Instagram – Will you do the Sew Photo Hop?

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Up to now I have not been doing much on Instagram, but I do enjoy seeing what others are making. Lots of bloggers – Sewing Fanatic’s Diary, Marilla Walker, Sewoverit, and others – post photos as they go along with a project. This makes it easy to get an instant (get it?) idea of what they are doing, and helps to guide me to particular blogs or blog posts that might be of interest.

House of Pinheiro is an avid Instagrammer and she seems to be hosting this one – the Sew Photo Hop. The idea is to post  one picture on a theme each day during August. And it starts tomorrow!

Some of these are pretty challenging (I might need some help on the playlist)

I am going to have a go. Are you? I think there are some prizes to encourage participation. IG may suit people who don’t have a blog but do like to share (square) pictures of what they are doing with a short description. It is pretty easy to join.

Do connect with me on IG if you are going to join in, or if  you would like to follow me or share your pictures with me.  I am fabrickated. 

Sew Photo Hop August
Sew Photo Hop August

That’s it for today.

Maybe I should end with a photograph.

Fabrickated in Nina Ricci suit
SWAP suit


13 Responses

  1. April

    I’d love to join in, but would I have to have a Twitter account as well as joining Instagram? The playlist, has already got me thinking about my current/future projects. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kim Hood

    Not an instagrammer(?) but this sounds appealing. I will think today about it and may join in.
    I like your suit!

  3. Demented Fairy

    Oh poo, that sounds like fun, but I don’t have all this app and smartphone palaver, just a boring old PC. I suppose that rules me out….[sulk time]

  4. Maggie

    I signed up on instagram some time ago, and never really did much with it. Maybe I’ll give this a try!

  5. Jennifer

    Hi, I’ll be following you, but don’t have enough makes to join in just yet. Hopefully this will take off, it sounds like fun!

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