Sewing with a Plan 2016 0.22 – McCalls 7938 coat is nearly finished

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Apart from two buttons on the back belt the coat is finished! Hurray. I actually like it alot and was intrigued to see a mauve coat in Topshop with silver fastenings (but it is not on the website).

I like it because

  • It is a like-Courreges pattern – a simple and beautiful 1960s shape
  • Having made a few alterations the fit is perfect
  • It is long enough to wear over dresses and trousers. And big enough to wear over a suit. Although I like a waisted, fitted coat they are useless over a jacket.
  • I like the good quality mauve boucle wool that is light but warm
  • I think the silver leather binding looks really different and quite intriguing. It actually reflects light like a mirror
  • The blouse weight mauve lining is sumptuous, soft and warm
  • And the buttons

The most beautiful buttons have arrived!

I looked at quite a few buttons, and bought some globular 1960s buttons but they weren’t right. Too small, too light weight and a bit too shiny.

cheap silver buttons
Silver coloured buttons from the market (10p each)

I thought about painting some suitable buttons with silver spray paint, or covering some myself with left over leather bits. And then I noticed when buying thread that MacCulloch & Wallis cover buttons so I gave it a try. I was delighted with the result.

McCullogh and Wallis covered buttons
Buttons covered with silver leather (70p each)

Just the job. Even the man in the shop couldn’t help but admire them. I only ordered six – the number I needed. Or thought I needed – the coat is double breasted with three sets of buttons. Of course I forgot that the back belt has two buttons on it too. Which is why it is not finished. I needed to order two extra buttons. Lucky that when I was in the shop I was very pleased with the quality of the buttons, and finding I had plenty of leftover bits I ordered another six but one size smaller – for another project. I will be able to use two of these on the back belt.

McCalls 3938, wool coat with leather trim
McCalls 3938 , with buttons

I think I should move on to the tailored dress next, but I am not sure the fabric is right for the pattern. It is a lightweight mauve linen, and the pattern Vogue Couturier 1065 needs a little more weightiness I think. The pattern says it is suitable for knits and mentions double knits. But lightweight linen is mentioned so maybe I will be OK.

Vogue 1065, Fabiani
Vogue 1065, Fabiani

After that my final two items (the combo pack) is a skirt and blouse made in patterned silk – not a matching set but both items which can extend the separates I already have in the SWAP plan.

I am trying out a new blouse pattern as my final project for my draping class and I may bring this in instead of the pink evening dress. I will write up my experiments next week. We are taking the two children and Esme up to see my Mum today – it is quite a challenge to transport everyone up there and back, both safely and comfortably. The child seats take lots of space so Esme and I shall take turns in squashing in between them! We will be glad to get back tomorrow.

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  1. jay

    The covered buttons are perfect with this, it gives it a real finish. I hope you do the dress illustrated above, beautiful style lines.

  2. Annieloveslinen

    Your coat looks divine and the buttons are perfect. I like the dress pattern you’ve chosen, that button detail is lovely and the style is very ‘you’. Have a nice weekend with your family Kate despite the travelling faff.

  3. Mary Funt

    The buttons add to the custom look of your coat. If your linen for 1065 seems too light you might try underlining. It looks like a wonderful style for you. Enjoy the family trip.

  4. Kim Hood

    I love the buttons – a perfect fit for your coat. I use Harlequin for my covered buttons but it’s useful to know that MacCulloch and Wallis also do it. Your coat is going to be gorgeous.

  5. Stephanie

    Very cool coat, Kate. Take care on your voyage north and enjoy your visit. PS I am quite keen to see that dress made up!

  6. Mem

    Oh please get an extra button. The coat us so beautiful and the buttons perfect . It would be dreadful if you last one. And had to replace them all! I would love to know how you attached the leather ?

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