Sewing with a Plan 2016 0.18 Making the McCalls 7938 Courreges blouse

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For my SWAP outfit I identified some nice light mauve silk to use for the McCalls 7938 simple shell top.

In the meantime I attended my draping class and, as I had finished the peplum top, I draped a blouse, flared from the yoke, using very lightweight silky calico. The front was effectively a full circle, with a half circle at the back from a deeper yoke.  I then made up the blouse in some deep purple silk that reminded me of the purple sweet peas in my inspiration photograph. But it went horribly wrong – partly because the fabric was inappropriate for the job – far too heavy to achieve the very delicate look I had planned (chiffon or lightweight habotai would have worked better).

A more serious problem revealed itself when I tried it on. It just didn’t”flatter”; my shaped figure needs waist definition. I decided to take it to the charity shop or throw it out.

Having spent quite a lot of time on this item, I hovered over the dustbin. Inspired by Mrs Mole’s recent magical transformation of a “wadder” into a cute girl’s skirt I wondered if I could unpick the top and reuse the fabric. I decided to toile the McCalls 7938 Courreges shell top, and found that the pattern easily fitted into all that material.

Cutting out a blouse pattern
Reusing the silk skirt

Once the Courreges blouse was finished I played around with my artificial sweet peas on the front. I cut each flower head from the stalk and removed the plastic struts. To put the colours of the design together  I used the 1-3-5 flower arranging principle, and placed the flowers across the front, trying as much as possible to attach them to interfaced parts. I stitched them from behind, making sure they stood proud and lifelike, rather than completely anchored.

This week I bought a pair of trousers from Marks and Spencer (20% off) in a new shape for me – I didn’t think I would ever wear pleated trousers. But I did. With my new blouse.

Sweet pea blouse Fabrickated
Sweet pea blouse with pleated trousers

The sun is shining in London – all’s well that ends well.

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  1. Joanne

    Love the top – the shape of the neckline is really flattering and the sweet peas look divine. Now I’m off to google the 1 3 5 flower arranging principle!

  2. Ruth

    I just watched a Chanel video about the preparations that go into the haute couture fabrics and attaching flowers and feathers, sequins etc. Meticulous work, just like your top no doubt. Nice pairing with the trousers – maybe we need to try something a little different every now and then…

  3. Mary Funt

    Great remake! You are right about the draped top working better in a much lighter fabric. The trousers are flattering and I love the color combo. Looks like a nice sunny day in London.

  4. Kim Hood

    Great save – the silk looks fabulous made into that top, and I love the sweet pea decoration. The trousers look great and I would never have guessed they are M & S.

  5. Stephanie

    It’s funny..I have some similar embellishment planned for my faux Valentino sweater! I especially like the shape of the top on you.

  6. Tina (KnittingContessa)

    I love everything about this! The “wadder” gave me a laugh (as it always does) as yesterday I had a wadder of my own. There shall be no save though, I might set the trash can on fire!!! Hope your sunshine continues!

  7. mrsmole

    You clever girl and I love what the result is! Having a “too big” blouse is almost a bonus when it comes to giving it a second life…your flowered top is just adorable and it sure does compliment those snazzy new pants! Thank you for the mention…we learn so much from each other, Sweet Pea.

  8. Mary

    That tapping sounds you hear on your screen is my eyeballs popping out of my head because wow! You look gorgeous! The flowers are so nicely executed and all the colors flow and the trousers are a tremendous win!

  9. Krishna Kapoor

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