In the Pink? Or not?

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I am making Vogue 1556 as part of my SWAP 2016. I mentioned this a few weeks ago and asked your advice on the length I should make – full or knee length. Most of you suggested knee length not least because this would make walking possible. So that is what I have done. I have cut out the shorter length. However – and this is where I need some advice – my fabric is nice both front and back, but comes in two distinct shades.

You can see the cover photograph of a black and white silk dress. And on the back another variation – a red dress with red sequin trim. The second photograph is of Sarah Sheehan of Pattern Vault. Both the red and the black do look great, partly because the light reflecting sequins create a subtle contrast.

This week I made up the yoke in the iridescent pink sequins with white backs. I lined it with a light pink silk to try to bring a bit of colour to it. In the photograph above you can see how in different light the sequins look pink, green, yellow and silvery. And you can see the heavy pink silk I am going to use for the dress and sleeves. The cuffs and hem use the sequin cloth.

So my question is “Which side of the cloth do I use?” I am not sure the photographs are a great help as the light seems different between the two of them. But I have pinned the fabric against the yoke showing alternate sides. The finished article will have sleeves in the dress colour.

For the pink

  • a deeper, stronger shade – more to my liking
  • has a sheen
  • relatively slimming
  • maybe the pink is a little bit warmer than the sequin pink
  • a fun colour, maybe a bit more 1960s

For the light pink

  • a better match (if want it to look monochromatic and deliberately chosen)
  • possibly more faithful to the design
  • satin weave – much shinier
  • reflects more light – makes the wearer appear bigger
  • elegant, but maybe a bit like nightwear
  • might snag?

When I see the very light shade of pink satin I can’t help but think of the not very flattering shiny, light pink dress Princess Diana wore. But then Audrey looks amazing in the light pink Givenchy dress. I guess I am thinking more of the Twiggy look.

I asked my Instagram followers if I should do the light pink or the deeper pink. Here is their verdict (they only saw pictures – I saved the discussion for you!) 18 for deeper pink, 8 for lighter pink.

30 Responses

  1. Jan

    I say the lighter pink. On myself I always prefer sheen over shiny too – but you are very slim so could carry it off – shiny doesn’t work so well on more generously built figures. Also this is a simple shape unlike the Diana example which had a huge amount of fabric and looked so wrong in that style and volume.
    Whatever you choose it is going to look good in such beautiful fabric.

  2. Lyn

    Most definitely darker for you! The contrast creates more brightness and is more dramatic and suits both your colouring and personality better.

  3. Annie Trish

    I was instantly attracted to the darker pink, then I thought the lighter looks more elegant, then I thought which suits your colouring better and I went back to the darker ( I know I can’t wear pale beiges and pinks anymore close to my face), then I thought which colour makes YOU feel happier? Second, third and fourth-guessing!

  4. patsijean

    To my eye, the lighter pink is just light enough it looks as if you settled for that color because you could not find anything else The darker side subtly brings out other shades of pink that almost contrast nicely with the sequins. Much more sophisticated.

  5. Marianne

    The lighter pink appears to be a better match with the sequins. I feel a stronger pink should have the same (slightly more blue) undertone as the darkest sequins. Also: in the original the black yoke is the focal point. The sequin yoke is standing out more as the star fabric and focal point when teamed with the lighter pink.

  6. Jacqui

    Hello Kate – I am loving your SWAP plans and your wonderful discussions you share with us. I am in favour of the darker pink. I once made a beautiful pastel pink dress that when I put it on I looked like I was trying out for a role in The Young and the Restless wearing lounge wear! I am looking forward to seeing this made up.

  7. Jane

    I’m going to vote for the darker pink, not least because I hate anything that snags! I think both are lovely, and the sequins are gorgeous, but I think the darker shade will suit you best.

  8. Seamsoddlouise

    On Instagram I voted light but here where there is a greater amount of fabric next to the sequins I change my mind and say the darker side has much more impact. Tough choice Kate. Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

  9. ceci

    I tend to prefer lower contrast for myself but with your stronger coloring and elegant figure the dark pink, with more drama and just a prettier colour would be my vote.

    Also anything that snags is to be avoided at all cost in the hip area, based on bitter experience.


  10. Anne

    Darker for the reasons you gave and that you prefer it. Difficult to judge sequins against fabrics on screen – but you wouldn’t be asking question if the dark didn’t work at all.

  11. Jay

    I’d probably go with the darker, even though the lighter appears to be a good match. Pale pink satin could look terrific, but it’s so much harder to carry off.

  12. Rachel

    Darker pink please because I love classic dramatic! Looking forward to seeing this made in whichever fabric you choose.

  13. Vivienne

    Sequins imply drama, special occasions, bling, fun and confidence while the lighter pink is lurking shyly in the shadows. Please choose the deeper pink! (The softer pink reminds me of the night attire of elderly ladies!)

  14. Becca A

    I definitely prefer the dark pink as it is more of a contrast with the sequins and brings out a richness in them that seems to disappear against the lighter pink.

  15. felicia

    I have no idea which is the darker and which is the lighter! But I vote for the one on the left of my screen. The other looks like a luscious nightgown.

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