Meeting the Fabulous Dr E!

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Dr Elizabeths fabulous blog
Elizabeth EJVC

Last weekend I had a very important visitor, Elizabeth of The Fabulous Dr E’s Fabulous Blog. Elizabeth is an American who moved to the UK in her twenties and moved to Sweden a couple of years ago. Her husband is Swedish and she now lives in a small place, near water, where they both pursue an academic life.

What an interesting, creative person Elizabeth turned out to be. If you look at her website you will see a wide range of fascinating topics covered from how to make clothes for children, dolls and ladies; to bag making, knitting and crafting. She is also rather knowledgeable about photography and technology. She has an ancient sock knitting machine, and quite a few other bits of kit. Getting this old trooper to work has been a tortuous process but Elizabeth has carefully logged it all in case someone else, out there in the internet world, wishes to do the same.

Elizabeth EJVC
Favorit knitting machine

I came across Elizabeth on Artisan’s Square where she is SWAP stalwart, but also someone who created a variation on the SWAP called the 6PAC. This is an approach to creating a seasonal wardrobe that works well. Do have a look if this might appeal to you.

It was fun to have Elizabeth round on a brief visit to London with her family. She wanted her kids to enjoy Halloween over here (not that Halloween in London is much to write home about). Elizabeth kindly put on a pair of our slippers and made herself at home – having a look at my sewing area, fabric storage and notions drawer. She has also written a lot about creating a fantastic sewing area.

Anyway I am very fond of this extraordinary woman. She embraced me on Artisans’ Square when I was a “new or quiet member”. She is very chatty on the site whereas I am fairly restrained but she was so warm and friendly I really appreciated it.

Irony of Ironing
Elizabeth’s sense of humour

Through the internet I have met such great sewing women – most recently Lesley from Australia. Every connection has been illuminating and enriching and I feel so privileged to have made such nice friends.


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  1. Elizabeth

    What a lovely profile, thank you very much! *preens* I had an absolutely great time! I really wish we had had even *more* time, maybe even to sew together. I’m sure I will be back in London though.

    Can’t believe you showed my embarrassing attempt at free-motion embroidery… 🙂

  2. Jane

    It is so lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers. I’m having lunch with one today – we’ve only met face-to-face for about 10 minutes before!

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