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I have been meaning to review Crescent Trading since Jay suggested I might like it.

I managed to take a day off work and, accompanied by the ever plucky and up-for-it Megan of Pigeonwishes, we had a quick lunch and took off for deepest Hackney. As we walked from Liverpool Street to Quaker Street in Spitalfields the heavens opened and we got hailed on! Big lumps of hail settled in Meg’s plaits, her beige shoes were sodden, and we were extremely damp when we arrived at the bright, welcoming showroom.

Megan Pigeon Wishes
Megan spots The Sign

This is a place where you are greeted and made to feel welcome. My soggy bag and scarf were placed in the office while we had a good look around. Phillip and Jeremy showed us lots of fabrics, offered samples and told us the composition, use and price. The last surviving cloth merchants in East London with a tidy, well organised warehouse, they have a great range of quality stock, most of it ends of rolls and oddments, with a great showing of wool.

Philip Pittack, Owner, Crescent Trading
Phillip Pittack, Owner, Crescent Trading

There were nice silks too, including the remains of Jenny Packham’s previous season. The silks were mainly around £12 a metre. If you are thinking of making a Chanel jacket you may find something suitable. Or a Westwood outfit. It was said that Vivienne herself frequents the shop from time to time.

Between the rolls of fabric Megan and I fell in love. With some wonderful cashmere cloth. From Johnstone’s of Elgin this fabric was light, super soft and beautiful. Johnstone’s sells it at £155 a metre; here in the shop it is a mere £50 a metre. Out of my price range, for sure, but the two shade of grey (slightly animalistic) piece at the bottom of the frame pulled me in. Philip said his partner had a suit made in it, and I am sure she looks amazing. Megan and I just breathed in the atmosphere around the cloth. Truly great fabric.

Cashmere Crescent trading
Johnstons of Elgin cashmeres

If you want high quality fabrics you can buy them here, but the prices are fair rather than keen. Although Philip explained their prices are much lower than Berwick street I have found  better prices on the high street. The lovely blue double crepe that I bought from Crescent for £20 a metre (he gave me 1.5m) is available (ex Roland Mouret) at Simply Fabrics for just £8 a metre. On the other hand double crepe wool is £35 from Truro on the internet and £90 a metre at Joel’s. This raises the question for me about how much everyone marks up their fabric and what constitutes a bargain.


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  1. jay

    Glad you enjoyed your look round. I agree that the prices aren’t rock bottom, but don’t pitch particularly high. I’ve bought silk there (for linings) at £6 a metre. The wool range is good, my black bobbly fabric becoming an edge to edge coat slowly was theirs at £12 pmetre. It’s always been open on Sundays when I’ve been in the area, and Brick Lane has a nice market with lots of street food on Sunday, making it a nice trip. The flower market is within striking distance, also Sunday.

  2. Kim Hood

    You have reminded me I bought fabric for a skirt when I visited which has been put away – must retrieve it.
    I enjoyed my visit but was a little overwhelmed, and The Management was with me which restricted browsing time enormously. The fabric was very nice, the staff helpful, and I will go back. I will however make a point of visiting Simply Fabric.

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