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We are bound to be impressed by the woman who snagged George Clooney. Amal Alamuddin is not just a successful international lawyer, she has the figure of a fashion model and great personal style.

Amal is around 5’8″ tall, very slim and athletic, with a straight body shape. In this respect she resembles Princess Diana, and many top models. Her shoulders are wider than her hips which means visually her torso tapers down from the shoulders. In this first set of pictures we see her in various lengths of skirts, all of which are flattering. However the A line skirts are actually slightly less attractive than the cream pencil skirt as they make her legs looks a bit too thin. I feel the open necks on the two jackets are better than the very high necked orange top with a python collar. You can see the fabric slightly pulling on her upper chest and it emphasises her wide shoulders, especially given the stronger colour, compared to the neutral skirt and shoes. Overall I love the cream suit – elegant, understated, classic and very nice detailing.

What about dresses? These summer frocks, worn with sunglasses and big bags, do look pretty. But which is the best? I don’t particularly like the mint fit and flare as it emphasises the width of her shoulders, and the style seems to me to be fighting with her shape. The pink on the other hand, which has a high waist and nice little sleeves that complements her figure. However, just because you have great legs doesn’t mean you have to show them all the time. My favourite is the longer black and white dress with high, black heels.  I think the lower neckline is really great and de-emphasises her shoulders. It makes her look both slim in the middle (with the black line across her waist) and very feminine. I also think her bust looks better in a lower cut neckline – it looks a bit wide in the mint dress.

Does Amal ever get it wrong? Not often, but there are a few looks I think are flawed.

The first dress (below) was widely adored by the media. It is by Giambattista Valli, and features white lace with embroidered pink and purple flowers. Although it shows off her long, slim legs I just think it was too short and wide at the front. The paisley jumpsuit is an unflattering muted colour, and just looks boring. The hat, necklace, brogues and denim jacket don’t come together, and I would say she was barely recognisable. The blue and green lacey dress is too long in the sleeves and, while the length and open neck are good, the ribboned waist and soft, textured fabric is not as good as more structured cloth.

But overall she is a very stylish lady. I hope she is happy with George.

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  1. Stephanie

    You know, I have to disagree with you slightly on this one. I find her looks to be bland designer looks rather than reflective of ‘style’, which is something more personal and elusive I think. That said, the cream suit look is exquisite.

  2. Dawn

    Personally, I think Mr Clooney is lucky to have snagged her! She’s a super smart human rights lawyer and no doubt had her pick of partners.

  3. Jay

    I don’t see many dresses with the high at the front hemline of the G Valli flowered one which I like. I’d have preferred this dress with a conventional even hemline, there seemed to be enough going on with the embellishments and fabrics.

  4. Anne

    I do like the black and white striped sun dress. I’m not at all keen on the pink dress on her which I think is too girly for her and somehow emphasises her top half (I prefer the mint). I agree with your comments about the three at the end. I fear that she, like many before her, becomes associated with being simply a clothes horse rather than her undoubted talents. That is clearly somewhat hypocritical as I enjoy seeing the clothes!

  5. Kim Hood

    It is nice to look at other people’s style, and perhaps take some inspiration if you are similarly built. Amal is clearly a very attractive and intelligent lady who has snagged an apparently very appealing husband. I wonder how she feels about the attention to her wardrobe rather than her causes, and indeed how Mr Clooney is feeling now as second fiddle.

  6. Luisa

    Agree about the Giambattista Valli dress being entirely too short in the front, especially considering the long sleeves–a disconnect. The eye goes straight to that short front hemline instead of to the beautiful embellishment and lace above it. The black/white striped sundress is the best by far–classy, looks good with her hair color, and striking with beautiful placement of the stripes. She wears the dress instead of it wearing her.

  7. Hélène

    Are you sure it is Amal in the very last picture with the green and blue lace dress? The silhouette looks rather thick waisted. More like Angela Merkel!

  8. Sheree

    I think she looks beautiful in the black and white dress. By far the nicest look for her. In my opinion, she does not look good in very short dresses. They just look too girly on her very slim, tall frame.

  9. felicia

    Kate, can I chastise you here in public? I’m afraid I’m going to because I find I just can’t let this go. You say we are bound to be impressed by by an intelligent woman who snagged a “face”, a mere actor? Who snagged who? Are we not bound to be impressed by an intelligent, international lawyer? Is her worth at all related to a man’s determination of her worth?? Please say no, no, no it’s not. I’m sure you will say “no” 🙂

    • fabrickated

      This was a tongue in cheek piece, as ever, dear Felicia. I positively welcome a debate and an argument!

      I do think GC is very attractive and a good actor. Amal is an international civil rights lawyer of some repute, who is also beautiful. The relationship will be advantageous to both and I am not sure which one “snagged” the other, or if one is better “catch” than the other. In the world of celebrity many factors are significant beyond simply falling in love.

  10. Gail

    My favourite Amal Clooney look is her legal wig and gown. I don’t really like her style, especially the ”little girl” looks. It doesn’t reflect her fierce intellect.

  11. prttynpnk

    I find her ‘day off’ casual style to be very fun- sometimes her red carpet looks seem too planned- the jumpsuits and boyfriend jeans and funky shoes show more personality- I love the sense of play they show.

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