How Jenny got on with her wedding guest outfit

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Jenny asked, through my blog, for advice on what to wear for a wedding. Maybe you remember? Many of you gave her great advice. She was struggling with the fit of New Look 6000, a popular pattern which many of us thought would suit her very well.

New Look 6000
New Look 6000

After the post went out Jenny sent an update:

“I have finished the body and attached the collar and it actually looks really good so I am glad you encouraged me to carry on with this pattern. I knew when I bought it that the shape would be right for me but felt less than confident that I could get a good fit. The colour of the fabric just won’t photograph accurately, like you can never get black to look dark enough. This really was a lovely cerise colour.


The pattern worked well for me in the end although I felt the sleeve caps were a bit too high and tried to shorten them but there was still a small amount of gather, which was fine.

She recently sent me photos. First she explains:

“Attaching a couple of pictures I took this morning. I don’t know when I will wear this outfit again so I thought I had better make the effort and photograph it for you. I have no makeup or jewellery and my hair is in dire need of some “TLC” but my next job this wet morning is walking the dog so I thought the full makeup etc was a bit over the top! Plus, if I don’t do it now it will never get done.”

Want to see?


Here is a bit more about the day itself.

The wedding took place in Wallasey, on the Wirral, and we then drove to the reception just outside Chester and was absolutely lovely in every way. I finished the cerise dress and was very pleased with it. I sold the fur jacket on EBay (at a really good price as I timed it just before Christmas). It was just a bit too bulky for me and even with a belt it wasn’t right, although I really liked it. Anyway I bought a lovely black, 3/4 coat which was perfect and necessary as it was dry but with a biting wind coming in from the Irish Sea.The coat was just right, shaped in to the waist with a slight flare from there and it sat loosely over the dress, not boxy but not clinging.

Jenny in a coat
Jenny in her coat


I think the dress turned out well. Just a great look and colour for Jenny, and she has fitted and made it beautifully. What do you think?





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  1. Stephanie

    Wow. Stunning! The fit looks great and the colour, cuffs and collar are so pretty. The length is just right. A perfect coat, too, to pair with it. I am impressed.

  2. Linde

    I think the dress looks really good and I love the colour. It is not easy to make a dress like that look good and Jenny has achieved that 100%.

  3. Annieloveslinen

    Thanks for the update,I had wondered whether the suggestions were helpful. It’s a lovely dress I’m glad it all worked out, sometime others’ opinions help to clarify our thoughts. Jenny looks great in her dress, her perseverance clearly paid off.

  4. Jenny

    Thank you everybody for your nice comments. It was worth all the agonising and I enjoyed getting ‘dressed up’ for a change. Now to get back into my play clothes as I have to go and look after the little granddaughters and that involves a lot of hiding and having cups of tea.

  5. Jane

    Looks lovely and the fit looks great.

    I made this dress but after several wears I decided it was a bit frumpy, however after taking a couple of inches out of the width at the hem it now looks much better.

  6. Jane M

    This really is the perfect wedding dress and Jenny, you did a wonderful job with fabric, pattern and fitting. I need to get busy working on a sheath dress outfit for a wedding and you are inspiring me.

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