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I haven’t made much in the way of preparations for the coming of Christmas. I made a dress, went to a Carol concert, and saw Ted in a nativity play. Kit was dressed as an angel but not behaving like one, so Esme is removing him from the scene.

St John's Nativity Play 2015
St John’s Nativity Play 2015

However I did I sign up to join lovely Sewchet’s Secret Stitching Santa some time ago. I didn’t hear anything, and I was so busy with work and family, sewing, blogging and just living that Christmas preparations were more or less limited to opening the Advent calander with the kids. I vaguely noticed other participants were  blogging about what they had made, sent out or even received. I wrote to Sewchet  and she sent me the details again, which seemed to have been lost in inter-space. She also, so kindly, offered me home made goodies to include in the parcel!

Then I got home and discovered a parcel had arrived for me. I was so behind with Christmas that I still didn’t click. I thought it was something I had ordered – some muslin, or indigo dye.

Sewing Santa
A parcel arrives!

So I opened in parcel in a desultory way. This is what was inside!

Sewing Santa
Sewing Santa presents, for me!

Want a closer look at the lovely card Secret Santa sent me – with a sweet, encouraging message and details on the contents?

Paper cut Christmas tree
Paper cut Christmas tree

In the end it worked out fine. I had a homemade item or two; one of my covered books,  and a piece of hand dyed fabric from my indigo dyeing course.  If I had had to make up something specifically I would have struggled. This year all my family are getting vouchers or cash.

I included a nice piece of stretchy Italian lace (the blogger I am sending this to loves knits) that Linde gave me, and a pattern that I think will suit her. I carefully wrapped it all up and included a card. As you can see I was not lying when I said I was not ready for Christmas. The wrapping paper and card are in some of my favourite patterns, and I love summer florals too, but not a reindeer in sight.  I did look up where my giftee lives and I could have dropped it off on my way up North to see my Mum. But I thought that a living secret Santa might have been too much of a shock. I took it to the post office and hopes it arrives in time!

Sewing Santa
Not very Christmasy Stitching Santa

I will show what I got once Christmas actually arrives (not long now!)

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  1. Teresa

    Aha! My sleuthing has paid off… 🙂 Thank you for my lovely parcel which arrived yesterday and is now safely under the tree. I’m so looking forward to opening it. A real, live Stitching Santa would have been mighty funny, especially if you’d have arrived in costume! 😉

    • fabrickated

      Hello Teresa – glad you found me. I have read every post on your blog so I feel I know you! I hope you like what I sent – I am excited about my parcel too and look forward to opening it on Christmas Eve.

  2. Stephanie

    The nativity play is too cute. What a nice idea to participate in this type of Secret Santa venture, too. Lucky lady who receives your contributions!

  3. April

    Thanks for referencing the covered notebook. By chance I found a half perfect notebook today, searched my remnant bags for suitable fabrics this evening and now have two perfect notebooks to give as gifts.

  4. sew2pro

    I’ve just Googles Sewchet’s Secret Santa after signing up but totally forgetting the rules and it brought me here! Love the picture of the removal of angel!

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