feel too incoherent to compose a comment, but want to let you know I enjoyed the post…a bit like your hubby! 🙂

  23. Sue

    Happy blogaversary! I just celebrated three years and forgot to mark it and now I’m a bit sorry. It is lovely to “meet” your family as well. I look forward to continuing to follow your adventures!

  24. PatMc

    I don’t comment very often, mainly because I don’t feel qualified to contribute any practical advice. But I do admire your seemingly boundless energy for sewing as well as all the other things you achieve in your daily life. Thanks for taking the time to blog and sharing some aspects of yourself with us.

  25. Kerry

    Congratulations on your two years of blogging and your bravery in sharing your adventures (and misadventures?) in styling and making your own clothes. I really admire your perseverance and talent. And your beautiful clothes! So thank you for sharing with us out in the blogosphere (that’s Australia for me).

  26. Joanne

    I love an honest post! Your posts are always engaging and just that little bit different. As a fellow mama, nana, seamstress and full time working fifty-something I love that we’re on the same page! Looking forward to celebrating your 3rd birthday x

  27. viliene

    Two years already. I always read your very informative blog first thing. Thank you so much, I too have learned a lot and maybe one day will fill my blog address with content too, if I get down to it. I’ll be in London and visit some of the fabulous fabric shops you have shown us as well as the V&A exhibition. I wish you and your familiy strength in what is coming.

  28. Thesewingmiserablist

    As a relatively recent follower of your blog I’d just like to say how much I enjoy reading it, and that your posts are always enjoyable and informative. I just wish I’d found you earlier! My thoughts are also with you and your lovely family through this difficult time. Hopefull we sewers will be able to provide you with some small measure of distraction as well as strength, and that
    you know that we are here for you too.

  29. sarina

    Such a sweet post – lucky of you to have such a supporting family – I have just started my site and it is so difficult to coax my hubby to take photos for me – and you have so many willing photographers.
    keep up the good work

  30. Carolyn

    Congratulations on two years! Blogging does enrich your life doesn’t it? I know that it has enhanced mine. So happy that you will continue blogging. I read, comment every now and then but would miss it if your voice went missing in the sewing blogosphere! BTW, I live in NJ in the US…just so you know! *smile*

  31. Lyn

    Congratulations Kate. A great achievement for your blog and your sewing. I really like that you share your challenges as well as your successes, it helps us novices! Lovely to see the handsome Nick, do pass on my regards. Xx

  32. BMGM

    I’m a big fan of your blog and “blogging without obligation.”

    It’s a hobby, not work. Post whenever you feel like it.

    When my sister asked me to guest post on her blog back in 2002, I had no idea what a blog even was.

    She said it was like a notebook, but one that others can read. I write in my notebook when I have something to note. It never even occurred to me to keep to a schedule.

    In 2005, she kicked me off her blog for going off topic. Who knew how large, and intimate, the sewing blogosphere would become?

    I’m happy to read that you have such a large and supportive family.

  33. Anita Steiner

    Congratulations Kate. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your progress. In many ways, though being about the same age, I am much less adventurous. Sometimes I do break the mould and try something different in my sewing class. All the best for your family situation, hope it gets better soon one way or the other. Anita

  34. Annieloveslinen

    Gosh, that went quick, thanks for the mention. Your blog is always an interesting read, it’s diverse and not solely about sewing. Stifle that inner critic, I for one wouldn’t want you peering too closely at the innards of stuff I’ve made but so what? Blogs that showcase just the good stuff get old quick and are too samey.

    You’re definitely a ‘people’ person and family and relationships are important to you, that comes across strongly and resonates with many people, it’s that aspect of your writing that sticks with me and keeps me reading.

    You hit the nail on the head when you say that love is everything, you are loved and appreciated by folk you haven’t even met and love will surely sustain you through whatever choppy waters you’re navigating right now.

  35. Marianne Koster

    Congratulations, Kate! I enjoy reading your blog and will try to comment more often. I love how you share your design choices, your in progress posts and your challenges as well as the outcome. Cheers to two years of blogging, and to a wonderful and supportive family!

  36. Lisa

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary and what a sweet and loving tribute to your family! I’ve enjoyed ‘meeting’ you on IG and gravitating here to enjoy more of what you write. I always learn something from you and appreciate your taking the time and trouble (your photographer too!) to share with all of us as you do. Looking forward to many more years of enjoying your blog! 🙂

  37. Bunny

    What a lovely tribute! This so clearly explains why many of us blog. The sense of community is strong. Thanks for the mention, too. Makes my heart go a flutter!

    My family knows I have a blog, am very involved with it and my sewing, and could care less other than it all makes me happy. They NEVER read it despite attempts in the beginning to get them to do so. They haven’t a clue what I make unless I put it up on FB as well. They just don’t know what’s involved. And guess what? That’s fine with me. Its my special place where I get to share so much with other creative individuals like yourself. It is really lovely that your family is so involved. They clearly are so very proud of you, such a blessing.

  38. Alli

    I can’t believe it’s already been two years! I always enjoy reading your posts. I’m happy that you’re sharing in-progress pictures of your other house! Also, I love your fashion theory-ish posts — after you wrote the one about men’s suits, it made me consciously notice the difference between the suits that men wear in Korean dramas (super nice and fitted), and the ones worn in the mob scenes in the first episode of Brooklyn 99’s second season (American baggy).

    It’s awesome that your family participates in and reads your blog! Other than my husband helping me take pictures, I don’t expect people I know in person to even know I have a blog, and I’m shocked when I find out someone does. 😀

  39. Abbey

    Yours are posts I never “mark as read” in my reader feed–thank you for sharing your sewing and occasional life events with us, and congratulations on hitting the 2 year mark!

    I do not comment so often, mostly as I rarely feel qualified to give advice (whether on style or technique!), but if I do chime in it is always with sincerity. Don’t let that “impostor” feeling get you down: you are skilled, and it is a great pleasure to follow along as you challenge yourself and try new things, all the while sharing your thoughts with us.

    Best wishes to your family; may you all find comfort in one another during this difficult time.

  40. jennifer miller

    Congratulations on two blogging years! Thank your for such an interesting, entertaining, inspiring and enlightening blog! It was nice to see your “camera crew” up close and personal. 😉 Holding you and your family in my thoughts during this difficult time.

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