Rainshore 0.5 – a building arises!

I showed you the foundations going in, in my post last month. I am amazed at what has been achieved during February. Here is the site in the middle of the month. The gound floor was in, ready for the construction of the second floor. In the second picture (from the back of the house) you can see how there is a line of sight right through the property. The blue skies are amazing. It is cold in the UK at the moment but we are having some stunning sunny days too.

Around one week later – look! We have the second floor on and the house is really (as Kevin McCloud would say) “really beginning to take shape”. I am amazed and thrilled with the progress. You may remember the plans. 

The amazing thing about a timber framed house is that once the plans are agreed and signed off the work starts in the factory or workshop to make the walls according to the measurements and specifications. Everything is already settled – window shapes and positions, door types and sizes, built in cupboard placement, electric sockets and light fittings. The process of building the frame is exacting and precise – the workmen are very skilled. But because they work in doors, in a controlled environment, they can get everything to work together – a bit like pattern cutting. No inclement weather or bits that won’t quite fit together. Once everything is prepared the panels and structures can be assembled on site in a matter of days.

The next stage will be to start forming the inside of the house. We still have to make some decisions on

  1. How to build the kitchen. We will probably buy ready made units and create our own doors, but it depends on price.
  2. How to deal with the fitted cupboards. Nick wants to make them himself (and our bed, tables and outdoor furniture, but you have to be realistic!)
  3. The wood burning stove. We have been considering a vintage, second hand one.The old European stoves are beautiful, whereas modern wood burners can look like a 1970s TV.  But on balance we are going with a streamlined, Danish tube as they are much more energy efficient and reliable.This particular design  allows you to see the fire from three “windows”; additionally you can rotate the stove. And I love this colour (although Nick wants black so who knows?)
Rais Viva Classic circular stove


Anyway I am beyond excited. This is such a wonderful project and although we are not truly self builders (too old and busy for that) we will be doing a lot of work inside the house once it is constructed. Here I am on 27 February, standing in the sitting room, in front of our lake side view. I’ll show you my sewing room, next time.

Lake side view, self build
View from the main room

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  1. Jenny

    Beautiful – and that view from the main room is wonderful. Reminds me of a Canadian lake and I didn’t realise you could get such a site in our country.

  2. Annieloveslinen

    What a wonderful project, when you first wrote about this it seemed so far in the future yet here we are with a nearly house, how time flies. I loved the first Rainshore house and this one looks pretty cool too.You’re excited? I’m excited, and it’s not my house!

  3. Jane

    I am going to be so jealous when this is finished.

    I love the stove. I bought a modern looking Rais for our 18th century cottage in Suffolk. Mine is a huge black cube with storage space for wood underneath. It’s very well made and makes the house very cosy quite quickly. It’s also very responsive (I.e. The dampers turn down the heat output very quickly) far more so than the two wood burners we have in London. If I was to buy another stove I would definitely go for the same brand again.

  4. Natasha

    I think you need to have a sewing event when you shift in and have us all over! What fabulousness in those views…I can feel the serenity 🙂

  5. ceci

    beautiful site, beautiful views, beautiful stove. And especially beautiful progress! Its took that long to gut my bathroom to remodel.


  6. Lisa

    How exciting to see your new home take shape! Gorgeous setting and with your attention to detail it will be perfect for you and your family. What a beautiful Danish stove! I’m looking forward to reading more about the process as your new home takes shape. 🙂

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