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So, that is August finished.

Usually I work solidly during August while my Chairman, and most the senior team, take off on holiday. I enjoy “holding the fort” and getting involved in anything that comes up. This month there was such an avalanche of issues I almost expired trying to deal with it on my own

So it was a bit of light relief to join the Sew Photo Hop on Instagram, organised by House of Pinheiro. I hadn’t really bothered much with Instagram before, so it was a revelation.

The best thing was getting to “meet” lots of new people, many of whom blog. And to get to know some well-known bloggers better. I will review the experience a bit more tomorrow.

The idea was to post one picture each day during August, along a range of predetermined themes. Here are the rules again.

Sew Photo Hop August
Sew Photo Hop August


  1. I said “Hello” while travelling to Ben and Mel’s for a barbeque. I was wearing my circle dress and sewing the hem of my H&M knock off.
  2. Can’t live without was my iPhone. I use it to communicate, as a camera, to stay in touch and even to play games on (when I am really bored). I could not have started a blog without it. All my pictures are taken on it.
  3. Colourful was illustrated with my two versions of the 1960s Kimono dress – blue, green and two shades of pink.
  4. For Work/play I used a photograph of me speaking at a conference wearing my YSL Mondrian dress
  5. For silhouette – I used my screen printing project of an actual silhouette.
  6. I used the circle dress as the “pattern that changed my life”; draping has brought a whole new dimension to my work
  7. Sew up close showed one of my painted linings
  8. Sewing playlist stumped me as I normally sew in silence, so I posted a picture of Dusty Springfield. Great music and dresses
  9. Stash is a bit of a cliché on IG. So I featured the amazing cupboard I have to keep my fabric safe and sound
  10. Would exchange wardrobe with Linda Fargo
  11. Bucket list – I mentioned I want to make a kimono, in hand printed, painted or embroidered silk
  12. motivation – I described how I liked a difficult project and illustrated it with the brown chiffon blouse
  13. sewing space
  14. Style, to me, means Individual, Confident and Authentic. I used a picture of me with the children and their partners, and the babies. My husband, who kindly took the pictures, wants me to add that he is part of the family too. It is just he hates being photographed!
    My family
  15. My secret corner of shame – is a pile of unfinished projects that sits behind me when I sew
  16. Tiny vs big was an opportunity to compare the pattern for my circle dress with the pattern Galina used for the Yamomoto jacket
    Tiny v Big
    Tiny Yamamoto v Big circle dress
  17. Proudest achievement – I posted my Vivienne Westwood jacket
  18. Sewing resolution – I promised to make a circular skirt or a yellow coat for Esme
  19. Boldest fabric was my beetle print
  20. For Learning and practising – I showed various family members learning to sew
  21. Shades of summer showcased some of my recent makes – the green halter neck, the teal lace skirt, my yellow jacket and a piece of handpainted fabric
  22. Last thing I made – Esme’s circular skirt!
  23. My favourite technique – maybe easing in a sleeve, but I put together some of my painted silk fabrics
    Handpainted silk clothes
    Painted silk
  24. Worst part of sewing – is when you make something and then ruin it. I dropped some fake tan on my white dress and haven’t worn it since
  25. Behind the seams – I am not great at finishing seams with an overlocker, or by other means. I prefer to use a lining.
    1940s coat with silk lining
    1940s coat and satin spotty lining
  26. labour of love – a Christening gown for Kit
  27. It’s been a while – I used a photograph of my 1986 black lace dress, and the smocked dress for Esme
  28. Trims and hab – my tailoring supplies
  29. Eye level – I suppose this meant to show something you are looking at. I was at my Mum’s so featured her house and hanging baskets
  30. Favourite era – guess which? Yes! I featured some of my 1960s makes
  31. Last thing I bought was £20 of fabric and thread from Abakhan. Review due soon

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  1. Mary

    I had so much fun with the Sew-Photo-Hop too! Thank you for introducing it on your blog so I was able to participate from the start. And I got to ‘meet’ you and that is a real treat. On my next trip to London perhaps IRL? Keep up the good work both at home behind your machine and at work serving your clients!

      • Mary

        Not soon enough! Our family gets over to the UK every six years or so. I have uni friends in Romsey, Huddersfield, and Worcester and we love to meet up. My kids LOVE England, Out Worcester way is really such lovely country and the food is so delicious and the chocolates so creamy the kids could stay forever. Of course they have only visited during summer… I am hoping to pop over soon. Now that our kids are older we have started talk of taking a walking tour all together through the Cotswolds or Ireland or Wales. Through my many visits I have seen more of the UK than my friends who live there and I love it. I keep bookmarking fabric shops you review so I will have a comprehensive map at the ready. I’ll be sure to let you know well ahead if I book a trip. It would be lovely to connect!

  2. QPlourde

    This is so cute! I wish I had known about it. Although this August was so crazy for me, I doubt I would have kept up! What a wonderful collection of photos – it’s probably a great way to look back on the summer.

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