Hackney fabric shopping with Rachel

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Remember Rachel? She designed my Fabrickated logo. She is such a talented young woman who excels at making things. Last time I met her she was in a lovely linen blouse. She had bought the fabric from a warehouse near her office, so I asked her to show me. The address, if you are interested, is 6, Wells St, Hackney.

Woolcrest Textiles, Hackney
Woolcrest Textiles, Hackney

One of our friends, Doug, said it looks like a murder scene. What would your reaction be? That this was a scruffy wholesaler selling poor quality goods? Or an opportunity to get a bargain?

We entered through the plastic shutters into a large, cool, space stuffed to the ceiling with cloth. It’s not very tidy and there is a lot of polyester. But the owners have a reasonable selection of silk, lots of great linen, plenty of jersey and various stretchy material, furnishing fabrics, and all sorts.

Silks at Woolcrest

The gentlemen who run the shop are from Northern Cyprus, and chat to each other and a number of the shoppers in Turkish. They complained that most people’s experience of Cyrus is Ayanapa. Can’t say I have ever been, but I have spent several weeks in Turkey and love the country, its food and people. So we got on fine. Mustapha was interested I had come “a long way” to visit the shop. It is close to London Fields Station if you are in the area.

I bought some silk and linen for myself, including some £2 a metre cotton for my Futuristic dress. And some nice linen for Rachel. At £4 a metre it is 20% cheaper than my usual Simply Fabrics shop. I couldn’t help but urge Rachel to wear some warmer shades so we picked out some lovely linens that will bring out the colour of her eyes and hair.

Enough for a jacket, blouse, dress and trousers
Enough for a jacket, blouse, dress and trousers

It seemed like such a generous present! But then I thought of the work involved in turning this lot into say

  • tobacco brown shirt
  • light cream culottes
  • deeper cream jacket
  • sand dress

I realised it would be some time before I saw Rachel in her new outfits. I think I should have offered to help. She asked to come over and use my overlocker for a few hours, something I was more than happy to agree to.

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  1. mrsmole

    What a nice adventure and finding some real treasures makes it a bonus. Sharing your time and overlocker with a friend is a win/win too! You are truly blessed, Kate!

  2. Jay

    Aargh! I’m going to London again and Hackney is not that far from where I’ll be staying. Will my stash reduction resolution stand up to this? Another shop with the murder scene ambiance is this one http://www.crescenttrading.com/. Good for wools. Cash only. Not open on Saturdays. Go on a Sunday morning and breakfast on street food en route.

  3. Sheree

    Personally I love a place like this. So interesting to look round and if you can get a bargain, that’s even better. I have been to Crescent Trading.
    Perhaps I was just unlucky, but I found it to be very disappointing. Far better to go to Wathamstow or Goldhawk Road. I will give this place a try though. Thanks for the tip, Kate.

  4. Ms. McCall

    This looks just like most of the shops in the Los Angeles garment district. There’s lots of bad quality fabric, but also real bargains, if you poke around enough. Looks like you found a few gems!

  5. Stephanie

    Fun! I envy the nooks and corners you can poke your head into. Rachel looks like a lovely girl – great, open smile!

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