Under the sea party

Today my first grandchild, Theodore (Ted) is four. I was with my daughter as he was born, so I feel a very special bond. I have seen him most days of his life and I love him very much. At the weekend we held an Under the Sea party at our local church.

Lots of friends, and family, came along.

Nick made an amazing (and huge) fish pie for everyone which was quite delicious. And a shark cake. Which was almost scary, but not too horrible. Can you see the legs coming out of the shark’s mouth? The really scary thing was the amount of calories in it – three chocolate cakes glued together with melted chocolate and pure butter-cream frosting, and enrobed in thick grey icing. On a bed of green, butter-cream sea.

George, dressed amusingly as a Lobster in pink tights and a felt eBay outfit, was the Entertainer. He blew up and modelled hundreds of thin balloons. Most kids wanted “swords”, a few (little girls) asked for a poodle. I was amazed and impressed and asked him how he knew how to do balloon modeling. He said he had watched a youtube video while we were decorating the room. Well, there you go.

Under the sea outfits
George (Lobster) Ted (Octopus) Me (Seaweed)


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  1. Linde

    Oh the happiness just shines through the picture I am so pleased for you. I just hope that you don’t have to tackle a Transformers costume in the future.

  2. Jennifer Miller

    What a blast your party must have been. Loads of family, kids and friends, and smiles all around. Not too mention the massive batch of yumminess with all that cake. (I’m pretty sure that calories don’t count when it is a grandson’s birthday – there are rules about these sorts of things.)

  3. AnnIe

    What a great party that looks. I’m wondering what cake Nick would do for a
    Halloween event if this is what he makes for the kids, it’s hilarious.

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