Sewing with a Plan 2016 0.20 – McCalls 7938 – the Skirt

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I have made up my 8th Sewing with a Plan item – the skirt. The skirt pattern I chose is very simple; a1960s, slight A line skirt, from Courreges. The skirt completes “Pack 1” which is a skirt, shell top and coat, all in mauve. Sort of.

In what maybe my most adventurous project to date I decided to make a leather skirt.

I enjoy wearing a leather skirt. It has a toughness associated with trousers but with the comfort and style of a skirt. In leather this simple skirt becomes important, but also a little bit rebellious and edgy; smart but not trying too hard. I see a leather skirt as a luxury-everyday item – a very simple classic skirt that would be unremarkable in navy wool, for example, but in leather says “look at me”.

When I went to buy leather to trim the coat, and in homage to Courreges I chose silver. The wholesaler only sells whole skins, so I dithered a bit. Should I make a mauve leather skirt? Deeper purple? Stong pink? White? I liked all these colours but I kept going back to the silver. I had admired the Makers Atelier’s silver skirt, and the version made by Jane. I had even bought some polyurethane fabric from Ditto Fabrics. 

So I went for it! I made the skirt in silver leather.

I have worn it quite a few times and it does get noticed. But positively. It is a statement skirt. The other thing about silver is, like a nice piece of jewellry, it goes with absolutely everything. Here in a cold wintery incarnation, matched with deepest blackish brown. I am confident it will wear well with a white shirt; a striped navy T shirt; a grey cashmere jumper or a baggy pink T, bare legs and sandals. My friend Lucy said she would worry about looking like a baked potato – but I don’t feel like a cheap lunch. I feel elegant and happy.

Courreges skirt silver leather
McCalls 7938 in silver leather

A leather skirt, if you choose to make one, is a very satisfying project. Sewing with leathers is wonderful. A straight or A line leather skirt is fairly easy to make, and even easier to wear. I covered my purchasing adventure and have written up my cutting out and sewing tips. The  invisible zip (secured with wonder tape) went in like a dream. I lined the skirt with neutral habotai silk. The hem is glued. Win!

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